What is Yeri Mua Famous for? Her Age, Height, Net Worth

Mexican make-up artist and beauty vlogger Yeri Mua, has become a social media sensation, capturing the hearts of many with her vibrant personality. Her ability to connect with the audience through daring visuals and engaging content has played a crucial role in amassing a substantial following. In 2022, she was crowned Queen of the Veracruz Carnival, significantly boosting her popularity. Part of her charm, which endears her to fans but also frequently lands her in trouble, is her unfiltered approach when speaking about her life, relationships, and a whole gamut of topics. This has made her one of the most controversial influencers in Mexico today.

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Early Life and Family

Yeri Cruz, widely recognized as Yeri Mua, was born on 17 December 2001, in Veracruz, an eastern Mexican state nestled along the Gulf of Mexico. Embracing her identity with pride, she often refers to herself as a “Jarocha,” a term denoting someone hailing from Veracruz.

Yeri has a younger brother named Joshua, and their upbringing was rooted in a close-knit family, a sentiment vividly captured in the photos adorning her mother’s Facebook page, her parents having been together for over two decades, exemplifying enduring family bonds. Notably, her mother’s Facebook account boasts nearly a million followers, with posts predominantly showcasing Yeri’s projects, and featuring snapshots of her husband and son.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Yeri took a moment to honor the remarkable women in her family—the pillars of her support. From her mother and grandmother Lupe to her great-grandmother Estela and aunts Martha and Laura, she considers each of them as her mothers. Yeri expressed profound gratitude, acknowledging how these exceptional women played pivotal roles in raising, educating, and motivating her. Their influence, she emphasized, is the driving force behind her current success.


Social Media Influencer

Yeri Mua was 15 when she started taking courses in applying make-up. She began her career as a make-up artist, fueled by her passion for cosmetics. In 2015, she ventured into the digital domain by establishing her YouTube channel, on which she shares a variety of content with her subscribers, focusing particularly on make-up tutorials. Over time, she’s garnered a substantial following of over 450,000 subscribers, her videos amassing more than 4.5 million views.

However, it’s been a while since her last post in March 2022. In that particular video, she featured an outing with her brother to a mall – in a unique twist, she allowed him to use her card for an hour to make any purchases of his choosing. Despite acknowledging that they weren’t exceptionally close, Yeri expressed hope that he would remember that day. and in the future, take care of her when she’s older. His selections included a gaming chair, Xbox Live game passes, a Samsung smartphone, and more, with the total cost amounting to MXN$30,000 ($1,750).

Beyond her YouTube channel, Yeri Mua has cultivated a formidable presence across multiple social media platforms. With an impressive 11 million followers on both Instagram and Facebook, her influence extends widely. On her X account (previously Twitter) in which she goes by the moniker “tu bratz favorita” – or “My Favorite Bratz” – she’s garnered two million followers. Notably, Yeri also engages with her audience on TikTok, in which her captivating videos have amassed a considerable following, boasting over 18 million dedicated fans.


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Yeri Mua Collection

She’s ventured into entrepreneurship in June 2021, unveiling her first product line, Yeri Fibra, a food supplement featuring wheat-based fiber and soy protein. This was succeeded by the introduction of Yeri Mua Colageno, a powdered supplement enriched with hydrolyzed collagen.

Music Career

Yeri Mua is slowly making a name for herself in the music industry, by featuring in music videos and releasing her own songs. Some of her notable works, released under Fullbrand Music, include “Chupon” in which she collaborated with El Gudi, Jey F, Alan Dazmel, and Oviña. The accompanying music video premiered in August 2023, and has since amassed an impressive 40 million views. In another collaboration with Noriega, Oviña, and Flow Nasty, Yeri Mua contributed to the song “Con To’”; the official music video for this track, released in October 2023, has garnered almost 10 million views. It’s essential to note that both the lyrics and music videos for these releases are explicit in nature.

Personal Life

Yeri Mua has always been open about her personal life, willingly sharing her relationships with the public. One significant connection was with Brian “El Paponas” Villegas, a notable social media personality, and the owner of the restaurant chain Paponas, with three branches under his belt. His Instagram following exceeds 1.2 million.

Their paths crossed when Yeri was 18, and Brian, 26, reached out to her through Instagram, seeking assistance in promoting his restaurant’s chicken wings on her platform; what began as a professional collaboration evolved into a personal relationship. Their social media accounts painted a picture of a happy couple, showcasing shared moments and experiences. Regrettably, the relationship took a turn for the worse – reports surfaced of a public argument, supposedly fueled by issues of infidelity. A video capturing their disagreement circulated online, eventually leading to the announcement of their separation.

