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Tara Babcock

Born on 10th November 1989, in Seattle, Washington State, USA, the influencer and former model Tara Babcock likes to describe herself as having ‘the mind of a philosopher, soul of a bassist, and heart of a gamer’.

The YouTuber enjoyed a relatively quiet childhood, raised as an only child by parents Bob and Mary, and created her gaming channel in December 2008, which would be followed in later years by two more channels centered around vlogging and beauty content.

Tara’s love for gaming has been evident since her early years, but she also found time to cheerlead during her high school days. After matriculating, she attended modelling school; in 2017, she relocated to Las Vegas, where she’s lived ever since.

After doing swimwear and glamor modelling for a few years, Tara found her calling as part of the YouTube community and began regularly uploading videos in 2013. She also began streaming her gaming videos on Twitch and eventually became a top 0.2% Twitch partner thanks to her thousands of followers.

Along the way, Tara also had plastic surgery, and has discussed her breast augmentation procedure in various old videos. The former cheerleader is known to defend controversial topics – for example, when A-listers Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were lambasted in late 2023 for defending their friend and co-star Danny Masterton, after he was accused of sexual assault and other offences, Tara rallied around him with a supportive YouTube video.

Months prior, when actor Jonah Hill was branded emotionally abusive by an ex-girlfriend, Tara also came to his defense by saying that ‘boundaries are not misogyny’. (Opinion is divided about the actor, but Jonah’s boundaries included not allowing his then-girlfriend to work as a model, or have female friends that he deemed were inappropriate for her.)

In another memorable upload that dates back to 2017, Tara questioned if incest is ‘really that bad’, although she made sure to add that the video was meant to spark a theoretical conversation. Although many were horrified by Tara playing devil’s advocate when it comes to such a taboo topic, the Washington native is known for pushing the envelope: her most-viewed YouTube videos are almost all of a sexual nature, and she’s uploaded many in which she discusses her unusual and somewhat unsettling fantasies.

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Although Tara is trying to add some variety to her YouTube content these days, her most popular videos as of 2023 are the ‘Do Girls Like’ series, in which she asks random women to share their opinions on strip clubs, kinks, and other sexual topics. However, she does upload daily vlogs and fitness videos from time to time.

One common gripe that gamers have about Tara is her perceived hypocrisy. In 2013, she uploaded a “Women in eSports” YouTube video in which she complained about the treatment female gamers receive compared to their male counterparts, and made the valid point that women in the gaming community should be treated equally no matter their appearance.

However, in the same video she admitted to benefiting from being considered better-looking than other players. ‘I’m bad at the game, and the only reason I get viewers is because I am an attractive girl. I admit this. This contributes meaningfully to the community,’ she said.

Another ‘oddity’ of Tara’s is her refusal to be labelled. Although some netizens believed that she was a feminist after her “Women in eSports” video, she later gave an interview in which she said: ‘Western feminism isn’t even necessary; it’s just this cult that hates men. I think we should be truly egalitarian instead of making up a word that basically says we’re not equal.’

During the same interview, Tara discussed the false assumptions made about her, such as the belief that she is only into gaming and YouTube for the money. According to the Washington native, the bulk of her income comes from Twitch subscriptions and donations and similar earnings. This makes sense, as most of her new YouTube videos only reach around 10,000 views.

Tara was inspired to begin playing every day and become a lifelong gamer, thanks to the Super Mario Bros 3 game which came out in the early 1990s. As her parents had an Atari and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), she began playing consoles at a young age. During her teen years, she would frequently invite her male friends to her house to play Mario Party on her N64.

A little-known interest of the chameleonic YouTuber is psychology. Tara previously confessed that she wanted to work as a criminal psychologist until she learned that there was a lot of ‘boring and trivial stuff’ involved that she wouldn’t be interested in. However, she enjoys reading about human behavior and related topics.

Personal Life

Since 2021, Tara has been in a relationship with Las Vegas-based attorney Hunter Davidson. Although the influencer doesn’t post her boyfriend much, she recently shared cute snaps of herself and Hunter on the beach, with many fans asking when they were planning on becoming husband and wife.

Hunter’s Instagram profile is private, but we can confirm that he works for J. Cogburn Law as a personal injury attorney. Hunter, who is described as an ‘energic attorney who will aggressively pursue his clients’ rights’, specializes in representing victims of nursing home abuse and neglect, as well as individuals who are injured in motor vehicle crashes, slips and falls, and similar incidents.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Hunter matriculated from Bonanza High School, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of San Diego, then returned to his hometown and enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he completed the dual Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration program. Prior to joining the dedicated team at J. Cogburn Law, Hunter already had years of experience working for a commercial litigation firm.

A big believer in a healthy work-life balance, Hunter enjoys outdoors activities such as snowboarding, hiking and camping. His career highlights include scoring multiple seven-figure settlements for his clients, and he’s a part of the Nevada Justice Association and United States District Court. Somehow, he’s also found the time to contribute to legal presentations and publications, and write an article outlining bills that were passed during the 2021 Nevada Legislative Session.

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