What we know about George Soros’ wife, Tamiko Bolton? Her wiki, net worth, age, ethnicity, parents, yoga, husband

• Tamiko Bolton is the wife of billionaire philanthropist George Soros, married in 201•
• Bolton is a licensed pharmacist, certified Yoga teacher and entrepreneur.
• She is a partner in Soros Fund Management and advocates for health and wellness.
• Bolton and Soros attended a United Nations Summit on Climate Change to bring awareness to the issue.
• She has a few successful businesses, but her net worth is unknown.

What do we know about George Soros’ wife, Tamiko Bolton?

Tamiko Bolton is an entrepreneur and a licensed pharmacist of Japanese descent, who came into the spotlight with her marriage to George Soros, the Hungarian-American billionaire philanthropist; they were married on 21 September 2013 and are still together. This was the third marriage for Soros, previously being married to Annaliese Witschak from 1960-1983 and Susan Weber from 1983 to 2005. It was the second marriage for Bolton, who had a brief marriage in the early ‘90s, details unknown. The couple does not have children together, but Soros has five children from his previous marriages.

Early life and Education of Tamiko Bolton

Bolton was born on 1 March 1971, in California USA; her mother was a Japanese-American nurse and her father was a retired US Navy Commander named Robert J. Bolton. She was raised in California until she finished high school, then moved to Florida to attend the University of Miami. After finishing her bachelor’s degree, she went on to earn a Master of Business Administration degree at the same university.

Tamiko Bolton’s Career

Being a licensed pharmacist, Tamiko worked as a health education consultant in the early days of her career. She is also a certified Yoga teacher, and advocates oriental practices for a healthy lifestyle, and has created a few entrepreneurial ventures around it that operate online. To provide further education and awareness of yoga, she launched an online platform in which she provides yoga education. She also owns a successful dietary supplement business that is internet-based.

Currently, she is a partner in Soros Fund Management, and actively works with Soros in his business. She frequents world economic events in the European region, and delivers subject-related speeches. Most recently, Bolton and Soros attended a UN Summit on climate change to bring awareness to the issues, and they regularly contribute to organizations working on climate change related issues.

Tamiko Bolton and George Soros

When did Tamiko Bolton get married to George Soros?

Soros and Bolton met in the Spring of 2008 and started dating shortly afterwards; their engagement was announced formally in August 2012 at a party in one of the summer homes of Soros in Southampton, surrounded by their closest family and friends. Bolton was 40 years old at the time of the engagement while Soros was 82 years old, so their age gap of over 40 years was much talked about in the media.

They were married on 21 September 2013 in a small ceremony at Soros’s Bedford, New York estate; Bolton’s dress was designed by Reem Acra, a Lebanon-born fashion designer. The wedding was officiated by Federal Judge Kimba Wood and was attended by the close friends and family of the couple including the five children of Soros. The small ceremony was followed by a large reception for over 500 guests at a Westchester County complex called Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts. There were plenty of distinguished guests, including powerful political figures such as Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom. There was a second reception with 300 guests held at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.

Scandals and Controversies related to Tamiko Bolton

In 2011, Bolton came into the middle of a highly publicized $50 million lawsuit filed against Soros by his previous partner Adriana Ferreyr, who accused Soros of fraud, harassment, emotional distress and also assault. She also claimed that Soros had promised to give her a Manhattan apartment worth $1.9 million, which he later gifted to Bolton. The attempts by Soros to dismiss the lawsuit were unsuccessful, and during the course of the hearing, Ferreyr began physically violent and attacked Soros and his lawyers. In 2013, Soros filed a lawsuit against Ferreyr for defamation and assault. After Soros’s marriage to Bolton, Ferreyr expected Soros to give her the apartment since Bolton no longer used it but Soros has donated most of his assets including the apartment to charities.

Tamiko Bolton’s appearance and social media presence

Tamiko has a petite physique, being 5’ 4” (1.65m) in height. She has black hair and dark eyes owing to her Asian heritage. She likes to keep a low profile when it comes to her personal life, mostly appearing only at charity events she and Soros do together. She does not have any verified active social media profiles, but her lifestyle and wellness brands related to yoga and supplements are still active.

What is Tamiko Bolton’s Net Worth?

The exact net worth of this Japanese-American entrepreneur is unknown, as she is linked with her husband George Soros. As of February 2019, he has a net worth of up to $20 billion according to Forbes, but having already donated over $32 billion to charitable causes. Bolton had a few steady businesses related to health and wellness before her marriage to the billionaire, so she is very likely financially comfortable in her own right.

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  1. CHARITABLE CAUSES? Soros has funded mayhem all over the world. He should NEVER be referred to as ‘a philanthopist’. He has funded the BLM rioters and district attorneys who are letting criminals get away with murder and mayhem. He is as has been said by many, “a very evil person”. Watch the television interview of him about taking the property of those who were being led to their deaths during the holocaust! Steve Krsoft interviewed him and Soros stated he had no remorse for what he did then. His evilness started very young. Steve Kroft did not mince words. It’s all on tape. Interfering in U.S. elections AND around the world such as Austria where he spread lies about the Conservative running for President which caused him to lose the election and Soros’s far left one put in instead. Gitmo is too good for Soros.

  2. Yes, I saw the interview you mentioned. Power is a potent drug. When Soros realized turning in fellow Jews to slaughter, concealing his own Jewry/changing his name from “Black’~”Schwartz,” gave him a Sense of Power, it disturbed me that his countenance bore a ‘look of exhiliration.’
    If anything was a giveaway to Soros’ true inner moral character, it was THIS, revealed in that one fleeting moment; immortalized in that recording.
    He may think he can justify his actions of the past by controlling governments from behind the scenes, fact remains: Soros likes causing chaos for profit…it’s extremely lucrative. He made $ billions by destabilizing currencies thru inciting revolution…via his numerous agencies.
    Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, Malaysia’s Flower Revolution, Arab Spring, the USA Purple Revolution of 2016 after Hillary lost the election to Trump…all the Antifa/BLM riots that ensued to hold this country hostage to Left-Progressive Socialist/Marxist ideologies…funded by Open Society.
    In Hungarian, Soros means “next in line,” or “designated successor” I believe Soros aspires to rule the world, but he is black at heart…born a Schwartz.
    Nothing good will come of a man who despises his own nature. No amount of good he does will remove others’ blood & despair from his hands.

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