In early 2023, Yeri Mua made public her relationship with Naim Darrechi, a TikTok sensation boasting over 30 million followers. The relationship faced challenges, leading to their eventual break-up. To Yeri’s dismay, Naim revealed a deeply personal aspect of their journey—Yeri’s pregnancy and its subsequent termination. This disclosure went against their agreement to keep the matter private, causing a sense of betrayal for Yeri. Acknowledging that she wasn’t prepared for motherhood, the situation became even more challenging when Naim allegedly punched her in the face during a heated argument. This incident solidified her decision—she was resolute in not wanting to have a child with him.

Interesting Facts and Controversies

Hailed as Queen of the Veracruz Carnival in 2022

Veracruz boasts one of Mexico’s grandest carnival celebrations, known as “El más Alegre del Mundo” or “The world’s most cheerful carnival” in English. This vibrant event is a jubilant showcase of joy, passion, and elaborate costumes that embody the rich traditions, music, and culture of the “Jarochos,” the spirited residents of Veracruz.

At the heart of this much-anticipated carnival lies the coronation ceremony, in which the Carnival Queen and King are anointed to preside over the festivities. The Queen typically symbolizes local beauty, while the King embodies the playful spirit of a Roman deity called Momo. Together, they’re entrusted with spreading happiness throughout the carnival.

Following the coronation, the carnival transforms into one of Mexico’s most massive dance parties. Against this backdrop of revelry, Yeri Mua achieved a remarkable feat in 2022, by being crowned the Queen of the Veracruz Carnival, which drawing nearly a million attendees annually, securing the crown catapulted her into the spotlight, significantly elevating her popularity.

What sets Yeri Mua’s triumph apart is not just the acclaim, but also the historical fundraising accomplishment. The funds she amassed for the crown reached an unprecedented total of about MXN$2 million ($120,000), translating into a remarkable show of public support through votes. Her boyfriend, Brian Villegas, also known as “El Paponas,” was crowned king after raising close to MXN$1 million ($60,000).

Yeri Mua graces the set of the “Hoy” program, igniting a social media frenzy. In the midst of the “Súbete a la Nube” (“Get on the Cloud”) segment, she delves into her triumph at the Veracruz Carnival. Radiating a mix of excitement and nerves, Yeri shares that being a part of the vibrant festivities stands out as one of the most fabulous experiences in her life. With palpable enthusiasm, she exclaims, ‘I feel incredibly excited. The wildest journey of my life unfolded when I vied for the queen’s title, and miraculously, we emerged victorious.’

In a dramatic twist moments before the final results were revealed, Yeri accused model and former beauty queen Mimi Carballo of attempting to commit fraud to secure the coveted carnival crown. In a live Facebook broadcast, Yeri Mua asserted that a particular influencer was attempting to inject additional funds into the ballot box in favor of Yeri’s opponent, even though the fundraising period had officially concluded. The allegation added an unexpected layer of intrigue to the already intense competition.

Rejected An Offer To Be Part of A Reality Show

In one of her live broadcasts, Yeri Mua dropped a bombshell by revealing that she turned down an enticing offer to participate in a well-known reality show. Instead, she chose to dedicate herself wholeheartedly to her ambition of becoming the queen of the Veracruz Carnival, a decision that proved to be worth it, as she eventually won the crown.

While Yeri stands firm in her decision, she candidly admitted to occasional moments of regret. The allure of potential fame on television made her question her choice, especially when she disclosed the staggering amount she was offered: MXN$5 million, equivalent to approximately $250,000. However, the catch was significant—the contract dictated 24/7 surveillance, shared bathrooms even with men, and a strict no-cell-phone policy. While she was comfortable with the idea of nudity, the real challenge for her lay in the deprivation of personal communication.

Yeri MUA further revealed that her apprehension stemmed from a fear of being disliked by the public. This fear, coupled with the stringent conditions, led her to decline the initial offer. However, she did leave the door open for reconsideration. Once her commitments as the carnival queen were fulfilled, Yeri hinted that she might be willing to give the reality show a shot if the producers extended a second chance. While she kept the name of the show under wraps, subsequent reports identified it as Telemundo’s reality series “La Casa de Los Famosos” or “The House of the Famous,” with a format reminiscent of “Big Brother VIP.”

Mocked Indigenous Attire

Yeri Mua went viral with a TikTok video in which she adorned a colorful huipil, playfully comparing it to a tablecloth or a mop from her great-grandmother Estela’s house. Despite her attempt to compliment the garment later in the video, by referring to it as her grandmother’s ‘jerga outfit,’ the remarks didn’t sit well with many.

