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Malachi Barton is a 16-year-old American actor, best recognized for playing Beast Diaz in the “Stuck in the Middle” TV series from 2016 to 2018 and Flashform in “The Villains of Valley View” starting in 2022. He’s also had a few minor film roles, including playing Diego in “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” in 2019, and Marshall in made-for-TV movies “Under Wraps” in 2021 and “Under Wraps 2” in 2022.

Early life

Malachi Barton was born on 1 March 2007, in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA. His mother, Felicia Diana Barton, born 6 March 1982, also in Virginia Beach, is a singer-songwriter who appeared in the singing competition series “American Idol” during its eighth season in 2009. Felicia was eliminated after placing in the top 36, one of the semi-final rounds. Regardless, she released her debut EP (extended play) album entitled “Lost Words” on 1 September 2011, signed with Pulse Recording and Warner-Chappell Music as a songwriter, and became a background vocalist in the 16th season of “American Idol”. Malachi’s father, Loren Barton, is also involved with music; he’s a tour manager, production manager, and mix engineer. Malachi calls his parents Papa Twiz and Mama Twiz. Malachi’s grandfather, Paul “Super Pap” Davis, passed away in the mid-2010s.

Malachi is an only child and told MommyMusings in 2020 that he loved having on-screen siblings on the set of the “Stuck in the Middle” TV series. Moreover, he bonded with Isaak Presley, who played Ethan Diaz, because he was also an only child.

Early education, source of career

Malachi started acting at four, and his mother’s songwriting career significantly impacted him. He said that he traveled with his mom to California when she had a songwriting session, and while he waited for her to finish, he listened to Justin Bieber. At one point, the music prompted him to climb onto the family car and start dancing. A man came out of the studio, saw him, and returned to tell his mom he could recommend an experienced manager. Felicia agreed to the interview, the manager accepted Malachi as a client, and the family relocated to California.

Malachi said that he’s a coastal kid who lived near a beach in Virginia Beach, and loved to surf, so the move didn’t disrupt his lifestyle. However, he gladly returns to Virginia’s 757 historical and cultural region, especially the cities of Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Hampton and Chesapeake, where he has family and friends. Moreover, Malachi is religious and wants to visit his hometown’s church, Freedom Fellowship. For reference, Malachi means ‘messenger of God or prophet’ in Hebrew. In an independent study program, Malachi studied biology and geometry in ninth grade in late 2021.

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Malachi made his official acting debut by playing Tiny Kid in an episode of the “Workaholics” television series in March 2014. However, he revealed on Instagram that his first acting role was in early 2013 when he played an unnamed kid in an episode of the CBS soap opera “The Young and the Restless.” He had minor roles in TV series “See Dad Run” in 2014, and “Henry Danger” in “Instant Mom” before he landed his first notable role as Beast Diaz in “Stuck in the Middle.”

For 56 episodes from 2016 to 2018, Malachi played one of the siblings in a family of six. The story was told from the perspective of the middle child, Harley Diaz played by Jenna Ortega, and fans loved seeing the hectic daily life of the family living in suburban Massachusetts. Disney Channel was determined to produce five seasons, but conflicts arose by the third season. Some actors, such as actress Ronni Hawk who played Rachel Diaz, left the show early. Others and their families combated the executives and the filming crew but stayed, though ultimately the disagreements resulted in Disney Channel canceling the series after the third season.

Malachi landed the role of Diago in the movie “Dora and the Lost City of Gold,” which premiered in August 2019. He also played Jasper Flores in an episode of “BUNK’D”, and Young Bruce Wayne in one episode of “Super Power Beat Down” live-action series in 2019. 2020 was more relaxed for Malachi due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, but he refused to take a break. Instead, he lent his voice to Tyber in “Just Roll with It”, and Leo in “Elena of Avalor” series. Moreover, from 2018 to 2022, he portrayed Lionel in nearly 50 episodes of the computer-animated TV series “Fancy Nancy”.

“Under Wraps”

In 2021, Malachi was cast as Marshall in Disney’s remake of the 1997 Halloween special, “Under Wraps.” The role was challenging; old fans expected equal or better acting because it had been the first Disney Channel original movie. Malachi portrayed one of three friends who woke up an ancient mummy from its sarcophagus shortly before Halloween. He enjoyed developing the character and the fact that he hasn’t had a chance to act in a movie in which one of his co-stars has a costume that makes him unrecognizable, according to his NightmarishConjurings.com interview. Moreover, he found adding his flair to a well-established character inspiring, as he’d only seen the movie when asked to audition.

