Where is Sydney Agudong Now? Her Age, Parents, Boyfriend

Sydney Agudong, a multifaceted talent encompassing singing, songwriting and acting, has been creating ripples in the entertainment industry with her versatile and captivating performances. She was mostly known through her roles in “On My Block,” “Infamously in Love,” and “West Michigan.” When she ventured into the recording industry, she adopted the moniker Jayne Doe, and treated the world to a collection of songs that not only showcase her seamless vocals but also highlight her prowess in emotional lyricism and guitar skills. Sydney became the focal point of a racial and cultural debate when it was announced that she would portray the role of Nani, Lilo’s older sister, in the forthcoming live-action adaptation of “Lilo & Stitch,” thrusting her into the spotlight.

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Early Years and Family

Sydney Elizabeth Agudong, born on 13 November 2000, on the island of Kaua’i, Hawai’i, USA,  is the daughter of Kenneth and Karen Agudong. Her father, a musician and carpenter, boasts Filipino ancestry, while her mother, a realtor, carries British/Irish heritage. Growing up in a household rich with music and art, Sydney shared her formative years with her sisters, Sarah, Kayli and Siena.

Instilled with a passion for performing from a young age, Sydney participated in local entertainment events. Her initial venture into the community spotlight occurred through the Kaua‘i County Farm Bureau’s Healthy Baby Contest, in which she clinched second-place. Encouraged by this early success, Sydney continued her involvement in local pageants, eventually transitioning into theater plays.

Dedicating her spare time to the stage, Sydney immersed herself in various roles in local productions, including “Mulan,” “Peter Pan,” and “Shrek,” to name a few. Even in these early experiences, her talent and commitment shone through.

From a young age, Sydney harbored aspirations of becoming a Hollywood star, a dream she shared with her equally talented younger sister, Sienna. Recognizing their daughters’ determination, Kenneth and Karen Agudong wholeheartedly supported their Hollywood ambitions, ensuring that the aspiring actors received essential training, including voice, dance, and acting lessons. Sydney, in particular, honed her skills on her preferred musical instrument.


Sydney’s educational journey began at King Kaumuali‘i Elementary School, followed by enrollment at Island School, a private institution in Lihue, Kauai. As her acting career gained momentum, making attendance at traditional school classes challenging, Sydney opted for online education through Laurel Springs School, an accredited distance learning program. This flexible approach allowed her to pursue her academic endeavors while accommodating the demands of a burgeoning acting career.

Career Beginnings

Sydney’s parents recognized that the path to realizing Hollywood dreams led through the heart of California, so after acquiring an agency for their daughters, they frequently flew Sydney and her sister Sienna to Los Angeles for auditions. Hollywood, notorious for its challenges, demands resilience as aspiring actors face numerous rejections before landing a breakthrough role.

Almost Gave Up on Pursuing Her Dream

The constant travel between her hometown and L.A. took a toll on Sydney, as it was difficult being away from family and friends, sacrificing being absent during important occasions. Facing numerous rejections, she nearly abandoned her dream, reflecting, ‘I think I got to a point where I was receiving so many “nos” that I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right or even enjoyed it anymore.’ Her parents allocated funds for prolonged stays in Tinseltown for auditions, and Sydney felt the weight of disappointment each time they returned home without positive news. Eventually, she decided to forsake her Hollywood aspirations and pursue a college degree in Colorado.

One Last Try, and Finally, Her Debut Role in “West Michigan”

Sydney made one final trip to L.A. to test her fate in the entertainment industry. She was involved in short films including “Ellen,” “Turning the Tide,” and “Cool, Awesome, and Desirable.” Perseverance paid off, leading to her debut starring role in the movie “West Michigan.” A low-budget project centered around a teen grappling with self-discovery mirrored Sydney’s own experiences at the time. Although her character differed by being portrayed as mean, Sydney was thrilled to explore various facets of the role. Despite the limited production budget, the speed of filming was inconsequential to her; what mattered was that she was living her childhood dream. The movie was released in March 2021.

Her First TV Series Appearance – “On My Block”

In 2021, Sydney received an offer for a recurring character in the final season of the Netflix teen-comedy series “On My Block.” Set in a rough neighborhood in L.A., the show revolved around a group of teenagers, Sydney playing the character, Charlize, the girlfriend of Jamal, portrayed by Brett Gray, one of the main protagonists of the series. The experience was memorable, as it coincided with the last season, creating a lighthearted atmosphere in which the cast and crew aimed to have fun.

