Where is Scott Glenn Now? His Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Scott Glenn is a highly accomplished actor, known for his remarkable versatility over a career that spans almost six decades. With a captivating presence, deep commitment to his roles, and a willingness to tackle a wide range of characters, Glenn has left a lasting impact on the industry.

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Early Life and Background

Born Theodore Scott Glenn on 26 January 1941, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the actor with Irish and Native American heritage grew up in a family of humble means. His parents, Theodore and Elizabeth Glenn, instilled in him a strong work ethic and determination, traits that would later serve him well in his acting career. His father was a coal miner, and his mother worked as a dietician, emphasizing the value of hard work and perseverance. Glenn majored in English as he attended the College of William & Mary in Virginia.


Scott Glenn’s childhood aspirations didn’t revolve around becoming a globally recognized Hollywood star, as he harbored dreams of being a writer. Following his service in the US Marine Corps, he ventured into the world of journalism as a crime beat reporter for a newspaper in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Eventually finding his way to New York, he enrolled in an acting class with a unique objective—to enhance his ability to write dialogue, a skill that needed improvement; this decision would ultimately change the course of his life. It was during his inaugural session at Berghof Studio that Scott underwent a profound revelation, one that caught him off guard as he couldn’t help but think, ‘Holy shit, I’m an actor.’ He recounted the experience, and said that it was at that moment that his life fell into place.

Exiting the class, Scott found himself locating a pay phone to contact his parents and deliver the news—he was leaving journalism behind to pursue acting wholeheartedly. His father’s counsel echoed through the receiver: ‘Don’t give yourself any deadlines—don’t say if I haven’t made it in four years I’m going to do something else. If you love it, make it your life.’ Reflecting on those words years later, Scott acknowledges it as perfect advice that guided his journey into the world of acting.

Scott pursued a career in acting in the 1960s. A friend requested Glenn to read with him for a crucial audition at the renowned Actors Studio, due to the unforeseen absence of his scene partner. Glenn, readily agreeing to assist, found himself not only filling in but also receiving an invitation to join the Actors Studio the very next day – remarkably, this marked the first occurrence of such an invitation in the history of the school. Collaborating with esteemed acting teacher George Morrison, and working under the guidance of the late Lee Strasberg, the founder of the Actors Studio, solidified Glenn’s commitment to his newfound path in acting.

A Fanatic When Preparing For A Role

In one of his interviews, Glenn expressed his belief that one of the reasons he became an actor was his innate resistance to lead a single life. Acting enables him to fully immerse himself in his cinematic role continuously, every day, until the film project is completed.

Glenn invested an extensive and exhausting amount of effort and attention to detail in preparing for any role. For him, the process of preparation is crucial, and constitutes the entirety of the work involved in his craft. He learned what was necessary to become more effective in portraying characters on the screen. Scott preferred working on films rather than TV, primarily because he wanted the time to fully immerse himself in his characters.

Notable Films and Characters

Over the years, Scott Glenn has portrayed a diverse array of characters across various genres. Some of his most notable films and characters include:

“The Silence of the Lambs” (1991)

Scott played Jack Crawford, an FBI agent who enlists the help of Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) to capture the infamous serial killer Hannibal Lecter. Jonathan Demme, the director of the film and a close friend to him and his wife, made a call one day, expressing his desire for Scott to portray a specific character in the film. In readiness for the role, Scott devoted a significant amount of time with the FBI Behavioral Science people, delving into real case studies about  serial killers; he openly admitted to experiencing lingering unsettling dreams about some of the disturbing details he encountered during his research. Reflecting on the process, Scott acknowledged that, despite not leading a sheltered life, the information he absorbed made him more aware of an inherent darkness within the human soul that he hadn’t known existed, making it a challenging experience for him.

“Urban Cowboy” (1980)

He portrayed Wes Hightower, a prison rodeo champion released on parole. James Bridges, who directed Scott in his first movie, “Babymaker” in 1970, believed Scott was perfect for the villainous role opposite John Travolta, however, weary of auditions after a decade of experience in Hollywood, Scott initially declined. The undeterred director insisted on casting him, explaining that Paramount Studios didn’t know him, and therefore hesitated to offer the part. To secure the role, the director proposed that if Scott came to Houston, the shoot location, they could make it happen. Moreover, he assured Scott that taking on this role would exempt him from future auditions, a proposition that immediately captured Scott’s attention, and prompted him to accept.

