What movies has Amie Donald been in? What Age Is She Now?

Amie Donald is a rising child actress and accomplished dancer, who gained international recognition for her standout performance in the horror film “M3GAN,” in which she portrayed the titular role. Her foray into various facets of the entertainment industry is underscored by her confidence, which blossomed through successful participation in global dance competitions. Amie’s dedication to honing her craft has been instrumental in her seamless transition to acting. Producers and directors who have collaborated with her have consistently lauded her exceptional talent, contributing to her growing acclaim in the industry.

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Early Years and Family

Amie Donald was born on 28 January 2010, in Auckland, New Zealand, to her parents, Miles and Roisheen Donald. Her father Miles is an entrepreneur, while her mother devoted her time to caring for Aimee and her older brother, Campbell. Raised in a middle-class household, Amie has been fortunate to explore various interests in life, with a particular passion for dancing, which began at the age of five, marking the inception of what would later become a pivotal aspect of her future pursuits.


Before embarking on her journey to auditions, she attended a local school in Auckland. However, as her schedule became increasingly demanding at Year 9, she transitioned to online learning to accommodate her commitments. Juggling filming responsibilities in diverse locations made it challenging for her to physically attend a traditional school. Despite the complexities of her burgeoning career, she is presently enrolled in middle school, balancing her academic pursuits with her thriving professional endeavors.

Her dancing career

Amie Donald has an innate passion for dance. She began dancing at a young age and has since honed her skills in various dance disciplines, including tap dance, acrobatics, jazz ballet, hip-hop, and contemporary dance. Her dedication to this art form is evident in her performances at Norris Dance Studios in Papakura, New Zealand, where she trains under the guidance of her long-term dance teacher and choreographer, Kylie Norris, and represented by Bubblegum Talent Agency.

Amie’s talent extends beyond national borders, as she represented New Zealand at the Dance World Cup in 2019. She made history as the first competitor from her country to win medals at the event, bringing home a silver and a bronze.

Her acting career

In contrast to many young children compelled to work from an early age to support their families financially, Amie Donald defied the norm. Her entry into acting was not driven by economic necessity, but rather sparked by a genuine fascination with the art of make-believe.

Her debut in “Sweet Tooth” (2021)

Amie Donald’s foray into acting commenced with her role in the television series, “Sweet Tooth,” a TV adaptation of the popular fantasy comic book series of the same name published by DC Comics and created by Jim Mackie. Set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a virus and the emergence of hybrid babies with animal characteristics, the series captivated audiences worldwide.

During the first season, Amie portrayed various characters as part of the group of supporting cast, including several hybrids—meerkat, duck, and owl—before settling into the recurring role of Maya Monkey. Her enthusiasm for the fantasy series was palpable, driven by her fascination with the intricate make-up and prosthetics required for her portrayal of half-human, half-animal characters.

“Sweet Tooth” not only achieved commercial success, but also garnered critical acclaim. It earned several nominations from the Children’s and Family Emmy Awards, and took home trophies for two categories. The second season’s Netflix premiere reported an impressive 48.3 million viewing hours within the first four days. Filmed in New Zealand during the pandemic, the production faced temporary halts due to travel restrictions, adding a unique layer to its behind-the-scenes narrative. Amie expressed that the experience was somewhat surreal and a bit eerie, given that they were on a post-apocalyptic set, while simultaneously grappling with real-life issues of the COVID-19 pandemic. Interestingly, in the series narrative, there was a parallel uncertainty regarding what came first—the pandemic or the emergence of hybrids.

The second season concluded in April 2023, and reports indicate that the third and final season is currently in post-production, as of late 2023. The cast features notable names such as Christian Convery, Stefania LaVie Owen, Nonso Anozie, and Adeel Akhtar, with the distinguished voice of James Brolin serving as the narrator.

Her breakout role – M3GAN (2023)

Amie’s breakthrough came with the horror movie called “M3GAN”, in which she assumed the lead role as the titular character. The plot unfolds around an artificially intelligent doll named M3GAN, who gains self-awareness, and turns hostile towards those who interfere with her connection to her human companion.