More Acting Projects

Not all actors follow the same trajectory to achieve superstardom. While some are fortunate enough to secure breakout roles early in their careers, others navigate a path of smaller projects and minor roles, patiently waiting for that one significant opportunity. Sydney Agudong is no exception, and here are some of the TV, web and movie projects she undertook:

“Find Millie Martin” (2022)

In this interactive crime/mystery web series, Sydney assumed the main lead role. According to IMDB, the storyline in “Find Millie Martin” was groundbreaking—a fusion of a “half-narrative series, half-augmented reality video game.” Sydney portrayed Sara Sanders, a social media influencer investigating the disappearance of her friend and student, Millie Martin.

“Infamously in Love” (2022)

Sydney joined the cast of the TV movie “Infamously in Love,” centered on a runaway pop star, Ivy Rose, played by Jennifer Freeman. The plot revolves around Ivy escaping a controlling manager and working incognito with a record store owner, Darren Howard, portrayed by Adam Huss. Sydney’s role as Karina, an employee at the record store, played a pivotal role in reminding the pop star of her musical roots and authenticity. This project provided Sydney with the opportunity to showcase her musical prowess, including playing the guitar alongside the main lead.

“NCIS” (2023)

In the 20th season of the long-running TV series “NCIS,” Sydney seized a role named Kelly in episode 15, entitled “The Usual Suspects.” Starring alongside Mark Harmon, this opportunity marked a surreal moment for Sydney. Being part of a show with such an extensive history allowed her to observe and contribute, even if just for a single episode, to the legacy of a set with a rich background.

“Trapped in the Farmhouse” (2023)

Sydney also graced the screen in the TV movie “Trapped in the Farmhouse,” broadcast on the Lifetime Movie Network. The narrative revolves around Emma (Jenna Michno), a woman escaping an abusive boyfriend, only to find herself initially trapped in a house due to a hurricane. Later, she faces confinement by a delusional man named Jack (Gabriel Pranter), who falsely claims ownership of the house where she sought shelter. Emma discovered the presence of Kylie portrayed by Sydney, a teen held hostage in her own home by Jack, who deceitfully posed as her father, adding depth to the suspenseful storyline. The movie premiered in July 2023.

Upcoming Projects

As of 2024, Sydney has completed filming for three projects, all slated for release after being listed under post-production in 2023.

“At Her Feet” (2024)

Returning to familiar territory, Sydney is set to appear in the movie “At Her Feet,” alongside renowned Hawaiian actors Branscombe Richmond and Wayne Ven Chun. The narrative follows an Hawaiian guide and a couple of archaeology interns who went to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to salvage artifacts endangered by an erupting volcano. Sydney takes on the role of Savannah, one of the interns risking her life to protect these historical treasures. Directed by Nadya Wynd, the film has been submitted to various film festivals worldwide with hopes of securing an official spot.

“Terminally Unique” (2024)

In a departure from full-length movies, Sydney embraced another challenge in the form of the short film “Terminally Unique.” Portraying a character named Kelly, Sydney shares the screen with co-stars Evan Williams, Talita Maia, and David Pressman. While specific details about her role remain scarce, the project adds diversity to her repertoire.

“Lilo and Stitch” (2024)

Sydney’s significant opportunity came with the casting call for the live-action adaptation of the 2002 animated classic, “Lilo and Stitch.” Auditioning for a role, she received the call in April 2023 confirming her selection as Nani, Lilo’s older sister. However, this announcement sparked an online debate, with critics arguing that Sydney didn’t align with the indigenous Hawaiian features the character was meant to possess.

The criticism, directed at the film’s producers, highlighted the expectation for Nani to have strong features and dark skin, qualities some argued Sydney lacked due to her mixed Asian, Polynesian, and Caucasian heritage. Despite the controversy, Sydney wasn’t replaced by the producers.

Filming in Hawaii faced an unexpected setback when the SAG-AFTRA strike in Hollywood, beginning in July 2023, led to a production halt. Consequently, the studio executives opted to release the movie directly on the Disney Plus streaming network, instead of pursuing a theatrical release. Some fans lamented the missed opportunity for Sydney to gain exposure on a mainstream audience platform with a global premiere. However, it appears that she will need to exercise patience as she awaits that one impactful, big-budget project to propel her further into the spotlight.

Music Career

Blessed with the gift of songwriting and smooth vocals, Sydney pursued yet another dream – to become a recording artist. Her journey began early; she was already writing songs at the tender age of 10 and some of them even found their way onto the playlist of a local radio station in her hometown including her first original song, “I’m So Sorry.”

The Creation of Jayne Doe

To distinguish her music persona, Sydney created an alter ego named Jayne Doe, a stage name normally applied to unidentified bdies, that added a layer of mystery and intrigue to her music career. Explaining her choice, Sydney remarked, ‘I’m unidentified because I don’t know who I am yet — none of us do — and that’s the whole point.’ Through this alter ego, Sydney aimed to convey relatable stories and emotions, emphasizing that many people navigate similar experiences. Interestingly, before settling on Jayne Doe, she used SYDNY as her name when uploading song covers on YouTube.

