Where is Ruby Hartley Today? Her Age, Appearance, Height, BF

Ruby Hartley

The actress Ruby Hartley was born on 9th November 1998, in London, England, and is probably best-known for her recurring role as Stiorra in the Netflix fantasy series “The Last Kingdom”.

While attending Boringdon Primary School, a young Ruby appeared in various plays for the Plymkids Theater Company, the Richard Burton Theater Company, and the Royal Theater of Plymouth. In 2019, she graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, and took on her first TV role, that of Stiorra in “The Last Kingdom”.

The actress is currently represented by United Agents and lists photography, fashion, and traveling amongst her interests.

Ruby is 5ft 5ins (165cms) tall, and weighs about 50kgs (110lbs).

“The Last Kingdom”

Despite only appearing in 16 episodes from 2020 to 2022, Stiorra was an integral part of the show as the daughter of main characters Uhtred and Gisela. In “The Saxon Stories” novel series, which was the source material for the Netflix show, Stiorra was described as tall, lithe, and with a grave expression. Stiorra also had a ferocious temper, and wasn’t afraid to retaliate against her foes, going so far as to kill a character using her father’s sword when he tore her dress.

In the books, Stiorra fell in love with Sigtryggr and became married to him. Although they had several children, all died of the plague. Her story, however, did not have a happy ending, as she met a gruesome death on the battlefield in “War of the Wolf”.

Meanwhile, Stiorra first appeared in the Netflix series in a season two episode, although she was a baby at the time. Ruby joined the cast of the show halfway through season four, as her character had by then grown into a teenager. Staying true to the book version of the character, Stiorra was a serious and somewhat distant young woman, who had taught herself many useful skills, such as creating protective runes.

Towards the end of season four, Stiorra met Sigtryggr and they formed a tentative alliance, eventually agreeing to travel together to Daneland, where Stiorra’s maternal ancestors were from. During season five, she was hunted down by one of the show’s main antagonists, Brida, whom she eventually killed.

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The show ended with Stiorra’s father being named Lord of Bebbanburg, and Netflix promised a follow-up film, “The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die”, to tie up all the loose ends. The movie was released in April 2023 and viewed by millions – but many fans were disappointed to learn that Stiorra and other beloved characters hadn’t made the final cut.

As it happens, Ruby filmed several scenes for “Seven Kings Must Die”, but due to the condensed running time, these weren’t included. “We only really had a certain amount of real estate and we couldn’t service all the characters,” screenwriter Martha Hillier explained. “It’s a much more single protagonist story.”

Since then, Ruby has gone rather quiet on the acting front, and only has one upcoming project in the works: the indie short “Oh Rats”, which is currently in post-production stages and is set to release in 2024.

As for her personal life, Ruby is believed to be single or keeping a possible relationship under wraps.


Although many expected Ruby to become the breakout star of “The Last Kingdom”, her co-star Alexander Dreymon stole the show with his portrayal of Uhtred of Bebbanburg. The German actor was born in February 1983, and spent his childhood between Switzerland, France and the US; after studying in Paris, he trained for three years at the Drama Centre in London and began doing plays in London and Paris.

In 2010, Alexander made his screen debut in the French TV drama “Ni reprise, ni échangée”. Later, he appeared in the British movie “Christopher and His Kind” alongside Matt Smith of “Doctor Who” fame. Over the next few years, Alexander appeared in various indie movies, and had a small recurring role in the third season of “American Horror Story”. In 2015, he reached mainstream recognition thanks to his stellar performance in season one of “The Last Kingdom”, and would also direct an episode of the series a few years later.

Alexander began dating actress Allison Williams in late 2019 while filming “Horizon Line”; the low-key couple welcomed their son, Arlo, two years later. Alexander and Allison reportedly became engaged in December 2022, but appear to be in no big rush to plan their big day just yet.

Next up is Emily Cox, who played Brida in “The Last Kingdom” from seasons one to five. The Austrian actress, who currently divides her time between Berlin and Vienna, was born in February 1985 to a British father and Irish mother.

According to an official biography, Emily comes from a creative family, as her parents are skilled pianists who came to Vienna on a grant for musicians. During her final year in high school, Emily developed an interest in acting after performing in a play by the English class. Upon matriculating, she studied acting at the Max Reindhardt Seminar, and signed a contract with the Theater in der Josefstadt a few years later.

In 2011, Emily moved to Berlin and appeared in a number of German and Austrian shows and movies. The actress’s breakout role as the Viking warrior Brida made her known to international audiences and helped her land minor roles in “Head Full of Honey” and “Jerks”; however, she remains an enigmatic figure, who rarely gives interviews and posts only sporadically on social media.

Lastly, English actor Timothy Innes played Edward from seasons three to five, and endeared himself to viewers thanks to his affable personality and unique looks. Timothy, who was born in November 1993, began acting professionally in 2016 with “Doctors”, “Those Who Are Lost”, and “The Sense of an Ending”.

Following his first recurring role in six episodes of “Harlots”, Timothy was cast as Edward in “The Last Kingdom” and soon began taking on more projects, such as in “Ashes in the Snow” and “Thousand Yesterdays”. The actor is currently filming for the upcoming series “Fallen”, and is rumored to be playing one of the main characters.

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