Instead of hopping on a plane, he opted for a road trip, embarking on a 2,000-mile drive to Houston in his trusty truck. Along the way, he made a stop outside of Huntsville prison, and encountered a couple of guys he knew from another time in his life, spending the day with them. He even participated in a bull ride at the Huntsville prison rodeo, learning firsthand how the cons used the ‘suicide wrap’ to ensure they were locked in securely when riding the bull.

“Apocalypse Now” (1979)

Scott portrayed Captain Richard M. Colby. He attended an open call for the movie, competing with around 50 actors for various supporting roles. The director, Francis Ford Coppola, organized them into groups of four, and had them do improvisations. One group worked on a scene set in a boat floating down the Mekong River, in whiche soldiers debated the Playboy Playmate of the Year. During this process, Scott couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Coppola noticed and questioned him about his reaction – Scott explained that such noise would attract enemies within seconds. Impressed by his insight, Coppola instantly cast him.

While filming in the Philippines, a severe typhoon struck —the worst since 1932. Scott, along with others, survived, but all the sets were destroyed. Upon Coppola’s return, they inspected the area by boat, aiming to leverage the current to their advantage. They tied a rope to its back, enabling them to pull it back when needed. Watching from a distance, Scott foresaw disaster as the boat would be snapped downstream. Acting on instinct, he ran and dove to cut the rope, preventing a catastrophe. Later that night, Coppola expressed gratitude, acknowledging that Scott had saved his life. In a generous offer, Coppola proposed to write a better part for Scott than the one he was initially cast in. Scott expressed his desire to be at the end of the movie alongside Marlon Brando and Dennis Hopper. Despite Coppola’s warning that only a small role with minimal lines, that of Captain Colby, was available, Scott insisted, and Coppola agreed.

On a side note, a woman pregnant with twins was trapped in the area during the typhoon, and Scott, having delivered his second daughter himself, was the only one who could help at that time.

“Daredevil” (2015-2016)

Scott guest-starred as a blind martial arts master called Stick in Marvel’s series “Daredevil” streaming on Netflix. Marvel wanted him to play the role of mentor to the titular hero, but he wasn’t enthusiastic about the idea, thinking that he would be ‘this old guy behind the desk, spouting words of wisdom.’ However, upon reading the script, he fell in love with the character and accepted the role. He has a background in various forms of martial arts, but had never played one who’s blind before. He characterized his role as enigmatic, a character effortlessly gliding along a precarious moral tightrope. Scott anticipated both the thrill and challenge it would bring – to prepare, he engaged in what he termed ‘peripheral walking or standing,’ honing his ability to focus on the activity in his peripheral vision, rather than directly in front of him.

“The Leftovers” (2014-2017)

He portrayed the role of Kevin Garney Sr., a former chief of police released from a mental health institute, in this HBO supernatural drama series; in a 2020 interview, Scott disclosed that he considers this the best acting experience of his entire career. Damon Lindelof, the series co-creator and executive producer, assigned him a challenging seven-page monologue. Although the director, Mimi Leder, initially planned to shoot it in cuts, Scott suggested doing the entire monologue in one take, and remarkably delivered every line flawlessly, becoming so immersed in the scene that all he recalled was the director saying “action” and then “cut.” Despite Scott’s exceptional performance, the director intended to guide him on how to approach the scene, but he refused any direction, preferring to let the scene unfold naturally. Eventually, the director relinquished control upon Scott’s suggestion to do multiple takes until achieving the desired outcome.

Still Kicking It

In an interview when he was 75, Scott revealed that he still engages in training sessions with SEAL Team Six in Idaho. His activities include open-water spearfishing, a daring pursuit that involves free diving and close encounters with sharks. When these ocean predators approach within two to three yards of him, he skillfully uses a spear to poke them in the nose, prompting them to swim away.

In addition to his marine exploits, Scott practices a martial art called Kata, wielding a heavy, sharp knife. While he used to indulge in ice climbing, he heeded the advice of his orthopedic surgeon, and discontinued the activity after undergoing a second shoulder replacement. The doctor also recommended refraining from motorcycle riding, a suggestion that Scott balked at, and he temporarily put skydiving on hold due to the requests of his wife and kids. Scott continues to maintain his fitness with twice-weekly gym sessions, focusing on bodyweight exercises. However, as age takes its toll, he acknowledges the need for a more extended warm-up, and recovery period afterwards.

