What is Rio Sage Doing for a Living? What Age is She now?

Rio Sage is a 26-year-old American social media personality, photographer, actress and Instagram model, best known for her Instagram account, riosage, on which she’s amassed over 240,000 followers. She rose to prominence by appearing in the AwesomenessTV web series “Malibu Surf” from 2017 to 2019, which followed her move from Maui, Hawaii State, USA to Malibu, California, after which she met a large group of fellow surfers. Rio earns a living from promoting brands on Instagram, photographing models for her Instagram account sageperception, and selling access to her explicit content on OnlyFans, a subscription-based online platform, as @royalwednesday.

Early life

Rio Sage was born on 12 May 1997, in Oregon State USA. Her mother, Raemi, has an Instagram account under the handle itsraemiHer father is known as sleezypodcast on Instagram and Lance Rock Actor on SoundCloud, although it’s uncertain what his name and profession are. Rio has a younger sister, Malawi, who is three years her junior and has an Instagram account, malawinesta. Malawi is a hammock aerialist, a type of gymnast. Additionally, she creates explicit content with her girlfriend, Taylor, on her OnlyFans account, @mspinkpillowprincess.

Rio also has two younger brothers, Raka, born in May 2011, and Kekoa, born on 27 June 2008, and a niece, Aidene Elvis. In the Sister Tag! video from July 2013, Malawi described Rio as smart but controlling, although she admitted that she was often indecisive. She also characterized Rio as ‘someone who always has advice, although not necessarily helpful.’

Rio’s favorite singer in the early 2010s was Bob Marley, while her favorite band was SOJA. She also listened to Rebelution, The Dirty Heads, The Green, and The Fugees.

Rio preferred horror movies over comedy or romance but disliked chick flicks. She said that her favorite movie is “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” from 2012, and her animated one is “Toy Story” from 1995, or “Finding Nemo” released in 2003. Simultaneously, Rio’s favorite TV series was “Pretty Little Liars,” which premiered in 2010.

Furthermore, she worked as a babysitter, and wore overnight retainers in 2015, by which point her favorite movie became “50 First Dates” from 2004. In Rio’s Art Show! video uploaded the same year, she revealed that she wasn’t a morning person and needed seven hours of sleep to function at her maximum and six to get through the day.

Moreover, Rio mentioned that she started following her grandmother’s advice at a young age. One example is that she ‘will have time to sleep when she’s dead,’ i.e., never waste an opportunity. Another was to never leave an interaction on bad terms or forget to express love, as that exchange may be her last with that person. In her Fail Q&A video, Rio explained that she is allergic to gluten and gets headaches when she consumes it. Unfortunately, she spent years taking Advil, a headache medicine, before she found out and adjusted her diet. While testing for allergies, Rio discovered that she was also allergic or intolerant to eggs, wheat, soy, dairy and many more substances, forcing her to eat a mix of vegan and paleolithic diets. Despite that, one of her favorite meals was tacos. According to Meaningful Eats, tacos contain gluten in the commonly used wheat flour tortillas, but can be made with gluten-free corn-based ones.

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Rio Sage started her online career on YouTube in 2011, by uploading a video compilation containing snippets in which her fans and friends wished her a happy birthday. She also uploaded a much longer collection of videos on the same topic in 2012. A few days later, Rio uploaded a video entitled Snorkeling!!!, documenting her joyous time diving and snorkeling in Hawaii State. Her YouTube channel was called ‘My Vlog 100’ during that time, a name that she coined at 12.

Seeing the positive comments motivated Rio to keep uploading, and travel vlogs became the staple of her YouTube content; she went to the beach frequently and showed her younger siblings and their adventures. In 2013, Rio diversified her content and involved then-popular videos such as Sister Tag, Best Friend Tag, Summer Lookbook, and Outfit of the Day (OOTD).

In 2015, Rio produced travel vlogs again, as she went to California to spend time on the beach and took camping trips. Moreover, Rio showed some of her favorite bands, one Hawaii-based and called Kanekoa, and expressed a desire to do yoga or ballet at home. Rio explained in her video entitled why am I so boring that she prefers to work on her photography, sewing, and jewelry-making, and cares about showing her life for what it is instead of faking excitement.

Moving to Los Angeles

In August 2015, Rio announced that she would relocate to Los Angeles, California, USA, and documented her experience of moving into her apartment and meeting her Internet friends, Katrina and Demi, in person. Before the month ended, Rio got her first tattoo and traveled to Malibu to work as a photographer. She returned to Maui to be with her family for the holidays at the end of the year, and focused on discussing manifestation and anxiety treatment with adult coloring books in videos, both activities that she practiced.

Two years later, she explained that moving there was her childhood dream and that she initially worked at a jewelry store owned by her father’s friend from Maui. She later met a nightclub owner, who offered her free living in a model house in exchange for going to the club at least twice a week.

Rio traveled back and forth from Maui to Los Angeles, and visited French Polynesia in 2017 and 2018. Moreover, she expressed her love for cats, singing and playing the ukulele, and released some song covers. After celebrating her brother’s birthday in 2020, she stopped posting until she uploaded a short satire film, “Christmas after the Metaverse,” on 19 December 2021. She took another break until mid-June 2023, when she uploaded a vlog from her journey back to Maui and Kauai in Hawaii State, filmed in May 2023.


