Where is Charlie Hiscock Today? His Age, Parents, Height, Dating

As one of the most popular and successful series of this decade, “Ted Lasso” left us with not only the need to binge-watch it all over again but with many good memories of the story and its cast. One of the stars who undoubtedly gained the audience’s hearts is Charlie Hiscock, who portrayed the character Will Kitman throughout the three “Ted Lasso” seasons.

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While the future of the series remains unknown, that hasn’t stopped Charlie from moving forward with his career. Not only did he make his Hollywood debut in the 2023 movie “Poor Things”, but has also appeared in several other projects, including shows and short films, on top of debuting as a visual artist.

So what else is there in the future for Charlie Hiscock after “Ted Lasso”? What other TV projects has he been in? Keep reading to find out.

Who Is Charlie Hiscock?

Charlie Hiscock was born on 30 April 1999 in Bedford, United Kingdom. Not many details about his family and childhood are known, but acting has always been a constant presence in Charlie’s life. According to his professional sheet, Charlie was trained in acting at the National Youth Theatre and the Manchester School of Acting.

He got his first credited role at only nine years old thanks to the TV series “Combat Kids”, in which he starred as Jed. Though the series was short-lived, the experience was ‘scary and wonderful’ and helped Charlie to understand how things worked on professional sets, as he told Tresa Magazine.

In 2011, Charlie appeared as James Millman in the made-for-TV movie “The Borrowers”, filmed in South Africa, sharing the screen with some big stars of the UK TV industry including Christopher Eccleston, whom Charlie admires for his role in “Doctor Who”.

Despite his early success, Charlie took an extended break from the entertainment industry to pursue an education. As he told Revamp Magazine, being away from the industry allowed him to discover what career options were there for him, but his love for acting remained in place.


Loyal to his dream of becoming an actor, Charlie Hiscock returned to the acting road in 2016, when he was about to turn 18 years old. His first credited roles after his comeback were as a performer and actor in the plays “We Are Here” and “Punk Rock”, both held at the National Theatre in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Resuming an acting career after so long wasn’t easy, as Charlie confessed to Revamp Magazine. At the time, he had three side jobs, and pushed through to make his dream come true, but ‘reinventing’ himself became necessary as things became difficult for him.

Charlie’s efforts were about to be worth it, as the year 2019 saw him going from having a small and uncredited role in “Military Wives” to making it big in the “Secret Life Of Boys” as Robbie Hudges, who had been portrayed previously by Reece Buttery. Though Charlie had the difficult task of replacing an actor after several seasons into a show, he did his best to make the character his and not ‘adopt’ Buttery’s portrayal of it, as Charlie revealed to Tresa Magazine.

The “Secret Life Of Boys” ended in 2021 after five seasons on air; he then went on to appear in the movie “The Wrong Place”, directed by Emmet Cummins.

Path In “Ted Lasso”

In 2020 Charlie had his notable rise to stardom by joining the cast of “Ted Lasso”. Although his character Will Kitman wasn’t a regular character at first, the second season of the show saw him getting more time on screen, thus gaining recognition and the hearts of the audience with it.

When asked to describe his experience working in the show during an interview with Tresa Magazine in 2021, Charlie affirmed that every day portraying Will was ‘phenomenal’ and ‘beautiful’ thanks to the dynamic there was on set with his fellow co-stars, whom he described as ‘lovely’ people.

By 2023, “Ted Lasso” has won over 10 Emmy Awards and global recognition. The time in the show has also left Charlie with lots of valuable experiences, such as sharing a set with the likes of Jason Sudeikis, whom Charlie has admired from long before joining the series.

After “Ted Lasso”

Following its third season’s finale, it’s unclear what will happen to “Ted Lasso”. As Charlie told GQ Mexico, only three seasons were originally planned by the show’s creators, leaving an open question as to whether it’ll be continued or left as it is.

Regardless of the future of the show, having his breakthrough role in one of the most successful series of our time plays in favor of Charlie’s career.

Just half a year after the airing of “Ted Lasso”s finale in early 2023, Charlie portrayed the character Fop 2 in the movie “Poor Things”, starring Emma Stone. Although not being Charlie’s first time on the big screen, the movie marked his debut in Hollywood.

Also in that year, Charlie debuted as a visual artist by exhibiting his paintings at the London-based Holy Art Fair.

It’s unclear what other projects Charlie has planned for the future, but in an interview with Revamp Magazine, he revealed that he dreamed of being in films by David Fincher and Martin Scorsese, though on other occasions he’s also mentioned Wes Anderson and Joshua Safdie, and Benjamin Safdie as directors he would love to work with. Nonetheless, seeing how far Charlie has come in such a short time, it surely won’t take him long to accomplish more goals as an actor.

Personal Life & Hobbies

As he revealed to GQ Mexico, Charlie Hiscock is a big fan of soccer, especially Manchester City, a team he would love to play for if he were to choose.

In the same interview, Charlie described himself as a ‘nerd’, revealing his admiration for the actor David Tennant for his role as the tenth “Doctor Who”, a series he also loves. When asked about his favorite movies, Charlie admits that they’re sports dramas such as “Air” and “Fighting With My Life”, on top of being an anime fan, as a current Japanese language student.

According to Charlie’s professional sheet, he’s trained in stunt acting and stage combat, on top of being highly skilled in singing and playing guitar.

Nothing is known about Charlie’s romantic life and his family.

Appearance & Net Worth

Charlie Hiscock is a man of White descent. He’s 5ft 10ins (1.77m) tall and has brown eyes and hair. His weight is unknown.

Some online sources affirm that Charlie’s net worth is around $1 million, but this estimation can be questioned given how his career is still in its early stages. Nonetheless, it’s for sure that as Charlie continues in more important roles, his fortune will keep increasing.

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