Who is Asher Angel from “Shazam”? Wiki: Girlfriend, Family, Dating, Single, Siblings, Parents

• Asher Angel is a young American actor who started his acting career at 6 in the film “Jolene”
• He is popular for starring in the series “Andi Mack” on the Disney channel
• He is also a musician, talented in playing guitar
• He is said to be dating actress Peyton Elizabeth Lee
• He celebrates his faith, Judaism, and has 7 pets

Who is Asher Angel?

Asher is a young American actor who started his acting career at the very tender age of six years back in 2008. His first role was in the film “Jolene”, in which he played the role of Jessica Chastain. Asher is popular for starring in the series “Andi Mack” on the Disney channel as Jonah Beck. The series is currently in its third season.

Asher Angel Early Life

He was born Asher Dov Angel under the zodiac sign of Virgo on 6 September 2002 to Jewish parents Jody and Coco Angel, and raised in Paradise Valley, Arizona. In Hebrew, Asher’s name Dov means bear He is the oldest in his family with two younger siblings, London Angel his sister, and a brother named Avi Angel a fashion model and actor.

Asher Angel Career

Angel is still a young actor. From a young age, Asher dreamt of becoming a successful full-time actor and did his best to make his dreams come true. His interest started at the tender age of five,  and his mother promised to take him to Los Angeles if he showed that he was willing to work hard in local shows – he fulfilled his mother’s condition by doing 30 local shows, appearing in numerous plays such as “Seussical”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “Mary Poppins” among others in Scottsdale theatres. His mother did not forget her promise to him, and later took him to the big city where his skills were nurtured and talent showcased for everyone to see. Asher is also a good musician, talented in playing guitar.

When Angel auditioned for the role of Jonah Beck’s role, judges found his performance to be exceptional, and he was chosen over the other competitors. Once he got was cast, his family decided to move to Utah in order to accommodate Asher’s filming schedule.

Even before Angel was 14 years old, he had already landed numerous roles in TV shows such as “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”, and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”. Other movies Angel has starred in include “Jolene”, “How do you do that Voodoo?” and “Hate from a Distance”.

Angel’s star seems to be growing only brighter in Hollywood. To depict this clearly, Asher was offered the role in the DC Comics “SHAZAM” starring Billy Watson, a continuation of “Dc Extended Universe”. The movie plot follows Billy Watson’s adventures in discovering a magic name, Shazam, which transforms the boy into the fearless Captain Marvel. Asher’s hopes are that this comic will gain popularity just like the Harry Potter series, thus putting his name on the world map.

As of 2017, Angel decided to not let his music skills get wasted, going after his passion for music by playing, singing and even writing music. In June he even held a live performance for his fans at the ‘Future Disruptors’ showcase, and released the single named “Snow Globe Wonderland”, alongside the special Disney Holiday Celebration. Asher also posts recorded song covers such as “Despacito” and “Attention”. His other self-composed songs are “Chemistry” and “Getaway” which he wrote in 2018.

Asher Angel Personal Life, Girlfriends, and Dating

Although Asher may have tried to keep his personal affairs private, he is said to be dating an actress by the name of Peyton Elizabeth Lee, apparently since July2017. Peyton is a 14-year-old American actress, best known for her appearances I the films n “Shameless”, “Andi Mack” (with Asher), and “Scandal”.

Finding Time for Faith

Asher’s schedule is so hectic that he almost missed the celebration of his bar mitzvah. His mother let him understand that everyone else in his family had done it, and so it would be good for him to also do so. However, the decision was left all up to Asher, and he was able to find the time in the last month of 2015, after just five weeks of preparing himself, in his hometown Paradise Valley. Since Angel had no time to spare for Hebrew school, his vocal coach took it upon himself to prepare him. Asher is very happy he decided to follow his religion, Judaism which he says keeps families together.

Interesting Facts about Asher Angel

Here are some interesting facts about this young actor:

  • His favorite color is blue
  • The theatre he considers his favorites and the one that plays a role in his talent is ‘Desert Stages Theatre’
  • Angel is an animal lover who owns seven pets
  • He loves watching sports – his favorite sport is baseball
  • Asher loves eating spicy food
  • Angel has over 100,000 followers in his Instagram account

Asher Angel Body Measurements and Features

Asher is 5ft 4ins (1.61m) tall and his weight is said to stand at 128lbs, (58kgs) as of late 2018. He has green eyes and dark brown hair.

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