Cultural activist Luz Valdez was outraged by the way Yeri referred to the garment. She deemed it an insult to the huipil, a traditional garment worn by indigenous women in various regions of Central America and Mexico. It’s a loose-fitting, sleeveless tunic that often has intricate and colorful designs woven or embroidered into the fabric. Luz Valdez didn’t hold back, taking a swipe at Yeri with a cutting remark: ‘No matter what you wear, you’ll look bad, and that has nothing to do with the garment.’ This criticism was seen as part of a larger issue—a lack of respect for the craftsmanship and cultural significance of Indigenous communities’ work by those outside these communities. Many viewed it not just as ignorance, but as blatant disrespect for a rich cultural heritage.

In response to the backlash, Yeri Mua addressed the controversy in another live session, claiming her comments were misunderstood and asserting that it wasn’t her intention to offend anyone. In this video, she was seen at an establishment specializing in selling handmade or handcrafted products created by skilled artisans. She purchased a gift for her great-grandmother Estela, whom she claimed loves such garments.

The Body of Her Dreams

As a beauty vlogger who meticulously tended to her appearance, Yeri Mua revealed that she underwent cosmetic surgeries in Colombia in 2022, to achieve the body of her dreams. Perhaps, this decision stemmed from a period when she felt particularly insecure about her body, as she used to be chubby.

She had always been self-conscious about the size of her breasts, leading her to plan for breast augmentation—a procedure aimed at enhancing the shape or increasing the size of her breasts. During a live broadcast on her Facebook page, she asked her boyfriend at the time, Brian Villegas, if he would be willing to cover the cost of the procedure, to which he agreed. However, when she expressed the desire to have breasts similar to Karely Ruiz, a social media influencer known for her daring content on OnlyFans, Brian jokingly asserted that he would choose the size of the implants since he would be the one covering the surgery expenses. Although intended as a joke, this drew criticism from some fans, who retaliated by criticizing his physique. Despite the minor backlash, Yeri proceeded with the procedure, opting for 400cc implants that would result in a D or DD cup size.

She underwent liposuction, a procedure designed to eliminate excess fat from specific areas of the body that are typically resistant to exercise and diet. Additionally, she chose abdominal etching to sculpt and enhance the contours of her waistline and abdomen. Openly sharing all the details of her aesthetic procedures with her followers, she posted photos post-surgery, in one of which, the small incisions where a thin tube was inserted for the liposuction, are visible. She shared a video illustrating how some fluid was draining through these incisions. Unfortunately, she developed an infection, and promptly brought it to the attention of her doctor, ultimately recovering well.

Yeri encouraged her followers who feel self-conscious about their bodies to consider cosmetic surgery. However, she advised those who are minors to wait until they finish developing. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of prioritizing mental health, noting that surgery doesn’t resolve one’s emotions.

Accused INE of Making Her Look Ugly

Yeri expressed dissatisfaction with her appearance on her Identification Card, placing blame on the staff at the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) or the National Electoral Institute. She asserted that the photo they used portrayed her unfavorably, stating, ‘TAKE THE UGLIEST PHOTOS IN THE WORLD AND DON’T EVEN PUT A FILTER ON YOU.’ She emphasized that she does not consider herself unattractive. Additionally, Yeri described her visit to the INE office, highlighting alleged poor service. She disclosed that despite making a VIP appointment, she waited in line under the sun at nearly 40 degrees without the option to seek shade. Some fans shared the same sentiment after experiencing a similar situation with the INE, while others criticized her for acting like a diva, complaining about something that everyone goes through.


Yeri Mua stands at 5ft 1in (154cms) tall, weighs about 117lbs (53kgs), but mentioning in one of her Facebook posts that some people make fun of her short stature. Yeri expressed her determination to show that individuals who don’t meet conventional beauty standards can also be queens. She boasts a curvaceous figure with body measurements of 31-25-34. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. With her looks and the way she presented herself, she adopted the moniker La Bratz Jarocha, a nickname she uses in the digital realm, which was inspired by Bratz, a fashion doll brand known for its diverse styles and accessories. It’s interesting to note that her parents have adopted the nicknames “Papa Bratz” and “Mama Bratz.”

Net Worth

Yeri Mua, a social media influencer, maintains her success despite being entangled in controversies. Beyond her digital presence, she has ventured into entrepreneurship, launching product lines, hosting events, conducting fan meetings, and securing endorsements from various brands. Additionally, she has made strides in the music industry. Authoritative sources estimate her net worth to be around $1 million, as of November 2023.

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