Where is Erinn Westbrook Today? Her Age, Height, Dating, Bio

Erinn Westbrook is an American actress and singer, probably known best for her roles in the popular TV series’ “Riverdale” and “Glee.”

Early life

Erinn Westbrook was born on 12 January 1991, in Long Island, New York, USA; her family moved to Town and Country, Missouri, when she was just six years old. She’s the middle child in her family, having a younger brother Brent, and an older sister, Lauren.

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She matriculated John Burroughs School in 2006, where she took part in the cheerleading squad as a captain. After completing high school at the top of her class, Erinn went on to attend Harvard University, from where she graduated with a degree in English, American Literature and Language. She was the 10th person from her family to earn a Harvard degree. While there, she was a writer for the Harvard Crimson, a student newspaper, and held the position of president at the Students Taking on Poverty. Graduating from Harvard was a significant milestone in her life, as it set a great starting point for any career she might pursue.


Erinn Westbrook made her debut on the big screen with the television series “1000 Ways to Die” in 2011. In the episode entitled “Wait, Don’t Tell Me – You’re Dead,” she portrayed the character, Angela. Directed by Thom Beers, the show is known for its unconventional and darkly humorous take on various bizarre deaths.

One of Erinn’s significant roles came in the form of the television sitcom “Mr. Box Office,” in which she played Danielle. The series ran from 2012 to 2013, featured Westbrook in 22 episodes, and revolves around the life of a famous movie star who is sentenced to community service at an inner-city middle school. The show boasted a star-studded cast, including Bill Bellamy, Jon Lovitz, and Vivica A. Fox. Erinn Westbrook’s portrayal of Danielle in this ensemble comedy allowed her to hone her comedic timing, and establish herself as a versatile performer.

In 2013, Erinn ventured into the musical realm with a recurring role in the popular series “Glee”, playing the character Bree in seven episodes, and showcasing not only her acting skills but also her musical talents as a performer in the show. Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, “Glee,” was widely acclaimed for its innovative approach to storytelling through musical performances.

That same year, she also appeared in two episodes of the Nick and Nite sitcom “See Dad Run”, playingd the character Meridith, alongside other young up-and-coming actors such as Ryan Whitney and Jackon Brundage. The series follows actor David Hobbs as he transitions from a TV star to a stay-at-home dad, facing the challenges of parenting and domestic life.

Her next big role came in 2018, as Magnolia Barnard in the comedy TV series “Insatiable.” The Netflix original series, created by Lauren Gussis, follows a disgraced, overweight teenager who, after losing weight, seeks revenge on those who mistreated her, navigating the complexities of beauty pageants and societal expectations. The show featured a cast of established actors, such as Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts, who play the main characters.

However, it was Erinn’s role in the hit television series “Riverdale” that solidified her presence in the entertainment industry. Joining the show in 2021 as Tabitha Tate, she became a main cast member from Season 5 onwards, later transitioning to a special guest star role in Season 7. Based on the characters from Archie Comics, “Riverdale” is a dark and modern take on the classic comic book series. Westbrook’s character, Tabitha Tate is a businesswoman and entrepreneur, who adds a new layer to the intricate and mysterious happenings in the town of Riverdale. The show reached its finale in March 2023.

“Riverdale” garnered widespread popularity for its captivating storytelling, suspenseful plotlines, and a talented ensemble. Erinn Westbrook’s portrayal of Tabitha Tate added a fresh dynamic to the series, earning her recognition for her performance in this high-profile project. The show provided her with the chance to work alongside established actors such as KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, and Cole Sprouse.

Relationship, marriage

Erinn is married to an American non-celebrity, known only as Andrew; The two dated for four years before they tied the knot. In 2023, she announced the birth of their son, Teddy, on her Instagram account. Teddy was born on 23 August, 2023, which coincided with the release of the final episode of “Riverdale.” Her pregnancy was also the reason her character, Tabitha, didn’t appear in the final season of the show.

Erinn has not disclosed any information about her previous relationships.

Erinn Westbrook today

Following the ending of “Riverdale,” Erinn hasn’t revealed any future projects she might be a part of. It’s likely that she’ll take a break from acting to take care of her newborn child, and turn her focus to her family. Still, it’s only a matter of time before she returns to the big screen.

Social media presence

Erinn has a vibrant social media presence, particularly on Instagram, on which she boasts a following of over 300,000 fans. She often posts photos from various red-carpet events, and highlights from the sets of movies and TV series. She has a partnership with Dior, and uses her platform to promote their fashion clothing lines.

Outside of her career, Erinn loves travelling, and has filled her Instagram feed with pictures from around the world, havin visited places such as Rome, Hawaii, and Paris.

Appearance, height

Erinn stands at a height of 5ft 6ins (1.67m), weighs around 120lbs (55kgs), and has long black hair and deep black eyes. She loves wearing elegant and fashionable dresses, and is often seen in unique designer outfits at red-carpet events. Her favorite colors are light blue, pink, and yellow, and her outfits are usually in these tones.

Net worth

As of 2023, Erinn Westbrook’s net worth has been estimated at around $5 million. Her financial wealth reflects her success in the entertainment industry, and her dedication to the craft.

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