What movies did Geffri Maya play in? Her Age, Height, Dating

Geffri Maya

The African-American actress and model Geffri Maya Hightower was born on 25th February 1995, in South Central Los Angeles, California, USA, and has been acting professionally since she was just 11 years old.

Childhood to College

Some of Geffri’s fondest childhood memories include training at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, spending time with her grandfather, and watching child actors on TV. At seven or eight years old, the future celebrity performed in “The Lion King” on Broadway, and knew then that she wished to pursue a full-time entertainment career.

Geffri grew up in a lower-middle-class family, and although she maintained a relationship with her father, was mainly raised by her single mother, Stephanie Renee Hightower. Geffri’s grandmother and Stephanie were the ones who always supported and fostered Geffri’s aspirations; while studying at Hamilton High School, the future thespian participated in a number of extracurricular activities but ultimately decided to focus on theatre and acting.

The Californian describes South-Central L.A. as a ‘stepping stone’, and was taught by her mother to always dream bigger and want more. Although it took 45 minutes to an hour or more to drive to auditions, Stephanie always made sure to make things happen for her daughter, no matter the circumstances.

At 17 years old, Geffri began toying with the idea of attending college across the country. The original plan was to attend Fordham University in New York with her best friend, and study dance, but after being accepted into Fordham, Geffri turned the admission down at the last minute. When a friend suggested that she try Atlanta, the actress was initially skeptical; however, she changed her mind after attending a Black college expo.

‘The culture is just so prevalent, and there’s no need for any adjustments or readjusting in this space,’ Geffri told the Huffington Post. ‘I can fully, wholeheartedly be myself, and with me being myself, my Black experience is enough.’

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Applying to Clark Atlanta was, according to the actress, the best decision she ever made. There, she studied mass communications and journalism, but knew deep down that something was missing and that she didn’t feel entirely comfortable with switching professions so suddenly.

Upon graduating in 2016, Maya worked a string of odd jobs, and moved back home with her mother, brother, and grandmother. Three years of auditions ensued, but nothing seemed to stick for the Californian, until she landed her big break in “All American”.


Geffri’s first acting credit was in a 2006 episode of “Jericho”. Over the next few years, she guest-starred in “Everybody Hates Chris”, and scored her first recurring role playing Maya Bennett in “Private Practice”.

Although Maya only appeared in 12 episodes of the show from 2007 to 2010, her character was definitely taken on a wild ride as she coped with an unexpected pregnancy, and the rejection of her overbearing mother Naomi, who tried to force her into getting an abortion.

Three weeks away from her due date, Maya was involved in a car accident that risked her and her unborn baby’s life: luckily, both mother and child survived and were in stable condition after the labor. Ultimately, the writers of “Private Practice” gave Maya a happy ending that tied up all the loose ends, a decision which pleased viewers who felt that she’d been through a lot.

A four-year hiatus ensued as Geffri focused on her high school studies. In 2014, she made her big comeback with a role in the indie short “Q&A” and her portrayal of Jasmine Hardaway in the urban TV movie “Blaq Gold”. Shortly afterwards, she guest-starred in episodes of “Finding Carter” and “The Inspectors”.

Failing to land another recurring role until 2018, Geffri guest-starred in “Nasty Habits”, “Shots Fired”, and “Cream X Coffee” to name three. Her depiction of Kevin-Rose Hankins in “The Pre-Quarter Life Crisis” flew under the radar due to the show’s tight marketing budget and lack of buzz; similarly, her roles in “East of La Brea” and “Black-ish” did little to attract new fans.

Geffri’s career trajectory changed for the better when she booked the role of Simone Hicks in “All American”. The actress had originally auditioned to play Kia, Spencer’s ex-girlfriend, and then Rochelle, Spencer’s manager; however, showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll believed that Geffri had the potential to become one of the main characters.

From 2019 to 2022, Geffri enthralled viewers with her heartfelt portrayal of Simone, a role she would reprise in the spin-off “All American: Homecoming”. The gifted tennis player became a firm fan favorite thanks to her vulnerability and relatability, navigating age-relevant issues such as making new friends at college, deciding her future career, and becoming sexually active.

Since “Homecoming” premiered in 2022, Geffri has received plenty of screentime in all 28 episodes. Her filming schedule’s understandably jampacked at the moment, and although the actress has yet to find time for other projects, fans are more than happy with her current output.

Personal Life/Philanthropy

Geffri is 5ft 6in (167cm) tall and weighs 132lbs (60kgs). The thespian was previously linked to her “All American” co-star Michael Behling, who played her character’s on-screen love interest; however, their real-life relationship is strictly a professional one.

As far as we’re aware, Geffri is very much single and unwilling to join the dating scene at the moment. Apart from acting, her passions include fashion and travel: the Californian’s Instagram profile is full of vacation snaps and artsy photoshoots which reflect her personality and creativity.

Most recently, Geffri received tens of thousands of likes after uploading her beautiful look of the evening for the Critics Choice Awards. A month prior, the actress shared that she was honored to be an attendee at the 13th annual Get Lit Gala, having become one of the organization’s board members.

For those who are unaware of Get Lit’s mission, the non-profit aims to uplift youth by promoting literacy and advancing their education with scholarships, spoken word events, and more. ‘Thank you for trusting me to serve alongside you to water storytellers,’ the “Homecoming” star wrote. ‘I am deeply humbled to be aligned and grateful for the opportunity.’

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