Who is GamerGirl? Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Family, YouTube channel

• GamerGirl is a popular YouTuber who makes videos of her playing video games
• She was born Karina Kurzawa in Canada and her channel has over 3 million subscribers
• GamerGirl earns up to $500,000 annually and has a savings account with over $1 million
• She has a brother and a best friend, and they collaborate on a second YouTube channel
• Her interests include traveling, cats, food, and photography

Who is GamerGirl?

GamerGirl, as her name tells us, is a girl who makes videos of her playing lots of video games. She was born Karina Kurzawa on 23 March 2007, in Canada, and has Canadian citizenship. This surname is actually an alias they came up with to protect their identities. She plays a variety of games such as Minecraft, Roblox and Counter Strike, but she has said that in 2019 there will be more vlogs than gaming videos.

How popular is GamerGirl?

Before becoming famous in April 2016 when she started her current YouTube channel, she was filming toy and food reviews, DIY (do-it-yourself ) tutorials and room tours. After she started making gaming videos, her channel expanded considerably, and within the year she already had over 600,000 subscribers which is an incredible number for a girl that was only nine years old at the time, and today her channel has more than three million subscribers.  She also has a Twitter account which has 600 followers, and an Instagram profile with about 170,000 fans, most of whom are also kids around her age. Year after year, she has become more popular and by early 2018 she had more than two million views on her videos, and today her view count is more that 20 million on all of her videos.

What is her Net Worth?

Being a YouTuber today is a really high paid job, and GamerGirl being really popular earns a lot of money annually. If the information of her earnings is correct, then we have to say that she is pretty rich for an 11 year old child. According to authoritative sources, she earns up to $$55,000 a month, depending on how many views she gets on her videos, which adds up to about $500,000 annually. Most of her money comes from her views but she also has an online shop which sells clothes with her logo on them. Her parents manage most of the cash that she earns,  opened a savings account where they put money for Karina to have when she gets older. Once she turns 18 years old, she will have access to that account, which already contains over $1 million.

Gamer Girl

Family life and friends

Karina’s mom is Canadian whilst her dad is from Poland but moved to Canada when he was really young. This is the reason they chose their last name to be Kurzawa. She has a brother who is a year younger than her, and their mom is currently pregnant. The family lives currently in Spain, and Karina and her brother go to Sotogrande international school.

Her brother’s name is Ronald, and he also has a YouTube channel, called ronaldOMG. The names of her parents are not known to the public as she has never said who they are. Even though we don’t know who all of her friends are, we know that Karina truly loves them by looking at her social media posts. A few days ago she has posted a picture of herself and her friends enjoying a day in the park; her best friend’s name is Olo, and she spends lots of her free time with her.

YouTube partners and collaboration

When making her videos, GamerGirl plays with lots of different people, some of whom are her close friends and who she mostly plays with, but one of her biggest partners on YouTube is actually her brother Ronald. These two play a lot of games together, but the most successful thing they do is making videos on their second channel called Sis Vs Bro. On this channel they do a variety of reviews of food, new technology, games or they simply do challenges that involve two people. They have about nine million subscribers on this YouTube channel, and are widely popular in US.

Private Life and a second YouTube channel

Besides her main YouTube channel GamerGirl, she also has a channel called Karina Kurzawa on which she films her private life, makes vlogs of her trips and her life in general. By looking at her social media accounts, we can conclude that she is living her life to the fullest. She likes to travel a lot, and pictures from popular destinations can be seen on her Instagram account. She is a big fan of cats (since she is allergic to dogs) and has two who she has named George and Chibi. She and her brother are both avid foodies, and often post pictures of food on their social media. She is really into photography, and has bought a professional photo camera, which she uses to take impressive photos.

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