Where is Sebastián Rulli Now? His Age, Career, Wife, Net Worth

Sebastián Rulli has carved a remarkable niche for himself in the world of telenovelas, captivating audiences with his talent, charm, and undeniable on-screen presence. From the dramatic landscapes of Argentina to the bustling sets of Mexico, the Argentine actor’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. His consistent excellence on the screen continued to earn him well-deserved accolades and a dedicated fan base.

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Early Life and Family

Sebastián Oscar Rulli, born on 6 July 1975, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Oscar and Silvia Rulli, grew up in a close-knit, middle-class family alongside his two younger sisters, Anabel and Candela. He holds a deep affection for his parents, never failing to greet them on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and express just how much they mean to him.

He speaks highly of his mother, seeing her as the epitome of dedication, kindness, and love. He consistently acknowledges the sacrifices she made for him and the entire family. Sebastián emphasizes that his mother instilled in them the valuable lesson that true love is given without expecting anything in return. When it comes to his father, Sebastián considers himself fortunate to have a role model who is not only a father but also a friend. His father imparted the wisdom that life is a constant struggle, presenting daily surprises and new battles that must be faced with the best attitude. Sebastián describes his father as a selfless individual who consistently thinks of others, always protective of his family and loved ones. He values the lessons from his parents, shaping his perspective on life.

In 2023, Sebastián’s parents celebrated 49 years of marriage, proving to him that with love, anything is possible. They stand as a living example of what it truly means to support each other through thick and thin. Sebastián emphasizes that his mom is the unshakable pillar of the family, especially during challenging times. When his father faced the difficulties of a stroke, she stood by him tirelessly, providing support day and night. His father displayed unwavering determination, progressing through intense therapy from lying in bed to using a wheelchair, eventually walking with a walker and independently. Sebastián admires his father’s relentless spirit, referring to him as a tireless warrior.

Expressing profound gratitude, Sebastián acknowledges his parents as exemplary figures. He commends not only their resilience but also the support his sisters provided, going to great lengths to be by their side without neglecting their own families and work commitments. The Rulli family, with its strength and unity, stands as a testament to enduring love and support.


Sebastián took up Business Administration in Argentina.


First steps

In his late teens, Sebastián was a dreamer but a practical one. He enjoyed envisioning things that he could actually make happen, blending his adventurous spirit with discipline. When he set his sights on something, he carefully planned how to achieve it. Leaving home and embarking on a life-changing adventure at that age was tough, especially since it was a time when internet access was not prevalent. In addition, he had limited resources and only a bit of savings. Despite the uncertainties of what lies ahead for Sebastian, his parents supported his decision to go on his adventure.

Reflecting on that period, he acknowledges the hardships he encountered as valuable building blocks. The challenges, though daunting, proved worthwhile, instilling in him strength, a sense of purpose, and a heightened focus on his goals. Living in a different country made him grow up and become more responsible. The experience reinforced his commitment to doing well despite being on his own and steering away from detrimental paths, highlighting how crucial it is to stay away from drugs.

With his striking good looks and well-toned physique, the doors to the modeling world swung open for him in Spain. This career trajectory propelled him across the globe, with stops in diverse destinations such as Japan and France. His catwalk presence extended to prestigious brands, including Yves Saint Laurent and Hugo Boss, in which he walked alongside top models.

In his globetrotting adventures, Sebastián discovered a unique advantage – he not only relished the experience but also managed to turn his travels into lucrative opportunities. He proudly shared that his journeys became not just an adventure but a means to earn money, as he never lacked work, turning the conventional notion of spending while traveling on its head.

Venture into acting

Sebastián’s venture into acting wasn’t a mere whim. While he graced the modeling scene in Spain, he made a pivotal move by enrolling in a theater academy, signaling a profound interest in the realm of performance. Upon his return to Argentina, Sebastián delved into telenovelas, marking the period from 1996 to 1998 as his initiation into television acting. His small screen debut unfolded in “Montaña rusa, otra vuelta” (“Roller Coaster, Another Lap”), a teen comedy spin-off that, regrettably, saw only a single season, unable to match the success of its predecessor.

Sharpening his acting skills, he immersed himself in the study of his craft at the Center for Artistic Education (CEA) of Televisa in Mexico, laying the foundation for a promising career. His inaugural appearance on the small screen in the country occurred in 2000 in the telenovela “Primer amor, a mil por hora” (“First Love, A Thousand per Hour”). The show, a top-rated production, provided him with significant exposure to the Mexican audience.

