Where is Katie Beth Hall Today? Her Age, Height, Career, Parents

Born under the sign of Aquarius on 27 January 2005, in Los Angeles, California USA, Katie Beth Hall is an 18-year-old Caucasian actress. She’s recognized around the planet thanks to playing Young Kim Wexler in the legendary “Breaking Bad” spin-off “Better Call Saul.” She’s been involved in other projects as well, though their combined popularity doesn’t come within miles of her prize role, but she’s enjoyed moderate success over the course of her acting career since 2016.

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Early life & education: Who are her parents?

Katie was raised alongside her younger brother, by her soldier father and housewife mother, both of unknown names. The family had to move around a lot due to the father’s frequent re-deployment, through which they at some point resided in New York’s West Point, San Antonio in Texas, and suburbs in Virginia. They ultimately settled in Los Angeles in 2019, while her father was still deployed in Afghanistan.

Growing up, Katie has exhibited a passion for performing, and thus it was of little surprise when she started taking acting lessons prior to most of her peers. She attended various theater workshops as early as six years old, simply because she thought it was really fun. Her grandmother was inadvertently also an influence, owing to her habit of binge-watching British TV shows. The curious child paid attention to the strange accents, and tried her best to emulate them, unknowingly practicing the acting craft along the way.

As for her education, she couldn’t afford to keep changing schools constantly throughout the family’s obligatory relocations, so the mother began home-schooling her when she was in third grade elementary. Thus, the actress hasn’t matriculated, or apparently taken her GED, so most likely won’t pursue a college degree.

Career: Comfortable in the limelight

Katie’s journey as an actress started in 2016 when she was only 11 years old, debuting on stage as Cathy Krohl in Studio Center theater’s “The Hard Problem” by Sir Tom Stoppard. She made her inaugural on-camera appearance as Young Kat in the short romance comedy film entitled “The New 35”, then apparently exploded in 2017 and ‘18, landing five roles out of the blue, in three TV series and two short films, most significantly the part of Brooke in six episodes of the high-rated action comedy crime TV show entitled “Happy!”, in which she stayed until 2018. The series’ continuation may have done wonders for Katie’s career, but it was apparently canceled by its parent network SyFy.

This year was also quite significant for the actress, as she reprised the role of Cathy Krohl in “The Hard Problem,” this time aged 13 and able to understand the story much better. The performance was seen inside the off-Broadway Mitzi Newhouse Theater, in New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. She also had the recurring role of Emma Johnson in an episode of Paul Attanasio and Phil McGraw’s comedy crime drama TV series “Bull”, then 2019 saw her as Young Claire in the relatively low-rated film entitled “Trailer Park Princess,” as well as Holly in the short “Pastime.”

Finally, it was in 2020 that Beth would make her mark in the world, showing up as Young Kim Wexler in the sixth episode of the fifth installment of “Better Call Saul,” entitled “Wexler v. Goodman.” The episode is exactly what it sounds like – her word against Saul’s in the court of law. Aside from having an astonishing 9.0 rating on IMDB, across more than 600,000 votes, thew series is by no exaggeration a budding actor’s dream to play in. The show is a spin-off from one of the most viewed series of all time, “Breaking Bad,” whose overwhelmingly numerous audience remains enamored with the characters for a very good reason – the writing, acting and directing are all rated immaculate. It’s also likely that she has learned a lot from co-operating with immortal names in her area of expertise.

The good news doesn’t stop there either, as the fans who became sad over the fact that the extension of “Breaking Bad” has also ended, can take solace in the knowledge that another spin-off is already in production, this time featuring Rhea Seehorn as the main character. It’s almost unquestionable that Katie will appear in it as well, having starred as Rhea’s younger self in “Better Call Saul” – if she were to become a regular in the series, that would be the crowning jewel of her child actor’s career. She has realized 12 roles on-camera by late 2023, and one in theater, but as-of-yet not involved in any upcoming projects.

Katie’s Sarah Watson

Aside from Abbie McKenzie in the negligibly low-rated “Home Sweet Home Alone” from 2021, the same year saw Katie also play Sarah Watson in 10 episodes of Seth Cohen, Michael Elias and Rich Eustis’ comedy series entitled “Head of the Class,” which scored three nominations. Katie was among the chosen few to represent the re-boot of a previously successful series from 1986, which ran for 114 episodes until 1991. Even Variety excitedly spoke about it in an article from January 2021, but it looks like the series flopped after all, having been rated a measly 4.9 on IMDB.

In mid-December 2021 The Hollywood Reporter revealed that HBO Max had chosen not to proceed with a sophomore season for the revived title, cutting the series short after a single installment, after airing all 10 episodes of the multi-camera series on 4 November.

Surprisingly, this axing marked only the second scripted series that HBO Max had discontinued within its 18 months of existence. The other series being “Generation,” also centered around high school but differed significantly in tone and style.

Katie Hall and neuroscience

After seeing her in “Better Call Saul,” Katie’s fans were able to gain further insight into who she is a person by reading her exclusive interview with Lincoln Theater from December 2018, in which she spoke on a number of topics, revealing for the first time a great many details about herself. In spite of already being a TV and film actress at the time, Katie said that her dream was to be cast in the play entitled “Kinky Boots.”

She also used a neuroscience analogy to explain how her understanding of vital aspects of the play she was doing at the time has improved, but not to the point of fully grasping the material. Fans have since pointed out that this is a rather imaginative and intelligent way for a 13-year-old to express their lack of life experience.

Love life: Does she have a boyfriend?

Katie is a rather private individual when it comes to sharing anything about her romantic involvements, with not even a known suitor to speak of. As far as anything crazy goes, she got a tattoo saying ‘abrasive’ across her ribcage upon turning 18 in early 2023. It’s generally believed that she’s single and happy that way, as her budding career probably requires enough attention that a boyfriend on the side would just be too much at the moment.

What is her net worth?

Some of the most credible media outlets have estimated Katie’s total earnings as close to $1 million, gained mostly thanks to playing Young Kim Wexler in “Better Call Saul,” although her portrayal of Sarah Watson in 10 episodes of “Head of the Class” must’ve added to the stack as well.

Body measurements: What is her height?

Katie is 5ft 1in (155cms) tall, weighs about 110lbs (50kgs), and has a generally pale complexion, with dark blue eyes, bright blond hair, and a build often referred to as slim.

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