Where is Beng Zeng Wong Today? His Age, Height, Dating, Wiki

Beng Zeng Wong, widely recognised as Beng Zeng or ‘El Chino,’ is a popular Mexican actor of East Asian descent, celebrated for his impactful roles in prominent Latin TV shows such as “Como Caido Del Cielo” and “El Pantera,” as well as notable movies such as “Don’t Blame the Kid.” Curious to know more about this star and his current endeavours? Join us as we delve into the intriguing life and recent pursuits of Beng Zeng.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 18 June 1995 in Mexico City, Mexico, Beng Zeng proudly hails from The Land of Mariachi, embracing his Mexican heritage. While specific details about his parents remain private, it’s known that they are of Chinese descent and made the decision to relocate to Mexico before Beng Zeng and his siblings were born.

Maintaining a protective stance, Beng Zeng has chosen not to disclose his family’s identities to shield them from public scrutiny and potential internet criticism.

From a young age, Beng Zeng harboured aspirations of making a mark in the entertainment and media industries, and he has not only realized those dreams but surpassed them.

Known for his vibrant and lively personality, Beng Zeng’s journey into the realms of acting and web media development reflects his passion and determination in the pursuit of his childhood ambitions.


Details regarding Beng Zeng’s educational background are not publicly disclosed.


Beng Zeng has gained notable recognition for his compelling roles in television shows such as “The Mongolian Conspiracy” and “Don’t Blame the Kid.”

In 2005, he made his first appearance on the small screen in the series “Pablo y Andrea.” Beng Zeng’s breakthrough came with the significant role of Joaquin in the show, and continued to establish himself as a key figure with this popular Mexican series, and his contribution to the series “El Pantera” in 2009 further solidified his standing in the industry.


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In 2016, Beng Zeng took on the role of Chino in “Don’t Blame the Kid,” a popular drama series, then vontinuing his diverse portfolio, he portrayed Javier Liu in “The Mongolian Conspiracy”, the 2018 television drama series.

In 2019, Beng Zeng was featured in the Mexican drama “Como Caido Del Cielo,” which was shown on Netflix, and the following year, he landed a role in “Vencer el miedo.”

Beng Zeng also starred in “Ahi te encargo a mi mama” and “Perdiendo El juicio” in 2021. His latest project is a TV series, “Vencer la culpa.”

The TV actor created his Instagram account in 2019 and has 326, 000 followers even though he only has 30 posts.  Beng Zeng’s YouTube career also began in 2019 but it doesn’t look like he’s actively uploading content on the platform. Still, he has 22,000 YouTube subscribers.

TikTok seems to be where most of Beng Zeng’s fans are supporting him. He has more than three million followers and over 32 million likes on the popular app, on which he shares tidbits of his life as an actor with his fans.

Interesting Facts

Beng Zeng holds a deep admiration for the renowned anime character Itachi Uchiha from the series ‘Naruto,’ showcasing his fondness for the anime genre. Additionally, he expresses a liking for Sasuke Uchiha from the same anime, and has even showcased his enthusiasm by participating in cosplay as the character.

Fluent in Spanish, Beng Zeng’s language proficiency is particularly close to his Mexican roots, adding a cultural dimension to his versatile skill set.

Known for his dynamic personal style, the celebrated Mexican star enjoys experimenting with his hair. He frequently shares his diverse looks, featuring hairstyles ranging from black and blue to blonde, through captivating posts on various social media platforms.

Later Personal Life

Currently, there is no information available about Beng Zeng’s romantic adventures. He seems to prefer to keep his private life, including his romances, out of the limelight, despite being a relatively big star.

Physical Characteristics

Beng Zeng is of average height at 5ft 6ins (168cms) and weighs about 145lbs (66kgs). He has black eyes and black hair, though he likes to colour his hair sometimes.

Net Worth

Given his successful career so far, Beng Zeng’s estimated net worth as of late 2023 is over $1 million.

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