His breakthrough moment arrived with his portrayal of Héctor Ferrer Garza, a prosperous architect, in the captivating narrative of “Rubi.” The storyline unfolded around Rubi, played by Barbara Mori, a stunning yet economically disadvantaged woman fixated on wealth. Entranced by Rubi, Hector abandoned his fiancée at the altar, eloping with Rubi to marry her in Cancun, oblivious to her ulterior motives for financial gain. The telenovela reached unprecedented heights, becoming the highest-rated in 2004, with the final episode aired in March 2005 garnering a staggering eight million viewers. It won the Best Telenovela Award at the 23rd TVyNovelas Awards. His role catapulted him to international success. He was awarded the Male Face of the Year at the 2005 Latin ACE Awards.

Sebastián’s career has been marked by enduring success, highlighted by his lead roles in numerous telenovelas, earning him widespread acclaim. His stellar performances garnered notable recognition from the New York Latin ACE Awards for Best Actor in 2010 as he embodied the character of Mauricio Sermeño, a realty enterprise owner and former car racer with aspirations of retiring and starting a family, in “Un Gancho Al Corazón” (“A Blow to the Heart”). Sebastian clinched yet another Best Actor Award in 2012 for his role as a teacher in the telenovela “Teresa.”

In 2015, he secured the Best Lead Actor award at the TVyNovelas Awards. This accolade was attributed to his compelling portrayal of Alejandro Almonte, a farmhand revealed to be the illegitimate son and sole heir of a wealthy and influential figure in the telenovela “Lo que la vida me robó” (“What Life Took From Me”). In a triumphant repeat, Sebastián claimed the Best Lead Actor award once more in 2017. This time, he masterfully embodied Marcelo Salvaterra, a character grappling with amnesia and adopting the identity of Santiago Garcia, in the captivating narrative of “Tres veces Ana” (“The Three Sides of Ana”). The following year showcased his versatility yet again as he skillfully portrayed Mauricio López-Garza, a carefree playboy thrust into fatherhood responsibilities, in the telenovela “Papá a toda madre.”

These accolades underscored not only his talent but also his versatility in portraying diverse and captivating characters, solidifying his status as a standout figure in the world of Latin American television.

He made his debut on the theatre scene in 2012 in “P.D. Tu gato ha muerto” (“P.S. Your Cat Is Dead”).

Personal Life

Sebastián’s personal life is an open book, as he’s in the limelight and has been romantically involved with actresses.

His first marriage to Cecilia Galliano

Sebastián and the Argentine actress and TV presenter Cecilia Galliano crossed paths in 2004, eventually tying the knot on 31 December 2007. Opting for an intimate affair, they held the ceremony at their home with a judge officiating, surrounded by close family members. Sebastian revealed in an interview that it was a spontaneous decision, marking the first time both families came together. Plans were in place for a religious ceremony and a celebratory party, pending Ceci’s busy schedule at the time. The couple welcomed a son, Santiago (nicknamed Santi), into their lives in January 2010.

Regrettably, Sebastián’s marriage to Cecilia ended. In a later interview, she reflected on their relationship, acknowledging that with maturity, she realized there were things she could have done differently. Both worked hard, but it didn’t contribute to a strong bond. Unfortunately, what could have been an amicable separation turned complicated over a dispute about a pickup truck Cecilia allegedly gifted Sebastián during their marriage. After their separation, she asked for the truck’s return, but he had already sold it and couldn’t get it back. To make things worse, she claimed he forged her signature during the sale, leading to a lengthy and complex legal battle. Ultimately, the judge ruled in favor of Cecilia, and Sebastián had to compensate her for the truck, marking the end of a challenging chapter in their post-divorce interactions.


Relationship with his son

Nurtured in the embrace of a tightly-knit family during his formative years, Sebastián was eager to embody the valuable lessons instilled by his upbringing. Central to this is communication with children, watching them grow, and sharing everything with them. He said that embracing fatherhood is synonymous with personal maturity. Sebastian maintains a deeply connected bond with his son, Santi, who resides with him on weekends. Together, they embark on travels, savoring moments of laughter and engaging in shared adventures. Their heartwarming moments, immortalized on Instagram and, for a time, under the hashtag #SantiTime, showcase their cherished experiences.

Secret wedding to Aracely Arámbula.

In 2012, Sebastián’s romantic journey took a dramatic turn when he began dating actress Aracely Arámbula. This chapter unfolded during their collaboration in the stage play “Perfume de Gardenia,” in which Sebastian assumed the role of Ricardo Cordero alongside Aracely as the main lead. Speculation buzzed around a secret marriage in the famed Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, a rumor fueled by American-Cuban TV presenter Raúl de Molina in June 2012.

