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Celina Smith, the American social media sensation and model, has firmly captured the internet’s attention through her engaging posts on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and OnlyFans. Her online journey has been defined not only by fame and financial success, but also by occasional controversies and personal revelations. While some viewed these controversies as a potential downfall, others in the world of online enthusiasts held a contrasting opinion. They believed those dating rumors and scandals served to make her even more relevant, and further enhance her popularity in the constantly evolving realm of social media platforms.

Early Years, Education, and Family

Celina Smith’s early life is shrouded in some degree of mystery, yet what can be ascertained is that she was born in 1999, in Orlando, Florida, an only child was raised by her single mother, Tiffany, who works as a registered nurse in their hometown.

Her father was conspicuously absent during her formative years, due to the separation of her parents early on. While her father exhibited affection for her during her childhood, even inking her name on his chest, he couldn’t be a constant presence in her life. This was partly due to the strained relationship between her parents at the time, and his residence in another state with a new wife. Despite her desire to be with him, Celina remained firmly a ‘mommy’s girl.’

The last recollection she had of her father was his passing when she was 12 years old, a result of a tragic car accident. Although she wasn’t privy to all the details, she grasped the essence of the situation, and harbored frustration over the missed opportunity to foster a closer bond with her father. Her paternal grandparents, however, conveyed his wish for her success as she grew older.

While Celina has chosen to preserve the privacy of much of her childhood, one aspect remains vivid — the financial constraints that underscored her upbringing. Money was a precious and limited resource, teaching her early on that not every desire could be fulfilled. Her mother’s determination led her to juggle two jobs, including 12-hour nursing shifts, to provide for the family. Their shared struggles during that period only served to strengthen their bond.

During her teenage years, the looming prospect of not completing high school or pursuing a college education often cast a shadow; evidently, no one in her family had ever achieved a high school diploma. However, Celina, determined to break free from this cycle, and exhibited unwavering dedication by completing her high school education at Oviedo High School in Florida.

Her life before social media stardom

A Hooters girl and Twitch streamer

It all began with her post-high school stint as a waitress at Hooters, a chapter that was both a challenge and a stepping stone. However, the allure of online gaming, which was swiftly gaining prominence, became the catalyst for her extraordinary rise. Every night without fail, Celina transformed into a passionate broadcaster on Twitch, a popular video-streaming platform known for its vibrant community of gamers and streamers,n who engage and compete with one another.

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Celina’s commitment to being a streamer was steadfast; she would return home after her exhausting shifts, still donning her Hooters uniform, and jump straight into broadcasting her Fortnite matches. Her dedication paid off, and she began to see substantial returns, earning around $3,000 per month. This newfound success paved the way for her to leave her waitressing job, a decision initially met with skepticism from her mother, who was unaware of the lucrative opportunities that the world of online gaming had to offer.

Left Orlando to check out Los Angeles

Celina embarked on a significant chapter of her life when she left Orlando and ventured to the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles. Her boyfriend, Steve DeLeonardis, better known by his moniker, SteveWillDoIt, had received a coveted opportunity to join a collective group of content creators in the City of Angels. Eager to be by his side, Celina joined him on what she initially believed would be a short journey, accompanying him during his filming ventures with other social media luminaries.

However, what started as a mere few weeks soon evolved into a much longer stay. Celina and Steve found themselves residing in the renowned Clout House, alongside other influential content creators. As Steve’s social media presence rapidly burgeoned, amassing four million followers, life in Los Angeles became an integral part of their journey.

During her time in California, Celina harbored aspirations of pursuing a college degree. Her plans, however, encountered an unexpected hurdle with the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, which sent her carefully laid out life trajectory into disarray.

Celina’s rise to social media popularity

Celina’s ascent to social media stardom stands as a compelling testament to her unrelenting dedication and work ethic. She initially intended to return to her hometown of Orlando, but something unexpected happened. Her boyfriend, Steve, urged her not to return and encouraged her to remain by his side while recalibrating her plans. During this period, she began to gain recognition across various social media platforms, primarily known as ‘Steve’s girlfriend,’ as she frequently made appearances in his videos, predominantly featured on YouTube.

Opening an OnlyFans account

Celina’s social media journey began to gather momentum; streaming on Twitch, she steadily garnered a loyal audience, and it was during this time that Steve suggested a bold move – the creation of an OnlyFans page. At first, her content primarily consisted of provocative photos, including topless images. However, as her audience continued to expand, and the financial returns grew, the nature of her content gradually shifted toward more explicit themes, despite not being her initial intention. The allure of higher financial returns in the world of sexually-oriented content led her to explore this avenue further.