Her Music as a Comfort Zone

As Sydney traversed the challenges of adolescence and grappled with the pressure of perfection, her music emerged as a sanctuary. Wrestling with an identity crisis and the realization that perfection was unattainable, Sydney found solace in her music. Her songs, laden with authenticity, became a refuge for those who could relate to the struggles she expressed.

“Welcome to Hollywood” – Debut Single

In 2022, under the mentorship of a music industry veteran and co-founder of Westlake Recording Studios where Michael Jackson’s Thriller was recorded, Sydney – Jayne Doe – unveiled her debut single, “Welcome to Hollywood.” The music producer has a new publishing company, Fr8 Train Media Group, in which Sydney’s music career is being handled. Her voice, remarkably mature for her age, drew comparisons to the likes of Lana Del Rey and Pink, while her songwriting style echoed influences from Lorde and Billie Eilish. The lyrics of the song mirrored her personal journey, encapsulating the trials and triumphs she encountered while chasing her Hollywood dream.

“Oblivious” with Maumaumau

In a noteworthy collaboration, Sydney teamed up with the Mexican singer, songwriter, and producer, MAUMAUMAU, for the creation of the song “Oblivious.” Beyond merely featuring in the track, Sydney played a pivotal role in its conception, co-writing the song alongside MAUMAUMAU. The synergy between the two artists extended to the visual realm, as they jointly filmed the official music video, which was subsequently uploaded in December 2023. This collaboration stands as a testament to Sydney’s multifaceted talents and her ability to seamlessly blend her skills with artists from diverse backgrounds.

During an interview later in the year, Sydney revealed that she was in the process of creating an album. However, the demands of her acting career necessitated a shift, prompting her to temporarily place her recording career on hold. Recognizing the challenge of balancing multiple pursuits simultaneously, Sydney acknowledged the need to prioritize and make strategic decisions to avoid compromising the quality of either endeavor. It was only between acting jobs that she could dedicate her time to finishing her album.

Personal Life

Sydney is currently reported to be single, channeling her energy and attention towards advancing her on-screen credits. Despite her openness about the challenges she faces in the pursuit of her Hollywood career, Sydney maintains a guarded approach when it comes to her personal life. This privacy extends to her social media presence in which no posts or video reels hint at any romantic involvement or dating experiences. Sydney’s deliberate decision to keep her personal life under wraps underscores her commitment to prioritizing her professional journey without unnecessary distractions.

Interesting Facts

Her Sister’s Longer Filmography

Sydney’s younger sister, Sienna’s acting career navigated a slightly smoother path in securing roles in Hollywood. Sienna’s filmography surpasses that of Sydney’s. While both siblings appeared in a short film in 2013, Sienna swiftly embraced recurring roles in various TV series, a contrast to Sydney’s initial struggles in finding work. Despite the divergent trajectories in their careers, there is no hint of bitter rivalry between the sisters; instead, they consider each other soulmates.

Exposed to Different Languages

Born from a blend of races, Sydney grew up exposed to various languages. Alongside her proficiency in English, she possesses an understanding of Filipino, and Hawaiian, and is currently learning to converse in Spanish.

A Pet Lover

Sydney’s love for animals manifested early in her life, and she’s been a devoted fur mama for an extended period, including a cat, a couple of dogs, and a horse.

Environmental and Animal Welfare Advocacy

The young actress is a passionate advocate for environmental and animal welfare causes. Her commitment extends beyond mere endorsement, as she actively engages in a variety of campaigns and events aimed at raising both awareness and funds for these crucial issues. Through her involvement, Sydney leverages her platform to contribute to the betterment of our planet and the well-being of its inhabitants, aligning her values with meaningful action.

Favorite Hobbies

During her downtime between work schedules, Sydney gravitates towards exploring new places through travel and hiking, often in the company of family and friends. Hailing from Hawaii, it’s no surprise that surfing holds a special place among her favorite activities. Whether engaging in outdoor adventures or riding the waves, Sydney finds joy and fulfillment in the activities that connect her with nature and her roots.

Social Media Presence

Sydney’s footprint in the realm of social media is relatively modest, reflecting her restrained approach to sharing details about both her personal and professional life. While maintaining accounts on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, her follower count stands at a level considered quite modest by Hollywood standards. Sydney tends to utilize her social media platforms primarily for promotional purposes—updating her audience on her latest projects, making announcements about new ventures, or marking significant milestones that warrant celebration in her life. This intentional and strategic use of social media aligns with her preference for a more private and controlled online presence.


Sydney Agudong is 5ft 4ins (163cms) tall and her weight is about 125lbs (58kgs). She has curly brown hair and brown eyes with a fair complexion.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, as of December 2023, Sydney has an estimated net worth of over $500,000.

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