However, Raúl de Molina clarified on his show that, although a ceremony did occur, it held a spiritual significance rather than a legal one. Despite the public intrigue, the couple neither confirmed nor denied the speculation, leaving fans puzzled, especially considering their single status at the time, seemingly void of a need for secrecy. The relationship ultimately came to an end in September 2013, after a year and a half of being together. Sebastián took to Twitter to officially announce the separation, requesting privacy and understanding from the public and making it clear that he wouldn’t be addressing questions on the matter.

His life with Angelique Boyer

Sebastián and Angelique initially collaborated as the main characters in “Teresa” from 2010 to 2011. Despite their on-screen chemistry, it was strictly a professional relationship at the time. Fate brought them together once more in co-starring roles for “Lo que la vida me robó,” which aired from November 2013 to August 2014. During this project, rumors about a potential romantic connection between them began circulating.

However, it wasn’t until after the telenovela concluded that Sebastian addressed the speculation, confirming the nature of their relationship via Twitter in September 2014. In his tweet, he shared, ‘First companions, then friends… In God’s perfect timing, today we are united by the love we have for each other and want to continue walking together…We are a couple.’

Since then, the bond between the two has only strengthened, a fact abundantly clear from the snapshots they share on their Instagram accounts. Sebastián is quite vocal about his feelings for Angelique, describing their love as the most beautiful thing he has ever felt and wants to keep. Commemorating their ninth anniversary as a couple on 23 September 2023, Sebastian conveyed his sentiments to Angelique, whom he refers to as ‘My Heaven’ or ‘My loving wife and partner,’ with a heartfelt Instagram post: ‘Our story has been a roller coaster of emotions, adventures, and lessons, and every day, it makes me happier to know that I have you by my side.’ He went on to emphasize that through her influence, support, and motivation, he has not only grown but also evolved into a better version of himself. Angelique left a comment on his post, expressing gratitude for nine years of the ‘most beautiful love’ that has enriched her life.

Interesting Facts and Rumors

  • Working as an actor in Mexico required Sebastián to refine his accent, not necessarily to mimic the Mexican way of speaking but to neutralize it, preventing people from pinpointing his origin. He became so accustomed to this neutralized accent that speaking in any other manner now feels challenging.
  • During moments of nostalgia, Sebastián found solace in either writing extensively or delving into metaphysical literature to regain control and navigate challenging circumstances. Whether immersing himself in the works of Conny Méndez or Paulo Coelho, he discovered that the beauty of these texts lay in their ability to offer inner peace without the necessity of reading from cover to cover. Simply opening the book to any page was enough to transport him to a tranquil state of mind.
  • Embarking on motorcycle journeys is a source of liberation for Sebastián, providing him with the freedom to reflect and detach from life’s challenges. The joy of road trips is amplified when shared with his wife.
  • Sebastián shared a series of beach photos, one revealing his bare backside, another strategically covering his front with his hand, and the last one featuring outstretched arms, with a piece of trash seemingly placed by Angelique to shield his private parts. The intention behind these daring shots is to shed light on the critical need to preserve the environment. He advocates for responsible actions such as avoiding littering, picking up trash, and minimizing plastic usage. He emphasizes that without the pervasive plastic waste, the beach where he’s at could truly be a paradise.
  • Sebastián enjoys engaging in silly and fun TikTok activities with Angelique.


Sebastián Rulli is renowned for his striking looks and charismatic on-screen presence. With a tall stature of 6ft 2ins (1.89cms) and a weight of 183lbs (83kgs), combined with blonde hair, green eyes, a chiseled jaw, and a charming smile, it’s needless to say that he has become a bona fide heartthrob in the world of Latin American entertainment. Despite being in his late 40s, he continues to maintain a remarkable appearance, and the key to his enduring good looks lies in his dedicated approach to diet and exercise. He consciously avoids dairy, flour, sugar, and alcohol, prioritizing a healthy eating regimen. Sebastián regularly engages in strength training and weight exercises to stay in shape. For him, achieving and sustaining a well-toned physique is not just a result but an ongoing journey that demands consistent effort and time – it’s a way of life.

Net Worth

Sebastián Rulli has been an actor for nearly three decades, and there’s no indication that he’s slowing down anytime soon. At the pinnacle of his career, this multi-awarded actor continues to secure lead roles in Mexican telenovelas. According to authoritative sources, his net worth is estimated at $20 million, as of November 2023.

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