Reflecting on the audition process, Amie shared, ‘I had to audition, but the fun thing was that it was a really short process.’ Within just a week of her audition, she received the exciting news—a remarkably swift outcome compared to the usual weeks or even months for callbacks. For her initial audition, the production company requested a self-taped video to streamline the selection process. When she progressed to the face-to-face audition, Amie enjoyed herself, fulfilling the requested tasks. After completing her part, while awaiting the results outside, the director, Gerard Johnstone, approached her for a hug, but she didn’t put any meaning to it, but later on realized that she probably made an impact on him. It didn’t take long for them to inform her that she’d landed the role.

Amie’s portrayal of M3GAN garnered widespread acclaim, despite actress Jenna Davis providing the voice for the character. The movie was released in January 2023 and proved to be a box-office success, earning over $180 million against its $12 million budget. Initially aware of the script’s slight gore, Amie’s enthusiasm for the role remained unwavering, fueled by her love for the character upon reading the script. She embraced every aspect, including wearing a mask throughout the entire film.

To embody the robotic movements of her child-sized humanoid robot doll character, Amie underwent training, leveraging her dance background to execute all her stunts seamlessly. Notably, she performed a stunt known as the “Cobra Rise,” effortlessly rising from the ground without using her arms. Running fast in the forest on all fours, akin to an animal, added to the film’s suspense, showcasing the teen actor’s physical prowess.

Among the film’s highlights, one iconic scene emerged—the killer dance sequence, co-choreographed by Amie herself. Millions of fans worldwide recreated their versions, sharing them on the popular social media platform TikTok. The unexpected and entertaining addition of a dancing humanized M3GAN became a beloved aspect of the movie, demonstrating the director’s keen sense of fun and creativity.

M3GAN 2.0, the Sequel

Following the global success of “M3GAN,” executive producer Jason Blum has officially confirmed the production of a sequel, in which Amie Donald is set to reprise her role, no surprise given the acclaim Amie received from the production team. Producer Judson Scott expressed their team’s immense fortune in collaborating with her, emphasizing Amie’s multi-talented nature and the undeniable on-screen presence—the X-factor—that cannot be taught to actors.

The plan is to evolve “M3GAN” into a horror franchise movie series, contingent on sustained support from the viewing public. Despite this exciting development, Amie hasn’t shared any updates on her social media pages, with her last post dating back to March 2023. As anticipation builds for the sequel, fans eagerly await further details from the talented young actress.

Her Mother’s Reluctance to Her Chosen Fields

Despite the remarkable success Amie has achieved in her young acting career, she acknowledges that her life might have taken a different path if her mother had insisted on a different pursuit. When Amie expressed her desire to dance, Roisheen Donald initially hesitated, reminiscing, ‘I was a gymnast when I was Amie’s age. In my mind, dancing was step, clap, jazz hands! I almost talked her out of it.’ Her preference leaned towards sports such as netball, or a return to gymnastics, echoing her own past choices.

Recognizing her young daughter’s incredible talent and determination, Roisheen and her husband, Miles, eventually took five-year-old Amie to a dance studio to explore her interests. During her initial assessment, the dance coach was astonished, commenting that it was evident Amie had prior dance lessons – to their surprise, it was Amie’s first time dancing. However, as parents, they aimed to expose their children to diverse activities, leading to a temporary diversion from dancing as she and her older brother, Campbell, joined different events during weekends.

This detour proved to be challenging for their kids, prompting a reconsideration of their approach. In the end, Amie, guided by her passion, chose dance and excelled, her dance coach playing a pivotal role in steering her towards her first acting role. Recognizing Amie’s expressive abilities during dance performances, the coach saw potential in acting, and encouraged her to attend auditions and secure an agent to navigate the entertainment industry. Following this advice proved instrumental, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Interesting Facts about Amie Donald

Amie has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry in just a few years, showcasing her talent and determination. Despite her youth, she’s accumulated a wealth of interesting experiences, and cherishes her current life journey.

Karate expertise and sibling bond

The young teen holds an orange belt in karate, a skill she acquired while her parents were exploring various possibilities for her. This experience not only added a unique dimension to her skills, but also created a shared bond with her older brother, who holds a black belt, as they trained under the same instructor.

Balancing academics and acting aspirations

Focused on balancing her academic pursuits with her acting aspirations, Amie’s supportive parents arranged for an on-set tutor. This six-week tutoring period ensured that, in the event her interest in acting waned, she wouldn’t lag behind in her studies.