Steve played a pivotal role in promoting her OnlyFans page, and her collaboration with Shag Magazine, an online platform that embraced and celebrated sexuality without judgment or shame, significantly boosted her presence. It was during this collaboration that her online presence truly began to skyrocket.

Exploring other social media platforms

With Steve as her mentor, Celina adeptly navigated the diverse landscape of online self-promotion. She was unafraid to venture into various social media platforms, conducting an exploratory journey to determine the most effective for her content. While not all of these platforms yielded an overwhelming number of followers compared to other social media influencers, they collectively contributed to her burgeoning popularity. Here are some of her notable platforms:

Snapchat, on which she boasted 80,000 subscribers; TikTok with an impressive following of over 500,000 peers; Twitter, on which her voice resonated with more than 200,000 followers, and a Discord active page monitored by her designated moderator.

However, it was on Instagram that Celina truly thrived, managing two accounts under her name. The first, with staggering million-plus followers, catapulted her into the realm of brand endorsements and modeling opportunities, subsequently translating into an influx of subscribers for her OnlyFans page. However, her Instagram journey faced a momentary pause when her account was unexpectedly taken down, Instagram citing ‘inappropriate content’ as the reason for the suspension, leaving Celina bewildered by the allegation. It stemmed from a seemingly harmless witty post of her enjoying a plate of noodles at a pasta restaurant, captioned with ‘Send me your noods.’

Seeking advice from seasoned Instagram users, Celina learned that having her account verified could serve as a shield against such incidents. Verified accounts underwent more rigorous scrutiny, ensuring that Instagram thoroughly investigated potential violations before resorting to suspension. In contrast, unverified accounts could be swiftly banned when flagged for inappropriate content. Her only recourse at that juncture was to create a new account, which promptly accumulated around 800,000 followers. She took the step of verifying this account until she could demonstrate to Instagram that she hadn’t breached their rules. In time, she managed to reclaim her original account, and has since maintained an active presence on both.

Establishing a YouTube channel

In April 2019, she embarked on a new venture, establishing her presence on YouTube. This strategic move proved to be financially rewarding, especially since her boyfriend’s channel had been banned from the platform. Although her subscriber count didn’t reach the astronomical figures of Steve’s, Celina adeptly cultivated a dedicated and loyal fan base, amassing over 230,000 subscribers. While YouTube wasn’t her primary source of income, her 56 videos as of October 2023, had already accumulated an impressive 30 million views collectively. Although she aspired to consistently upload videos, her bustling schedule often left her with limited time to focus on this endeavor.

Two online shops

As Celina’s fan base continued to expand, she harnessed her burgeoning social media brand to create “My Closet,” an online shop nestled under the umbrella of the Depop platform. Depop served as an online marketplace, offering content creators a platform to showcase their clothing lines, which encompassed brand-new items and reselling of their branded merchandise. Celina ingeniously utilized this avenue to sell the clothes she had donned in the photos and videos featured on her Instagram accounts. She made it clear to her fans that she didn’t engage in trades, focusing instead on direct sales. Since making her page accessible, she’s successfully sold more than 100 items, further solidifying her entrepreneurial prowess.

The second online shop had a distinct focus on merchandise sales. Upon its inception, it offered a modest selection comprising just two products: a t-shirt and a coffee mug.


One of Celina’s notable collaborations was with the NELK Boys, a group of Canadian YouTubers renowned for their public pranks and comedy videos. Together, they produced memorable content such as “We Got Married” and “We Pranked SteveWillDoIt’s Girlfriend,” showcasing her humor and adventurous spirit.

Her involvement in the Black Tape Project, a body art movement that employs black tape to create visually stunning designs on the skin, was another milestone in her career. She showcased this unique art form during the Miami Swim Week in 2022, captivating audiences with her confidence and curves. She did the catwalk in the New York Fashion Week in the same year.

Celina Smith engaged in a TikTok duet with the famous Addison Rae, flaunting their dance moves to “Rendez Vous” by INNA, reinforcing her presence in the ever-growing world of social media.

