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• Beth Chapman is a famous American actor and television show producer, who rose to fame after appearing in the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” show back in 200•
• She is a licensed bail bondsman, the youngest in Colorado at 29 years old.
• She is married to her castmate Duane Chapman and they have 12 children in total.
• She was diagnosed with stage-2 throat cancer in September 2017, but was later proclaimed cancer-free.
• Beth has a net worth of at least $2 million and drives luxurious vehicles.


Who is Beth Chapman?

Beth Chapman is a famous American actor and television show producer, who rose to fame after appearing in the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” show back in 2003. Beth has also produced other shows that became a hit, including “Dog: The Family Speaks” in 2006 and “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” in 2013. She is a licensed bail bondsman.

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Early Life and Career

Alice Elizabeth Smith was born in Denver, Colorado USA, on 29 October 1967. Gary Smith was her father’s name, a popular baseball player for the Kansas City Athletics. Chapman spent her childhood in Denver, however, her family moved to Hawaii in 1989 where she began working as a bounty hunter/ bail bondsman. During her early life, Chapman also worked as a gymnast, waitress, nightclub musician, as well as being an ice skater.

Chapman was actually the youngest bail bondsman in all of Colorado, at the time being just 29 years old, a record later broken by her stepdaughter Lyssa Chapman who managed to get licensed for the same job at the tender age of 19. Beth and later husband Duane “Dog” Chapman got into business together in 1995, and later moved in together making their families one. Beth normally goes bounty hunting in conjunction with running their bail bond office beside her husband, often needing to offer counseling services to detainees too.

From 2004 she worked on the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” series with her husband Duane and his son Leland as bail bondsmen and bounty hunters. The show aired for eight seasons, however, Duane’s son left in 2012, and later Leland started a bail bond organization on his own, named ‘Kama’aina Bail Bonds’ and located on Hawaii Island. Leland later went to live away from his family in 2015 – he now lives in Alabama with his wife. The good news is that the lad later reunited with his father and Beth.

Children, Family, and Marriage

Beth married Duane Chapman, her castmate in the series “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, in Hawaii on 20 May 2006. This was Beth’s second marriage – in 1991 she married Keith A. Barmore, but they divorced, after having a daughter named Cecily Barmore Chapman. Before that, Beth had a son with her ex-boyfriend. They named him Dominic Smith.

This is not Duane’s first marriage – Beth is his fifth wife and they have 12 children in total. Duane married to his first wife La Fonda Sue in 1972, and they had two children before divorcing in October 1979. Duane married his second wife, Anne M. Tegnell that same year in Colorado, and they had three children, however, the first son passed away immediately after he was born, and this union also didn’t last very long and it ended in a divorce. Duane married Lyssa Rae Brittain his third wife on date 22 June 1982, but after nine years of marriage they divorced after having three children, but unfortunately in 2006 their first daughter, Barbara was killed in a car accident.

After all those many years of being married which normally ended in divorces, Duane finally met Beth and the two fell in love instantly. The couple is said to understand each other very much as they try their best to take care of their marital life. They first met in 1980 when she had been jailed for shoplifting lemons, and Duane was her bail bondsman. The couple asked for permission from their children before finally tying the knot, and they now have two kids together, daughter Joanne and a son, Gary Chapman.

Beth Chapman Cancer Story

After suffering from a bout of coughing that lasted two months, Beth decided to go for a routine checkup, and was diagnosed with stage-2 throat cancer in September 2017. The throat tumor was blocking her breathing and her doctors advised her to get it surgically removed immediately, and she went for a 13-hour long surgery the same month at ‘Cedars-Sinai Hospital’, which removed the plum-sized benign tumor. This gave Beth some hope for survival, as she could only link her cancer to death, after her doctors initially gave her a 50-50 chance.

The surgery left a seven-inch scar that impacted her self-esteem, however, her husband was always there offering her all his support every step of the way. She seemed to get better with time and even got the confidence to show the scar off on her social media page. The surgery was followed with some good news as Beth was later proclaimed cancer-free. She now lives a healthy life knowing that she has beaten the monster. All she has to do now is learn how to live with the scars left behind.

Weight Loss

Beth has a weight loss story, as she has managed to lose 50 pounds, and was able to reduce her breasts size to at 42 inches, her hips to 32 inches and also her waist to only 24 inches. She is also very confident about her personality that has been transformed too.

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Although her weight loss has been linked to her cancer battle, she says that it is as a result of lifestyle change. Beth substituted watching the television by taking up sports. She also made changes in her diet, ditching cheeseburgers to eat healthier food such as cabbage, cereals, and lettuce. Also, to expel toxins from her body, Beth adopted a high-water diet that worked wonders as she was able to shed the extra weight.

Beth Chapman Net Worth

As a cast member and executive producer of the TV series, Beth is reputed to earn an annual salary of $150,000. She loves wearing branded clothes and exquisite jewelry, and drives a luxurious GMC vehicle as well as a Mercedes Benz – the two vehicles are estimated to have cost her between $500,000 and $900,000. She has a lavish home in Hawaii where she lives together with her family.

With her successful career, Beth has been able to accumulate a significant amount of wealth. As of late 2018, reputable sources estimate that her net worth is least $2 million, plus the aforementioned assets.

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