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Rio created her Instagram account, riosage, in 2012, sharing insights into her exciting daily life in Maui, and then about her work in California that she didn’t record for YouTube after 2015. Throughout that time, Rio focused on perfecting her photography skills and occasionally promoted brands such as Vanity Planet, TRIANGL, Wings Hawaii, and Illias Swimwear. Moreover, Rio posted some of her song covers. and guided her followers in adjusting to food allergies and infections such as candida, a fungal oral infection that plagued her.. Similarly, Rio was open about having a sinus surgical operation at the Sinus Center Los Angeles in August 2023. She also introduced her dog, Brenda, whom she adopted in 2020, concurrent with when she started fostering dogs

Parallel to her Instagram posts, Rio modeled for photographers such as Ian Passmore, Lindsey Bennardo, and Chris Quinn, and brands such as TALENTLESS, ONEONE SWIM, SHADOW HILL, and Thierry Lasry. Rio also went viral in 2019 for promoting the Ignite brand, founded by the then widely popular entrepreneur and social media personality Dan Bilzerian.

She said that she inherited her beauty from her mother, and that Tyra Banks, who starred in the “America’s Next Top Model” reality TV, inspired her to try modeling, as she frequently watched the show with her mother.

Rio has two more Instagram accounts, the first of which, sageperception, is dedicated to her work as a photographer, and consists mainly of portraits and candid shots. Her second account, wednesdayroyal, was dedicated to suggestive pictures of her legs but has evolved into images of her in revealing outfits. Noticing the interest in her risque photos prompted Rio to create her OnlyFans account, @royalwednesday, in early 2020, and call herself Royal Wednesday on the platform. She posts explicit content, presumably full nudity, consisting of over 815 images and more than 55 videos. She claims to be among the top 0.2% of creators in terms of following and income. Rio also has a free account, @freeroyalwednesday, that provides a sneak peek into what her primary account offers.


Rio made her acting debut in the short film “The Woods” in 2016, written and directed by her best friend, Anja Ellam. She introduced Anja to her YouTube audience, and filmed a few more videos with her the following year. Anja would later join her in the “Malibu Surf” and “20 Something” series. Rio played a small role as a kid party attendee in another short film, “A Trumped Birthday,” in 2016. During that time, she signed with Larson Talent Hawaii.

In May 2017, she debuted as herself in the reality web series “Malibu Surf” on the AwesomenessTV YouTube channel. The series followed Rio as she moved from Hawaii State to Malibu, then tracked her experience of settling in, while handling a new relationship. It initially focused on a jealous ex-girlfriend of the guy she started dating, Joey, and how she interacted with her surfer friends Sofia Preisz, Keaton Yellin, Sean Saldamando, and Courtney Lorenz. AwesomenessTV promoted the show as ‘a world in which four beautiful boys and the same number of beautiful girls surf, hang out, and spark romance; although not all are friends, they all live in a surfer’s paradise.’ Rio left the series in July 2019, which ended the following year.

Rio also appeared in 12 episodes of the AwesomenessTV comedy mini-series “20 Something,” which aired from September to November 2018. Although she didn’t officially act afterwards, she appeared in YouTube and TikTok videos and comedy sketches. Some creators she collaborated with are Jenn McAllister, Trevor Wallace, DangMattSmith, and Stevie Emerson.

TikTok, Cameo, and OnlyFans

Rio is active on her TikTok account @rio.sage, on which she’s accrued an audience of over 85,000 followers. She primarily uses it to show events as they happen, share her opinions, show her outfits, and answer fans’ questions. Her TikTok account also serves as a promotional tool for Rio’s Amazon shop, as she earns a commission on any item that her followers buy through the link. Additionally, she shows outfits and costumes in her OnlyFans pictures and videos and links to her Cameo account, riosage, on which she answers messages or creates personal videos for a fee.

Rumored ex-boyfriend Jc Caylen

Rio allegedly had a fling with the social media personality Jc Caylen in 2015. He’s best known as one half of the YouTube content creator duo KianAndJc with YouTube user superkian13, real name Kian Lawley. Rio spent 12 days in the Los Angeles area, and documented her time with Jc in a video entitled Cali Trip: June 2015, which showed them driving around town late at night, going to restaurants, and generally being close to each other. What sparked the dating rumors was that the video’s thumbnail showed Jc without his shirt and Rio, who was wearing a bikini, in his lap.

Dating Joey Itkin

Rio allegedly dated Joey Itkin, a fellow surfer and reality TV star, from 2017 to 2019. The “Malibu Surf” web series was portrayed as a reality TV and web series about surfers in Malibu. Still, it’s unclear if Joey and Rio had a romantic connection or acted for the camera. If the on-screen romance was real, it showed Rio initially being ‘the side chick,’ as Joey’s ex-girlfriend and fellow surfer, Ally Barron, remained in his life. That created turmoil between the two as Joey seemed to harbor feelings for Ally despite dating Rio. In the “My Goodbye” episode from 5 July 2019, her last, Rio told her friends that she needed some space amid rumors that Ally and Joey are ready to rekindle their old flame.

Physical characteristics

Rio Sage has light brown hair and dark brown eyes, is 5ft 2ins (1.58m) tall, and weighs about 106lbs (48kgs). She has plump lips, facial freckles, a chin dimple, and a perky nose. Rio has one tattoo, in her mother’s handwriting, on her left forearm, which reads, ‘This too shall pass.’

Net worth

Rio Sage has an estimated net worth of $2 million, as of late 2023. Her primary income source is her OnlyFans account, for which she charges $20 monthly, and offers a 10% discount for a 3-month commitment and a 30% discount for an annual membership upfront. She claims to be among the 0.2% of creators in income, and could earn between $5,000 and $10,000 weekly or roughly up to $520,000 yearly, according to a December 2022 interview with another 0.2% OnlyFans creator, Krisy Erin.

Rio also frequently promotes brands on her Instagram account, and according to Impact.com, she can charge between $8,000 and $20,000 per post. Rio is also active on the Cameo platform, on which her pricing is $3 per post response and $50 for a custom video. Her extra income sources are Amazon shop affiliate links, ads on old YouTube videos, and custom content on OnlyFans.

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