Moreover, “Under Wraps” producers asked Malachi if he wanted to include real-life details in a childhood picture. He loved the idea, and chose a picture with his grandfather instead of having his likeness edited into a stock photo. He told PilotOnline.com that he felt that ‘Super Pap was there with him and kind of received some fame.’ Although Malachi was excited about the sequel, he revealed to LRM Online that he loved the script even more, because his character dealt with abandonment by his friend’s group, saying that he struggled with that, but knew that teenagers worldwide would relate.

Playing Flashform

Malachi joined the cast of the new series, “The Villains of Valley View,” as Colby Madden, whose villain name is Flashform. His mother in the series, Amy, formerly villain Havoc, had been ousted from the League of Villains and forced to relocate to the small town of Valley View, Texas. She then has to adjust to an undercover life with the rest of her family, ex-villains Chaos, Hartley, Surge and Kraniac. Malachi told The Man Cave Chronicles podcast host that playing Flashform thrilled him daily because the character used his powers for good and evil, not one of the two.

Additionally, the script lets him use his powers to have fun, including pranking people and boasting about his prowess, which he feels is what a teenager would do. Malachi told Popternative that he auditioned for the role, because it represented a mix of superhero action movies and a sitcom. It also reminded him of content that he watched as a kid, such as “Wizards of the Waverly Place” sitcom, which ran from 2007 to 2012, and “The Incredibles” 2004 movie.


Since early 2023, Malachi Barton has been dating Scarlett Jackson, who also goes by Scarlett Shue on her Instagram profile, @scarlettt.jackson. Not much is known about her except that he was there for her or their homecoming event on 10 October 2023. Scarlett enjoys traveling, sunbathing at the beach, wake surfing, and snowboarding.

Interesting facts

  • Halloween is Malachi’s favorite holiday, shared by his parents.
  • His favorite monster is Frankenstein, not his monster; he thinks that he’s a mad, creepy scientist who performs unhinged experiments.
  • He described “Stuck in the Middle” in one word as amazing.
  • Malachi played the Fortnite video gamein 2019.
  • Malachi loves Marvel movies; the 2018 “Black Panther” film is one of his favorites.
  • He told YoungEntMagthat he would choose elasticity if he could have a superpower.
  • His favorite Disney Channel original movie franchises are “High School Musical” and “Descendants,” according to his Screen Rant interview.
  • Malachi would like to play a character similar to James Bond.
  • He enjoys watching Los Angeles Dodgers baseball games.
  • Malachi plays baseball, goes hikingand fishing with his uncle, and skates in his free time.
  • Malachi would hide on a private beachin Hawaii or San Diego, California, if he had to go undercover.
  • One of his best friends is Ariana Greenblatt, who played Daphne in “Stuck in the Middle.”
  • Malachi shook actor Don Cheadle’s hand at the D23 Expo red carpet eventin late 2022, and said that he would never wash that hand again. Don is among the few black actors nominated for all four major entertainment awards: Emmy, Oscar, Tony and Grammy.
  • Malachi wore a t-shirtwith a goat and the abbreviation G.O.A.T., meaning ‘greatest of all time’ the day after basketball player Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash.
  • One of his favorite quotesis by Martin Luther King Jr., ‘I’ve decided to stick with love; hate is too great a burden to bear.’
  • Malachi’s clothing and footwear must be comfortable, he told Screen Rant Plus; if he feels uncomfortable, he knows that it’s the wrong piece.
  • Malachi and his family have two dogs, one named Rangerthe Rager.
  • He received his driving permitin California in 2022.
  • Malachi plays the electric guitar.
  • His favorite bookis “I Will Always Write Back” by Martin Ganda and Caitlin Alifirenka.
  • Malachi started wearing the Invisaligninvisible braces for teeth straightening in September 2023.

Physical characteristics

Malachi Barton has dark brown hair, which he sometimes dyes blonde, and dark brown eyes. Malachi is 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall, weighs about 154lbs (70kgs), and has a distinctively wide nose, dimples, and bushy eyebrows.

Net worth

According to online sources, Malachi Barton’s net worth is roughly $5 million. That seems high, but he has lived in California since he started his career and so far has appeared in about 150 episodes of three relatively successful television series, and two well-known TV movies. Moreover, Malachi appeared in advertisements for Nintendo Switch and LEGO Star Wars, suggesting that his likeness influences consumers.

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