Scott wasn’t physically active in his youth, as he contracted scarlet fever during childhood, following which he experienced a slight limp for three years. Being an infectious disease, it assaulted all his senses, rendering him unable to read. Consequently, he found solace in solitude, left alone with his imagination. In the midst of this challenging time, he indulged in fantasies, promising himself that if he recovered, he would turn these dreams into reality, and indeed he did.

Most Recent Project

He was part of the biographical sports drama entitled “The Hill,” centered around Rickey Hill, a baseball player with a physical disability hoping to try out for a major league scout. In the film, Scott portrayed the character of Red Murff, a Major League Baseball scout. Although the production began in 2021, the movie was released in August 2023.

Personal Life

Scott Glenn and Carol Schwartz tied the knot in 1968, and their love story has endured the test of time. The two met on a blind date in New York: Scott, an aspiring actor waiting for his big break on Broadway, and Carol, a model from Brooklyn, felt an immediate attraction. Scott could still vividly recall their first meeting, describing Carol as having this magnetic charm, and seemingly unaware of how beautiful and sexy she was. This encounter laid the foundation for a connection that would shape their lives in extraordinary ways.

They instantly bonded but faced the challenge of blending their diverse backgrounds, with Scott eventually converting from Catholicism to Carol’s Jewish faith before they exchanged vows. Settling into an apartment in Greenwich Village, their shared life began to unfold. As he still hadn’t found his big break, his work as an actor meant that there were periods of unemployment, when Carol supported the family. Their resilience and commitment to each other saw them through, even as they welcomed the arrival of their children, Dakota and Rio.

Facing the harsh realities of the industry, and upon his wife’s prompting, they decided to relocate to Ketchum, Idaho in 1978, when he was 37. This move provided Carol the opportunity to pursue her passion for ceramics by taking courses at Cooper Art School. Her dedication to pottery flourished into a successful venture, attracting a clientele that included celebrities. Meanwhile, Scott’s plans involved apprenticing as a hunting guide, working as a bartender, and potentially participating in productions of William Shakespeare’s plays during outdoor festivals in Boise.

Having already spent a summer in Idaho, an experience that, according to Glenn, reignited the family’s love for each other, he believed that this move was the best decision they’d made. Interestingly, his career as an actor flourished as well, Scott attributing his success to his wife, considering himself fortunate to have married a tough and smart Jewish girl.

Interesting Facts and Rumors

  • Love for Poetry: Scott Glenn has a deep affection for poetry; he relishes the act of reading it and immersing himself in it. Engaging in a spirited debate, Glenn asserted his belief that TuPac would be remembered as a great poet. Some dismissed this notion, labeling the American rapper TuPac as nothing more than a punk gangster. Glenn drew a parallel to history, citing how similar judgments were made about François Villon. Despite Villon’s tumultuous past, which included stealing silver from a chalice and being hanged for murdering a priest, he is now celebrated as a French Romantic poet. In comparison, Glenn muses, ‘Next to him, 2Pac is a choirboy.’
  • Death Hoax: The news of actor Scott Glenn’s supposed passing in November 2023 stirred widespread concern among his devoted fans. On the ‘R.I.P Scott Glenn’ Facebook page, a statement emerged, proclaiming, ‘At about 11 a.m. ET on Tuesday (November 9, 2023), our beloved actor Scott Glenn passed away. Born on January 26, 1941, in Pittsburgh, he will be missed but not forgotten.’ Taking this information to be accurate, fans flooded the page with expressions of condolence, mourning the actor’s apparent demise. However, his representative promptly debunked the death report, affirming that Scott Glenn is very much alive and well.


Scott Glenn stands at 6ft 1in (185cms) tall and maintains a weight of 160lbs (72kgs), showcasing a lean and muscular physique. His features include light brown hair and brown eyes.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at $5 million, as of November 2023, according to authoritative sources.

Scott Glenn’s enduring appeal as an actor can be attributed to his authenticity and versatility. His roles have spanned numerous genres, from action and thriller to drama and crime, showcasing his adaptability as an actor. He is often recognized for his ability to convey a sense of quiet strength and determination, making him a compelling presence on screen.

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