Who is Fofo Márquez? His Age, Height, Family, Dating, Net Worth

Fofo Marquez is an influencer and YouTuber, who’s risen to fame through his luxurious lifestyle and controversial life. For a couple of years, Fofo has steadily gained the attention of Mexican media and thousands of fans for his social media content, mostly focusing on his party life, beef with other influencers, trips worldwide, and a lot more eyebrow-raising and opulent endeavors.

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Despite revealing most of his business on social media, there’s a lot about Fofo which is hardly known, including his family background, romantic life, fortune, and the best-guarded secrets about his more-than-famous controversies.

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Early Life

Rodolfo ‘Fofo’ Marquez was born on 15 July 1997, in Guadalajara, Mexico. His parents are Xochitl Alcaraz and Rodolfo Marquez Sr., a famous businessman who owned shares in companies in the oil and fashion fields until his death in 2022. Fofo has a younger brother named Rodrigo, born in 1999 and who took over control of the family’s company following their father’s passing.

Regarding Fofo’s educational background, he was homeschooled, and didn’t attend university. As he revealed in an interview with Revista Influencer, he lasted one year in school before deciding that the educational system wasn’t for him, opting to attend particular courses to get his qualifications. Fofo recalled being a ‘troublemaker’ during his short time at school, and also remembers that his only childhood dream was to become famous, but back then Fofo didn’t know what he could do to accomplish that goal.

Despite not pursuing a professional career, Fofo started working in his father’s company from a very early age.

What Happened To His Father?

Fofo’s father, Rodolfo Sr. was known for being the owner of the Mexican branch of the international conglomerate TotalEnergies. Nonetheless, Fofo’s family had started from the ground several decades earlier, when his grandfather Everardo, who was a shoemaker, started a shoe company which grew to become one of the biggest in the country, eventually leading the family to expand the business to other areas.

Rodolfo Sr. managed the family’s businesses until November 2022, when he passed away from pulmonary cancer. Following the announcement of his father’s passing, Fofo affirmed that this life-changing incident would also mark the end of his ‘millionaire play-boy phase’, as he was inspired to leave his social media career to focus on the family’s company. Nonetheless, Fofo went back to creating online content soon after that.

Fofo’s brother Rodrigo also posted a heartfelt message honoring Rodolfo Sr., affirming that he admired his father, and was thankful for what he did to provide for him.

Social Media Presence

Fofo Marquez has become quite a successful social media influencer in Mexico, gaining several million followers across all social media in the past couple of years. His biggest platform by far is Instagram, on which he’s gained over four million followers on his main account, and 40,000 on his marketing account FofoPublicidad.

Then there’s his old TikTok fofomarquezofficial, on which he gained almost 1.3 million followers and nine million likes before abandoning it in late 2021. His current account is Fofomqzoficial, opened in early 2023. and has now gained over 100,000 followers.

His current YouTube channel was opened in 2014, and has 170,000 subscribers, though his oldest public videos date from November 2021. Last but not least, his Facebook following is over a million.

Despite initially rising to fame around 2018 for his luxurious, eccentric lifestyle and love of partying, Fofo took a break from social media in August 2020. At the time, his social media posts reported him as dead, but months later Fofo returned to the internet to explain that he intended to stay away from the negativity on social media and didn’t mean to create a death hoax.


Fofo Marquez has described himself as ‘the most uncontrolled rich kid of Mexico’, yet he owes his fame not only to his opulent lifestyle, but also because he’s prone to trouble and controversy.

In December 2021, he posted a YouTube video affirming that the influencer and model Maya Nazor had gone out with him very close to the time she started dating Santa Fe Klan, a famous Mexican rapper. At the time he posted that video, Maya and Santa Fe had just recently announced they were expecting a baby together, leading Fofo to later claim that he suspected he the father of the baby.

Fofo was also involved in a controversy with the OnlyFans model Karely Ruiz, who in September 2022 claimed that he left her abandoned in a club without paying for their bill as he had promised. Karely also claimed that he had misunderstood their relationship, as they had only collaborated for a social media post, yet he’d allegedly assumed that they were together as a couple. On top of that, Karely affirmed that Fofo wasn’t as rich as he claimed.

Last but not least, Fofo has a beef with the famous YouTube HotSpanish, whom he accused of being involved in the assassination of a social media influencer. Another of Fofo’s most popular controversies was when he was accused of animal abuse, for owning a tiger pup.

Mixed Martial Arts

In October 2023, Fofo Marquez made his debut in the ring in a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight against Vladk Ruso, another social media influencer. The combat entitled “Viral Fight” was organized by the company TeamMexico and resulted in victory to Fofo.

As Fofo affirmed at the end of the combat, he’d been training in martial arts for a long time, and so challenged ‘anyone’ to fight him.

Personal Life

Besides being allegedly involved with models Maya Nazor and Karely Ruiz, Fofo was also involved with the influencer Susan Valdovinos, known on the internet as ‘the millionaire girl of Mexico’.

The pair allegedly started dating in October 2021, when Fofo serenaded her before asking her out, as seen in a viral internet video.  However, in April 2022 Fofo claimed that the relationship between Susana and himself was never real, but a stunt planned by a fellow YouTuber named Dominguero to attract internet views. The extent of Fofo and Susana’s relationship was a simple ‘friendship’, he affirmed.

These days Fofo is dating Melanie Lattanzi, a model and communicator.

Physical Appearance & Net Worth

Fofo Marquez is Mexican, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Although some sources claim that he’s 6ft (1.82m) tall, Fofo hasn’t confirmed what his height is ye, nor other statistics.

According to sources, Fofo has a net worth of $10 million, resulting from his family’s businesses, and earnings from social media.

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