Explicit photos and videos leaked

Celina Smith’s journey has not been without its share of controversy. In September 2023, her private photos from her OnlyFans account were leaked online, igniting a heated debate about privacy, consent, the security of personal content in the digital age, and the need for stronger legal protection for victims of such breaches.

Personal Life

When Celina met Steve

One of the most fascinating chapters in Celina Smith’s life revolves around her relationship with the charismatic YouTuber, Steve Will Do It. Their story began during their high school years when they connected through a popular website that allowed users to send anonymous questions to one another. Steve initiated the conversation by complimenting Celina’s red hair, which she sported at the time. This initial exchange evolved into a continuous exchange of text messages, eventually blossoming into a romantic relationship. On 15 November 2013, Steve publicly acknowledged their relationship by updating a social media account status to ‘In a relationship with Celina Smith.’ Since then, their journey together has been marked by both endearing moments and rumors of separation, including a brief breakup in early 2020 due to allegations of infidelity; however, they reconciled in the latter part of 2021. Their captivating dynamic, social media antics and pranks have held a mesmerizing allure for their fans.

The proposal prank

For those who closely follow their journey, Steve’s reputation as a renowned prankster often blurred the lines between reality and entertainment. In one memorable instance, Steve played a cruel joke on Celina with a staged wedding proposal. He executed the prank with the utmost seriousness, complete with a ring. Celina initially doubted its authenticity, even scanning the area for hidden cameras, but eventually came to believe it was real. However, as the ruse was revealed, it left Celina genuinely upset, momentarily overshadowing the humorous side of their relationship, which is typically characterized by banter and light-hearted jibes.

Pranks and playful banter

Their relationship is replete with playful antics and occasional pranks, even during podcasts with friends. Celina didn’t shy away from making humorous and sometimes outrageous comments, such as insinuating romantic interests in their driver when Steve was absent, or making suggestive remarks about Steve’s father. While Steve didn’t always appreciate these comments, their friends and listeners found them amusing. Celina would humorously argue that she was merely reciprocating some of the (supposedly) humorous comments Steve had made about her own mother. Their dynamic was a source of entertainment for many, emphasizing their unique connection; she’s often credited for being the coolest girlfriend.

Shared interest

Both Steve and Celina openly acknowledge their enjoyment of smoking weed and consuming magic mushrooms. Celina had been using marijuana since the age of 14, and found that it suited her well, never leading to anxiety issues. Their podcasts often featured light-hearted, high-spirited conversations, which might have led some to underestimate the seriousness of their discussions. Their unwavering understanding of each other’s quirks and shared enthusiasm for life’s eccentricities played a pivotal role in sustaining their nearly decade-long relationship. Celina consistently credits Steve as the driving force behind her online success, and her daily source of motivation to pursue her goals.

The real proposal

On 10 December 2022, after nearly a decade together, Steve proposed to Celina once more, this time in earnest. The event was live-streamed via Rumble, with around 20,000 viewers in attendance. Steve spared no expense, acquiring an engagement ring allegedly valued at nearly $500,000, aiming to make amends for the earlier prank. He had originally planned to propose in their favorite place, Dubai, but faced multiple setbacks during their two-week stay there.

The first attempt was to propose at a Post Malone concert, but the plan went awry. The second involved a dramatic display of drones forming the message ‘Will You Marry Me’ while they were in a hot air balloon, yet technical issues prevented it from happening. The third plan was to dive into an aquarium holding a sign, but unforeseen circumstances disrupted that attempt as well. Steve had an epiphany, realizing that perhaps the universe was guiding him to simplify the proposal. He recognized that, for them, ‘love is simple,’ and Celina was not one to expect extravagant gestures.

The proposal ultimately took place outside a restaurant, with a path lined with flower petals leading to a ‘Will You Marry Me’ sign. The sincerity and simplicity of the moment touched the hearts of everyone who witnessed it, and Celina accepted Steve’s proposal while crying.


Celina stands at a height of 5ft 6ins (168cms) and maintains a weight of 123lbs (56kgs). Her physique is characterized by a slender yet curvaceous figure, which has attracted a considerable following on her social media accounts. She flaunts dark blonde hair and striking gray eyes.

Net worth

Celina Smith’s financial status witnessed a significant upturn with her foray into OnlyFans, in which she disclosed earnings in the six figures every month. Additionally, her brand endorsements on Instagram further bolstered her financial standing. According to authoritative sources, her estimated net worth as of October 2023 falls close to $1.5 million….and climbing!

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