Where is Zach Kornfeld Today? His Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Zach Kornfeld is an American internet personality, producer, probably best known as one of the members of the BuzzFeed video comedy group called “The Try Guys.” His expertise lies in creating humorous content and short-form videos that quickly gain widespread popularity.

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Early life, family, education

Zach Kornfeld was born on 26 July 1990, in Scarsdale, New York State, where he spent most of his childhood with his parents, Adam and Margo, and sister Sophie. Although he’s part of a Jewish family, he doesn’t keep to kosher dietary restrictions, and didn’t have a bar mitzvah ceremony. Nevertheless, he did choose the Hebrew name Rakdan (Hebrew: רַקְדָן), which translates to “dancer.”

In terms of his academic path, he matriculated from a local high school, and then went on to complete his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Emerson College.

In the early stages of his life, his creative journey took root as he started crafting short videos at the tender age of ten, using stuffed animals and Lego sets in his imaginative productions. His passion for content creation never wavered , and so he eventually built his career around it.


In 2014, Zach Kornfeld became a founding member of The Try Guys, joining forces with Eugene Lee Yang, Ned Fulmer, and Keith Habersberger at BuzzFeed. Their inaugural video, “Guys Try Ladies’ Underwear for the First Time,” marked the inception of a comedic journey that would thrust them into the spotlight. Despite the initial awkwardness of the video’s premise, the unexpected success it enjoyed, amassing millions of views within a short span, served as a catalyst for the group’s meteoric rise.

Encouraged by the viral success of their debut video, The Try Guys embraced their newfound popularity and began producing a plethora of amusing and unconventional content. This marked the genesis of their signature style – a blend of humor, genuine reactions, and a willingness to tackle the unexpected.

The chemistry among the members of “The Try Guys” was a key ingredient in their success. Kornfeld’s creative contributions, coupled with his infectious energy, added a distinctive flavor to the group’s content. Whether taste-testing exotic foods, attempting physical challenges, or embarking on unique experiences, Kornfeld’s willingness to embrace the absurd and find humor in every situation resonated with audiences.

In 2018, the group made a bold decision to depart from BuzzFeed, a move that allowed them to chart their own course as independent creators. Embarking on a new chapter, Zach Kornfeld and his colleagues established their independent production company, 2nd Try LLC, securing complete ownership of The Try Guys brand. Despite this leap into independence, Kornfeld and his team maintain certain affiliations with BuzzFeed. Through their newly founded company, they pledge to deliver an exciting array of digital shows, feature films, live tours, and a host of other engaging content to their audience.

Zach Kornfeld and his team have garnered significant attention, featured in various publications, including “Today” magazine. Their video titled “The Try Guys Get Their Bones Cracked” achieved immense popularity, amassing over 27 million views and propelling them to newfound fame. As of 2023, their channel boasts a thriving community of over eight million subscribers, a number that continues to grow steadily each day.

Another one of their popular videos is entitled “The Try Guys Try 14 Hours Of Labor Pain Simulation,” and was published in June 2018. As the title suggests, the video features them taking the labor pain simulator at a hospital, and bringing attention to the pain women go through during childbirth. The video quickly took off on the platform, and today has over 16 million views and over 450,000 likes.

Beyond YouTube, Kornfeld and The Try Guys diversified their content across various platforms. Podcasts, live shows, and collaborations with other creators showcased their versatility and adaptability.


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Social media presence

Aside from YouTube, Zach Kornfeld is also very active on Instagram, and his account boasts over a million followers. His content on the platform is mostly centered around his daily life, and advertisements related to the Try Guys channel. He also occasionally posts short comedy videos that showcase his personality and sense of humor. His profile features over 1600 posts.

Zach also holds a vibrant presence on TikTok, on which his account has reached over a million followers. He uses the platform to promote the Try Guys YouTube content, but also posts comedy videos with his friends, as they follow popular trends. His most popular video on TikTok received over seven million views, and is centered on him replacing a broken dishwasher in the Try Guys’ house. The video was captioned with the words “The update you’ve been waiting for,” as it comes after the announcement that their dishwasher broke.

Relationships and marriage

Zach Kornfeld married Maggie Bustamante in February of 2023. They made their relationship public on December 12, 2018, revealing it after Zach had kept it under wraps for more than two and a half years.

During the Try Wives podcast on September 1, 2022, Maggie shared the exciting news of her engagement, revealing that the proposal took place the day after his birthday, catching her completely by surprise. Maggie had no suspicion about the impending proposal until he presented the ring during a dinner they shared on the day.

Zach Kornfeld today

In 2023, Zach is still a prominent member of the Try Guys, and their channel uploads videos on a near daily basis. His passion for content creation will likely keep him involved with the group for many years to come, as they show no signs of running out of ideas and creativity.


Zach stands at a height of 5f5 7ins (1.72m) and weighs around 132lbs (60kg). He has short black hair and light blue eyes. He wears glasses and maintains a short stubble beard. He also has several tattoos on his body, most notably a tattoo of a smiley face on his buttock.

His style of clothing reflects his easy-going and casual nature, as he mostly wears T-shirts, sweaters, and comfortable jackets.

Hobbies and interests

Beyond his vibrant online persona, Zach indulges in various diverse hobbies. As an avid reader, he frequently immerses himself in literature, exploring various genres and writers. He also loves listening to music, and attends concerts whenever possible. Zach has a big passion for travelling, and has visited numerous popular places around the world. Most notably, his and Maggie’s wedding took place in Nayarit, Mexico.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Zach Kornfeld’s net worth has been estimated at around $1 million, mostly coming as a result of his successful career in content creation on YouTube with the Try Guys, as well as their involvement with BuzzFeed. He also frequently posts advertisement content on his Instagram account, which likely plays a significant role in his yearly income.

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