Where is Karen Vi now? wiki bio, age, height, boyfriend, net worth, body

• Karen Vi is a model and social media personality from San Antonio, Texas.
• She first gained recognition after competing in Miss Texas USA in 2008.
• She is currently working for several brands and has a son named Grayson.
• She is an animal lover and fitness enthusiast who loves classic rock music.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

Who is Karen Vi?

Karen was born in San Antonio, Texas USA on 3 October 1989, so under the zodiac sign of Libra, and holding American nationality, but of Mexican and Spanish descent. Karen is best known for her modelling career, as well as being a social media personality.

Karen Vi

Early life and education

Karen grew up in a big family with cousins and nephews, but nothing is known about her parents or siblings, as she never talks about them. There is nothing known about her education either; it is said that she finished high school and after that decided to focus on her career rather than on her studies. She didn’t have a dream of becoming a model – it came unexpectedly when she received an invitation to compete in Miss Texas USA in 2008.


Karen first gained recognition after she appeared in the pageant in 2008, after which she won the Miss San Antonio American Beauty pageant. She began modelling soon after this, and worked with several popular alcohol brands such as “Skyy Vodka” and “Budweiser”, while also appearing as the ring girl during a couple of boxing matches, and at the same time, she began working as a lingerie model for “Beach Bunny Swimwear” and “Latino Bridal”. Karen became even more popular after she starred in the “IceJJFish – On The Floor” comedy music video on YouTube, uploaded on 6 February 2014 and so far viewed by more than 70 million people.

Karen is currently working for several brands as their model at numerous fashion shows, while taking good care of her personal side of life as well.

Personal life and likes

Karen is keeping her private life to herself, and it is unknown whether she is single or not, however, she does not appear to have time for boyfriends as she is very busy with her career. However, she has a young son named Grayson, but hasn’t revealed the name of his father, and it’s certain that the two are not living together and unknown whether or not Grayson’s father is a part of his life.

Karen has recently been the center of attention as an NFL player Le’Veon Bell who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers commented on one of her photos on Instagram saying “Hello gorgeous” – rather than to accept a compliment, Karen attacked the player for flirting with her even though he has a wonderful girlfriend and just had a baby with her.

Karen considers herself to be a big animal lover, she is also a fan of classic rock music, and is very good at imitating famous musicians – she is also a fitness freak and a thrill seeker who loves to go skydiving and cliff diving, while she’s also done zip lining in the past. She claims to look- up to Raquel Welch who is a famous American actress, singer and a model – she likes her because she thinks they are alike as they are both petite, both have nice curves and are both into the same kind of business.

Appearance and net worth

Karen is currently 29 years old, has long black hair, black eyes, is 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall, weighs around 117lbs (53kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-24-35, so has an hourglass shaped body. Karen is one of those girls who likes natural looks – she has no piercings, no tattoos, she hasn’t have any plastic surgery, and as soon as she’s off camera, removes her makeup as she doesn’t like using it.

According to authoritative sources, Karen’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, while she owns a BMW valued from $50,000 to $140,000. It is said that an average annual salary of a model in the US a minimum of $50,000, while Karen also makes money selling clothes from her own clothing line called “Halilo”.

Social media presence

Karen is very active on several social media platforms, which is something to be expected of a model who is somewhat dependent on her fame, and has to appear in public to remain noticed – she launched her Twitter account in August 2014 but has only 265 followers and 11 tweets as she made this account just to promote her CLIQVUE original series entitled “Karen Vi: The Good Life”. She has an Instagram account as well, with nearly a million followers and more than 350 posts – she has a YouTube channel named after her which she launched on 26 February 2014, that has over 3,200 subscribers and has attracted over 50,000 views of her three videos.

Karen is also maintaining her own website, on which she sells her merchandise including leggings and bras.


‘As mamas, especially first timers, we all have fears on what labor will be like. Before having Grayson, the scariest thing for me to imagine was that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain of having him naturally, that my baby would get stuck, or that I would bleed out profusely after labor. I learned that conquering your fears is not only about knowledge and being informed, but about facing those fears head on. Instead of just being afraid, picture what would happen if those fears turned into reality. What will you do? What will your plan be? Once you learn to accept that the pendulum can swing either way no matter how hard you prepare, you learn to be accepting of what can happen, and they don’t seem so scary anymore. I did a lot of mental preparation throughout my pregnancy for labor, and I will say that it worked 110%. Your mind is more powerful than you think!’

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