Guardian and supportive mother

Due to her status as a minor, Amie requires a guardian in all her endeavors. Consequently, her mother Roisheen resigned from her government position at the Inland Revenue Office to accompany Amie, managing her social media accounts and providing support throughout.

Sibling support and practice sessions

Despite living in a separate house, Amie’s older brother Campbell remains a steadfast supporter of her dreams. He visits as often as possible after his work as an apprentice builder, going over her lines to assist with practice before filming begins.

Grounded by household chores

To keep Amie grounded and unaffected by her Hollywood status, her parents ensured she took on household chores whenever she was at home. From taking out the garbage to emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming, and helping clear the driveway with a leaf blower, Amie remains connected to everyday responsibilities.

Fan of “Stranger Things”

A fan of the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things,” Amie makes time to watch episodes even between shoots. Her extensive knowledge of the story and characters attests to her genuine appreciation for the show.

Sleepover weekends

Amie swiftly adapted to her unconventional schedules, acknowledging that her chosen career path would entail missing out on traditional social activities, such as parties and camping with friends. Rather than lamenting these missed opportunities, she proactively organized sleepover weekends with her closest friends. Her mother notes that Amie has maintained a humble attitude, recognizing the reality that she can’t have it all at once.

“Lord of the Rings” enthusiast

In April 2021, Amie embarked on a visit to the renowned creative studio, Wētā Workshop, located in Wellington, New Zealand. This studio is celebrated for the craftsmanship of local New Zealanders who have contributed to the production of sets and props for major fantasy Hollywood blockbusters, including “Lord of the Rings,” “King Kong,” “District 9,” and “Avatar.” While exploring the array of creative effects at the studio, Amie found herself particularly captivated by the characters and props from the movie adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s best-selling novel, “Lord of the Rings.”

Despite being born several years before the first installment of the movie franchise was released, Amie’s appreciation for the iconic series remains unwavering. The irony of her birth timing didn’t hinder her enjoyment of the movies, and she developed a profound affection for the characters and the captivating world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s creation.

Enjoyed rock climbing

Despite her hectic schedule, Amie found time to indulge in a rock climbing activity, an experience she thoroughly enjoyed. When she shared a brief video of herself in action, fans swiftly commented on how effortlessly she reached the top, making it appear deceptively easy. Amie’s years of dancing played a crucial role in maintaining her physical fitness for this demanding activity.

Included in the Power of Young Hollywood Impact Report 2023 list

Variety.com, a highly reputable entertainment business news site, unveiled its “Power of Young Hollywood Impact Report” in 2023, a prestigious list that recognized influential young figures in the industry. Amie was delighted to find herself among the esteemed company of prominent young stars such as Jenna Ortega and Lily-Rose Depp. The list highlighted individuals who became particularly relevant in 2023, serving as a testament to Amie’s significant impact following her compelling portrayal of the humanized robot in “M3GAN.”

Future Plans

Although there are no recent updates on any of Amie’s social media platforms, her mother, Roisheen, disclosed in an interview in the first quarter of 2023 that Amie was gearing up to film another thriller/horror movie. With this upcoming project, she expressed concerns about potential interruptions to Amie’s school lessons, considering her daughter’s busy schedule with post-filming promotions. Additionally, there is speculation that Amie might participate in the upcoming Comic Con to represent her role in the movie.


At the age of 13, Amie Donald stands at a height of 4ft 7ins (140cms) and maintains a well-balanced weight of approximately 66lbs (30kgs). She has a distinct appearance with dark brown hair that complements her hazel eyes. As a young teen, Amie is still in the process of growing taller and gaining weight, with the prospect of further physical development in the years ahead.

Net Worth

As of November 2023, Amie’s estimated net worth is estimated at close to $1 million, acquired through her career in acting. In addition, she also makes a profit from sponsored deals, paid appearances, paid marketing, and live performances.

Amie Donald’s acting journey is in its early phase, yet she has already demonstrated remarkable promise and versatility in her roles. Her performances have held audiences in awe, and she remains committed to delving into fresh roles, and embracing new challenges in her burgeoning acting career.

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