Who is Cathy Areu? Is she married? Her Wiki Bio, Husband, Net Worth, Measurements

• Renowned Latina activist, journalist, editor, author and liberal political news analyst.
• American national of Hispanic ethnicity, born in 1971 in Summit, New Jersey.
• Has two daughters and a pet bulldog called Wesley.
• Published book “Latino Wisdom: Celebrity Stories of Hope, Inspiration, and Success to Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Soul” in 2006.
• Net worth estimated to be over $500,000 as of early 2019.

Who is Cathy Areu?

Cathy Areu is a renowned Latina activist and publisher, journalist, speaker, editor, author and liberal political news analyst. She is known for her outspoken and direct views on United States’ politics and education system, and issues revolving around the Latino and pop cultures. She has always been an avid Democrat and political expert and has gained the reputation and title of “magazine maven”.

Although she is very open in her views and shoots straight from the hip when tackling controversial issues, she shares very little about her personal life, and keeps it a well-hidden secret. What is known about her is that she was born in Summit, New Jersey in 1971, which makes her 47/48 now. She is an American national with her ethnicity being Hispanic as her parents were Cuban immigrants – one being an electronic engineer and the other a mathematician.

Cathy Areu’s education

In 1992 Cathy Areu graduated from Florida State University with a BA in English literature, prior to which she had published an article on women’s rights for a sociology/anthropology journal, and was also a staff writer for “Florida Flambeau”, an on-campus newspaper. Cathy went on to Nova Southeastern University in Florida from where she obtained a master’s degree in English education, then held the position of high school teacher in Florida, and also became certified as a teacher in New Jersey.

What do we know about Cathy Areu’s family

As mentioned, there is not much known about Cathy’s family apart from the fact that she has two daughters born 2007 and 2009. On 25 April 2017 Cathy was photographed with a male companion at the Paul & Dee Dee Sorvino book launch, which sparked off rumors that he was her husband. Cathy put a stop to all that when she emphatically denied this in a tweet on 13 May, 2018 saying, ‘I don’t have a husband. Don’t believe everything you see or read. … just believe me when I’m on Fox.’ So no-one is any the wiser as to whether she was ever married or who her daughters’ father/s is/are.

Cathy expressed her concerns about educating her two daughters regarding politics in an article which appeared on “Today.com” on 28 September, 2016. She stated  ’I just wanted my kids to share my politics; turns out, I was doing it wrong’. Cathy explained that she feels it’s incorrect to force our kids to think just like us and it’s important that they have their own questions/ideas and express their own feelings in an open-minded way, as opposed to parents indoctrinating them into their beliefs.

Cathy and her daughters also have a pet bulldog called Wesley, who often appears on her Instagram posts.

Cathy Areu

Cathy Areu’s career unfolds

Cathy Areu first caught the public’s attention in 2000 for her contributions as a part-time editor for The Washington Post Magazine. She is renowned for her “First Person Singular” interviews, which ran until 2012 and reached an audience of more than two million readers. These included her duologues with First Lady Laura Bush, Host Larry King, Secretary of State James Baker, Senator Al Franken and many other notable personas and influential VIPs.

In 2001, Cathy contributed to “Latina Style”, “People Magazine” and “USA Weekend”, then founded her magazine entitled “Catalina”, which targeted and focused on Hispanic women and has grown to become a well-known multi-media brand today. Within the first year of launching, “Catalina” achieved the “Lead Launch” distinction by “Folio Magazine”, and by 2004 had reached circulation  figures of 500,000 breaking through to become the leading lifestyle Hispanic magazine in the US. To this day, the magazine continues to represent and provides a voice for minorities including the Hispanic community, and promotes peaceful activism.

In 2008, Cathy spent a brief period serving as a senior media advisor for the Bush Administration’s Health and Human Services Department in Washington D.C.

It was during the 2016 Presidential election that Cathy and her friend and fellow Fox News’ colleague, Rachel Campos Duffy, launched the web series entitled “Red Mom. Blue Mom” on “Today.com”. Cathy in her role as the “Blue Mom” (a left-wing Democrat) and Rachel discussed and debated topics ranging from parenting problems to political issues.

Cathy Areu’s awards and book

In 2004, Cathy was honored with the Business Leadership Award from the National Association of Young Latino Entrepreneurs.

