Where is Natalie Friedman now? Her Age, Height, Husband

Natalie Friedman is an accomplished American actress, stand-up comedian, and a prominent figure in the realm of social media. While she may be widely recognized for her standout performance as the lead character, Marie, in the 2014 fantasy mystery thriller film “Bury,” her talents extend beyond the silver screen.

Renowned for her exceptional acting skills, Natalie has garnered acclaim from both critics and a dedicated fan base who appreciate her craft. Beyond the spotlight, the question arises: who is Natalie Friedman when the camera isn’t rolling? Let’s delve into the intriguing facets of the woman behind the roles.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 28 June 1990, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Natalie Friedman’s roots are deeply embedded in the heart of the Midwest. Growing up in the familial embrace of Minneapolis, she shared her formative years with her brother Maximilian and sisters Maria Roxanne and Gloria.

The family, led by a father who deliberately shies away from the media’s attention, found its center in Olga, Natalie’s mother, who dedicated herself to homemaking.

Natalie’s journey into the world of acting traces back to her early years in elementary school. Even then, she displayed a burgeoning interest in the performing arts, often captivating her friends and parents with her talent.

Despite her early inclination towards acting, her parents, both supportive and pragmatic, encouraged her to prioritize education over her artistic pursuits. Their guidance reflected a belief in the challenges of a career in acting, emphasizing the rarity of success in the industry.


It’s unclear what school Natalie attended, but she honed her acting skills by actively participating in school plays. Following her matriculation in 2008, she made a pivotal decision to delve deeper into her passion for drama.

This led her to enrol into the esteemed William Esper Studio, where she dedicated herself to the craft. In 2011, Natalie emerged with flying colors, proudly earning her Bachelor of Arts degree and solidifying her foundation as a skilled practitioner in the world of dramatic arts.


In 2011, Natalie marked her debut in the film industry, stepping into the character of Maman Bozorg in the drama “The Golden Veil.”

Following this initial foray into film, Natalie ventured into various projects, including the 2013 short musical “Laura V,” which failed to gain traction. Subsequent appearances in films such as the 2014 comedy “Anonymous,” 2015’s drama “Straight Outta Tompkins,” and the musical drama “Breaking Through” in the same year marked a phase of diverse roles.

In 2014, she also featured in the TV comedy series “Down Dog,” which unfortunately faced cancellation after eight episodes due to low ratings.

A notable deviation from comedy, Natalie took on the role of a killer in the critically acclaimed documentary crime series “Deadly Devotion” in 2015. Her involvement in the eponymous episode of the comedy “Shopgirls” in the same year was cut short after six episodes.

The year 2016 witnessed Natalie as Kristina in the short drama “Torn: Computers and Imagination,” a film exploring the pursuit of love and bodily desires by a New York City photographer. The following year, she portrayed Sinclair in the drama “KOPC Origins Pt. 1,” directed by Dwayne DL Clark. Despite mixed reviews and modest attention, Natalie continued to navigate the cinematic landscape.

In 2019, she graced the screen in the romantic comedy “Gail’s New Boyfriend,” where the plot unfolds with Gail falling for a ventriloquist dummy.

Natalie’s most recent venture into television occurred in 2020, with her portrayal of Kim Kardashian, Melania Trump, and Cheryl in three episodes of the comedy series “Badsie: Vol. 2.” These diverse roles showcase Natalie’s versatility and ongoing contribution to both film and television.

The star also maintains a vibrant presence across diverse social media platforms. Her Instagram account boasts a substantial following of over a million people, featuring a curated collection of pictures, many of which showcase her striking physique.

Her TikTok popularity is particularly noteworthy, with an impressive following of more than 2.7 million and a cumulative 34 million likes across all her videos. In addition to her prowess on mainstream social media, Natalie has ventured into the world of YouTube. Establishing her channel in 2013, she has garnered a subscription base of more than 25,000. The collective views of her content on YouTube have exceeded a commendable million.

She continues to create content for social media while working on her acting career.

Interesting Facts

Natalie indulges in the world of stand-up comedy, gracing stages across Los Angeles and New York City with her comedic prowess. She has an impressive on-stage presence and is really funny, so this side hustle is a rather successful one.

Beyond the mic, she exhibits a flair for comedic transformations, often donning the personas of Donald Trump and Cardi B in the pursuit of laughter.

Travel is another passion that Natalie wholeheartedly embraces, particularly relishing the experience of cruising. Her wanderlust has led her to explore Europe, with sojourns in cities such as London and Paris. Amid her adventures, Marseille in France stands as her dream travel destination.

During moments of leisure, Natalie immerses herself in the world of comedy through film. Her go-to favorites include cinematic gems starring beloved actors and actresses such as Julia Robers, Robin Williams, and Jim Carrey. Among her cherished films are classics “Pretty Woman,” “Liar Liar,” and “Good Morning Vietnam.”

Later Personal Life

Numerous online sources have circulated reports suggesting a romantic involvement between Natalie and the renowned American actor, Jamie Foxx. The initial surge of rumors began in October 2019, gaining momentum as the two were frequently spotted attending various red carpet events together. Natalie has further fueled speculation by sharing numerous pictures featuring the duo on her Instagram account.

Contrarily, reliable reports indicate that Jamie Foxx is contentedly in a relationship with Alyce Huckstepp and is reportedly in the midst of planning for a child with her.

As of now, the details regarding Natalie’s current relationship status remain undisclosed.

Physical Characteristics

Natalie weighs about 136lbs (62kgs) and is 5ft 6ins tall (170cms). She has long brown hair and auburn eyes.

Net Worth

Given how busy she is with her acting and live comedy shows, it should come as no surprise that Natalie’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million, as of late 2023.

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