Who is Cash Nasty? His Age, Height, Career, Dating, Net Worth

CashNasty is a big name in the YouTube gaming community. Since he started sharing content on the platform in 2013, he’s amassed a loyal following of people who enjoy watching his gameplay videos, and also love his sense of humor, which is one of the reasons he eventually started his second channel – CashNastyReacts.

The popularity of CashNasty has not only extended beyond the borders of YouTube to other social media, but has also landed him great sponsorships and his inclusion in big content creators’ partnerships. All of this leaves no doubts about CashNasty’s prominence in the YouTube sphere, and the impact of his content.

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Who Is CashNasty?

CashNasty, whose real name is Cassius Jeremy Clay, was born on 4 December 1990, in Vidalia, Louisiana USA. He’s the oldest child of Cynthia Ann and Cassius Lavern Clay, who are also parents to Jamarcus and Desteni.

Cash’s family wasn’t well-off during his childhood; as he recalled in a video, his parents owned an old two-seat truck in which the whole family had to be ‘squeezed’ together to fit in, leading him to give them a brand-new 2020 truck as a surprise. Cash also makes sure to spend enough time with his parents whenever they visit his house, to the point that he happily cancels his live streams to tend to them.

Regarding his childhood, in 2022 Cash revealed that he was a ‘closeted gamer’ as a child, given how he hid his love for video games from almost anyone. He also described himself as a non ‘hands-on person’, causing some worry to his parents, who would have preferred him to go outside more often, and sometimes took his gaming tools away due to that. Nevertheless, Cash was grateful for growing an interest in video games, as he felt it kept him away from trouble.

In a 2020 video, Cash revealed that he’d attended college, but not much is known about his education aside from that.

Beginnings On YouTube

CashNasty started his first YouTube channel – WhatChaMaCalling – in 2013, later changing its name to the current one. His first video was a gameplay of the simulation video game “NBA 2K”, shared in July 2013.

As Cash affirmed in an interview with For The Win in 2018, by the time he started on YouTube he was an assistant manager at Walkman, but was deeply intrigued by the world of online creators, how they used the internet to express themselves. He then started creating videos which went according to his passion for video games, getting lots of encouragement from his then-girlfriend, friends, and subscribers to keep up sharing his content.

Cash’s online content consisted of gameplay and Twitch streams, often putting lots of his sense of humor into the videos he shared. Though that hobby was a clear contrast from his nine-to-five job of monitoring employees at a store, Cash kept up with both for over a year, only stopping when his gaming content became profitable enough.

Later in 2015, Cash started his secondary channel CashNastyReacts, which had him diverting from the usual gaming content to interact with other online creators, and joke about viral videos.

His Career Now

Cash’s hard work at sharing entertaining content for several years paid off, leading him to become a well-recognized online personality. The results of these efforts can be seen in his main channel CashNasty, which is now close to surpassing the 4.5 million subscribers mark, on top of having a viewing count of almost a billion.

His side channel CashNastyReacts isn’t too far behind that, accumulating 2.4 million subscribers and 700 million views, on top of having over 150,000 on his CashNastyShorts channel. His Twitch account also proves Cash’s impact on the gaming community, as he has over 900,000 followers on the platform.


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Cash’s success has also extended to Instagram and TikTok, with two million followers combined. This massive presence on social media has allowed Cash to not only demonstrate his top skills at entertaining people, but has also  gained him juicy business opportunities, such as brand sponsorships and deals with sports predicting platforms. Besides his comedy, gaming, and sometimes-family-related content, Cash also uses his platforms to bring about awareness of issues inside his community.

To this day, Cash has collaborated with several other famous YouTubers and Twitchers, such as Kristopher London and Jesser, who alongside Cash form part of the 2Hype House collective.

Personal Life

CashNasty was in a long-term relationship with a woman named Ashley Dyer. It’s unclear when the couple started dating, with Ashley appearing in his videos for the first time in January 2014, from which point Ashley became a constant presence in Cash’s videos, going from appearing in his gameplay to taking a more active role in AshONasty, their joint channel started in May 2014.

Ashley and Cash eventually broke up for unrevealed reasons sometime after December 2020, leading them to delete everything in AshONasty. According to her public Instagram account, Ashley is still living in Louisiana, but nothing else is known about her current life.

On his part, Cash now has a daughter named Ava, who was born in late 2022. When Cash introduced his daughter in a YouTube video from December 2023, he pointed out that his most observant fans had already guessed he had a baby girl. judging by the ‘pink toys’ which were around his house. Also in that video, Cash affirmed that Ava was very similar to him when it came to personality and habits.

Nothing is known about Ava’s mother, including her identity ,and whether she and Cash are actually in a relationship.

Physical Appearance & Net Worth

CashNasty is an Afro-American man. He’s 5ft 11ins (1.80m) tall, has a toned physique, and sports a styled beard which has become one of his most recognizable characteristics.

Back during his early days on YouTube, Cash often received lots of negative comments regarding his appearance. As he revealed in an interview with the podcast “Launching Point” in 2022, he took that criticism as a way to push himself forward when it came to his looks, eventually getting braces, building muscle, and changing his wardrobe.

CashNasty has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of early 2024, which is the result of his decade-long career as a content creator, and the business deals he’s gained through it.

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