In 2006, her book “Latino Wisdom: Celebrity Stories of Hope, Inspiration, and Success to Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Soul”, a collection of stories about America’s best-known Hispanic public figures and their positive contributions to the nation, was published by Barricade Books. In Cathy’s words: “While researching for Latino Wisdom, my Latino interview subjects have taught me a thing or two about achieving success (as they see it). You have to …

1.Know when to quit! When necessary, leave your comfort zone to move on to better things. 2. Wear blinders! Focus on YOUR future, and use your will and desire to stay motivated. 3. Be selfish! Be careful and protective of yourself when others may try to bring you down. 4. Be a little naïve! Decide to “just do it,” as the Nike ads say, and think about details later. 5. Be stubborn! Stay focused on the goal, while ignoring the nay-sayers.”

Presently, this dynamic journalist is working on her next non-fiction book featuring the power of women in D.C.

In Manhattan, New York, Cathy was honored for her dedicated vocation as a groundbreaking woman in the media on 14 October 2014, which was proclaimed “Cathy Areu Appreciation Day”.

Where has Cathy Areu featured and where can you see her in action today?

Cathy has appeared in an impressive list of political talk shows on Fox News, including her national Fox News’ satellite radio tours which have attracted millions of viewers,  “The O’Reilly Factor”, “Fox and Friends”, “The Intelligence Report” with Trish Regan, “Red Eye” (a satirical and political comedy show), Fox Business’ “Bulls and Bears”, “Risk and Reward” and Cavuto’s “Your World”, “Coast to Coast”, and “Cashin’ In” with Charles Payne.

Cathy also appears on “The Sean Hannity Show”, “Prime News and Showbiz Tonight” on HLN, “AC360”, “Campbell Brown” on CNN, and “The Daily Rundown” on MSNBC. Since 2018 she has become the “Liberal Sherpa” on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

Cathy Areu’s publicity and social media

Not only has Cathy been called a “maven”, but she has attracted signature titles of “One of New York City’s most influential women”, “a woman of vision”, an “infobabe”, a “liberal loon” and “liberal analyst”. Yet the feedback and comments have not always been favorable.

In a Tucker Carlson interview published on 27 December 2017 entitled “Toxic Masculinity” in which Cathy stated that men are to blame for the world’s problems, and that ‘Toxic masculinity is killing everyone’, one only has to scroll through the comments on the YouTube channel and her other social media pages to see how much flack she took for apparently brazen announcement, and other controversial matters she has discussed. She has also been taken apart for her wide, popping-eyed expressions when she gets het up in an interview.

To add to the uproar and fury, soon after the “Toxic Masculinity” scoop, Tucker Carlson and Cathy took the mickey out of their audience by staging an interview entitled “Left really doesn’t like the word ‘man’” discussing that the word ‘man’ should be banned on college campuses; the video went viral and was viewed by more than 42 million people in less than a week.  Can you imagine the outrage? Needless to say it just goes to show that one can’t always believe what one sees and hears.

Cathy, who stands 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall has coined herself as a “Bold Political Contributor” on her Instagram profile, on which she posts interviews and behind-the scenes photos to almost 10,000 followers, and Twitter profile (up to 28,000 fans). It takes courage to express one’s views in this way, and she has attracted a lot of unmentionable comments and hate mail as a result, so it’s no wonder that she keeps her Facebook profile private. To her credit, there is also a small Facebook group of 125 members called “We LOVE Cathy Areu!”, which gives her positive feedback and appreciation.

What could Cathy Areu’s net worth be?

With a long and illustrious career behind her going on for 19 years now, Cathy’s income earned through her freelance reporting is estimated at over $100,000. Authoritative estimates are that her net worth is over $500,000 as of early 2019, but this would likely be a conservative, based on her rather intensive workload and popularity with the wide-ranging media.

Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson is currently a reporter for AffairPost based in London, United Kingdom. Prior to joining AffairPost in September 2018, she was a entertainment reporter. Olivia studied journalism at Cardiff University, graduating in 2010.

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  1. I’m proud of your successes and that you’re a NOLE FSU…from the Northeast..Jersey and NYC people are special…direct, sometimes brutally honest. We can be charming, and affable..don’t always make friends with our statements or views…people hate us and love us for the same reason. She does make me laugh with the Toxic Masculinity etc etc et al points…I do think she’s attractive…and proud that you’re the daughter of immigrant Cuban parents as I am…living proof of the success of the American dream….I’m proud of her sense of privacy….Liberal Maven hahahahahah…. te quiero Mi Gente!!!!

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