Who are the members of Onyx Kids? Their Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Who are the Onyx Kids?

The four Onyx Kids are all members of an American family, who’ve become popular for their self-titled YouTube channel; “Onyx Family” is today subscribed to by nearly four million people and numbers close to 1,500 videos uploaded onto it, with all of them combined numbering over 2.6 billion views.

The Onyx family consists of parents Rita and Mirthell, and the four Onyx Kids  – Shiloh, Sade aka Shasha, Sinead and Shalom. The six are quite close to each other, and often take on internet challenges, prank each other, and perform comedy in their YouTube videos.

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Onyx Kids’ age

The Onyx Kids aren’t really kids anymore. The youngest amongst them, Shiloh was born under the zodiac sign Capricorn on 19 January 2007 and is thus today 16 years old, and his sister Shasha was born under the zodiac sign Taurus on 1 May 2003, thus her age of 20. Sinead was born under the zodiac sign Virgo on 30 August 2000 and is thus 23 years old, and the eldest sister Shalom was born under the zodiac sign Virgo on 9 September 1999, and so is today 24.

The Onyx Kids’ father Mirthell was born under the zodiac sign Virgo on 12 September 1975, and his wife Rita under the zodiac sign Gemini on 5 June 1979.

YouTube channel “Onyx Family”

The Onyx Family are today mostly popular for the videos in which they can be seen during their everyday lives, whether they’re having fun at home with their ‘greedy nanny’, playing video games together or pretending to be superheroes. We’ll cover their three most watched YouTube videos, as these have contributed to their popularity on the internet.

Their #1 video “Onyx Kids – Greedy Granny vs Shasha and Shiloh” has been watched over 46 million times since 20 March 2017, and features two of the Onyx Kids talking about their ‘greedy nanny’ and watching her fall asleep after having eaten tons of cookies.

The family’s second most popular video “Onyx Kids – Broken Fidget Spinner? Shasha and Shiloh ft. Superhero Kids” has been watched over 40 million times since 30 June 2017, and features two of the Onyx Kids playing with their fidget spinners and pretending to be superheroes.

The #3 most viewed video – “Onyx Kids – Giant Baby vs Shasha and Shiloh! Epic Fail Babysitting” – has been watched close to 40 million times since 3 March 2017, and features Shiloh and Shasha who’ve found an abandoned giant baby at their door, and have decided to become his/her babysitters.

YouTube channel “Onyx Kids”

The YouTube channel “Onyx Kids” was created on 30 December 2016 and today numbers nearly 2.4 million people subscribed to it; over 1,000 videos have been posted onto this channel, and all of these together have been watched more than 1.4 billion times. Most of the videos shared onto this channel feature the four children spending time together, whether they’re pranking each other, playing video games or taking on internet challenges, and we’ll be covering the three most popular.

Their #1 video “Onyx Kids – Ketchup or Mustard?” has been watched nearly 130 million times since 14 March 2018, and features Shiloh and Sasha dressing up as Mustard and Ketchup and trying to figure out which one works better on a hot dog.

The channel’s second most popular video “Onyx Kids – Who Will be the Richest Kid?” has been viewed over 80 million times since 14 June 2019, and features the four siblings playing a game of capture, with a $1 bill to decide who will win it and become ‘the richest Onyx Kid’.

Their #3 video “Onyx Kids – Don’t Water Slide Through the Wrong Mystery Box” has been viewed over 50 million times since 29 June 2018 and features Shasha and Shiloh having a contest which includes water sliding through mysterious boxes, one of which is wet while the other isn’t.

About the mother and father

Although Mirthell and Rita are today perhaps mostly focused on maintaining both “Onyx Family” and “Onyx Kids” YouTube channels, they still have normal jobs.

Mirthell’s a deeply religious man who enjoys going to church nearly every day, but spends most of his spare time with his family. He’s the author of several inspirational books, and has been a marriage and family therapist and ordained minister for over two decades now. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mirthell’s today the host of the podcast “Onyx Life”, which aims to inspire families around the world; he also loves to prepare delicious foods for his family.

Rita’s the CEO of the united Onyx Family brands, and her family refers to her as ‘the mastermind behind it all’. She was a nurse prior to deciding to leave the job behind and focus on being home with her family, and helping shoot their YouTube videos; Rita’s today the author of several fiction books for both children and adults, while she’s also written inspirational non-fiction books about her and Mirthell’s life together. She’s originally from Los Angeles, California and it’s believed that she and Mirthell met there as he and his family moved to Los Angeles a couple of years after he was born.

The family’s presence on the internet

The Onyx Family are active on various social media networks, but aren’t as popular as on their YouTube channels.

Their Instagram account is today followed by more than 55,000 people and over 1,600 pictures and videos have been posted onto it, with most featuring them spending time together, whether they’re decorating their Christmas tree, pranking each other or preparing delicious foods.

The family created their Twitter account in October 2016 and have since posted over 5,600 times; most of their Twitter content serves to promote their YouTube videos, although they also enjoy sharing the details of their everyday lives.

Their TikTok account numbers more than 700,000 followers and over 6.3 million likes of all their videos together; they mostly upload comedy content, with their videos featuring them pulling pranks on each other, telling jokes and taking on internet challenges.

The family also has a Facebook page, today followed by nearly 50,000 people, and their most recent update was on 7 December 2023, when they posted a picture of them standing in front of their Christmas tree.

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