Dr. Phil’s first wife Debbie Higgins Bio: Cause of Death, Wedding, Net Worth, Obituary

• Debbie Higgins was Dr. Phil's first wife, they married in 1970 and divorced in 1973
• Debbie passed away after a long battle with cancer in 2014
• Dr. Phil is a renowned TV host and psychologist with a net worth of $400 million
• He has been married to Robin Jo Jameson since 1976 and they have two children
• Dr. Phil is popular on social media platforms, with over 4.4 million followers on Facebook

Who was Dr. Phil’s first wife, Debbie Higgins?

You have certainly heard of Dr. Phil McGraw and his hit tabloid talk show “Dr. Phil”, which has aired since 2002, among many other differing accomplishments, but have you heard about his ex-wife, Debbie Higgins? What do you know about her?

Debbie Higgins was born in Kansas City, Missouri USA, in 1950, but never revealed her specific birth date to the media, and also hid details about her professional career, so she remained virtually unknown to the world, except as the first wife of the famous Dr. Phil.

Debbie Higgins and Dr. Phil Love Story, Wedding, Divorce

Debbie and Phil met when they were 20 years old, and soon decided to marry; the wedding ceremony was held at Roeland Park, Kansas, USA on the 27th November 1970. However, as their marriage developed, Phil allegedly became violent towards Debbie, confining her to house and house choirs, not letting her go out without him. Also, he would cheat on her with other women, and when she asked him of those allegations, he didn’t deny cheating, but stated that it was normal for him to date other women. Debbie couldn’t keep up with his infidelities, and before they welcomed any children together, decided to file for divorce. Their marriage officially ended in 1973. Even before their marriage their marriage was over, Phil started dating Robin Jo Jameson, who became his second wife in 1976, and with whom he has two children – they are still married.

Is Debbie Higgins Dead? Cause of Death

Following the divorce, Debbie decided not to appear publicly for some time, but eventually disclosed the reasons for the divorce. She subsequently lead a rather quiet life, as the proprietor of a liquor store in Kansas City. No one heard of her publicly again, until she became involved as an editor of the documentary “Christy Mathewson’s Day” in 2011, and then the horror film “Demon Hunters: Fear of Silence” in 2013.

The following year her brother, Bill Higgins shared information about her untimely death with National Enquirer. Debbie passed away after she lost a long battle to cancer. Further details of her death have been kept from the media.

Even authoritative sources are vague regarding Debbie’s wealth at the time of her death. Her income from her involvement in the aforementioned films wasn’t disclosed. She apparently didn’t press Dr. Phil for any alimony at the time of their divorce, so the best estimate is that her net worth was less than $1 million.

Debbie Higgins Ex-Husband, Dr. Phil

Now that we have covered all there is available on Debbie, let’s share some information about her ex-husband, Dr. Phil, from his early life to most recent career endeavors.

Born Phillip Calvin McGraw on the 1st September 1950 in Vinita, Oklahoma USA, he is the only son of Anne Geraldine and Joseph J. McGraw Jr., and has two older sisters and one younger sister. He went to Shawnee Mission North High School, and after matriculation enrolled at the University of Tulsa on a football scholarship, but after his team lost 100-6 to the University of Houston, Phil transferred to Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and then an M.A. in experimental psychology in 1976, and a Ph. D degree in clinical psychology in 1979 at the University of North Texas.

Career Beginnings and Rise to Prominence

Once he earned his doctorate, Phil joined his father in private practice at a clinic in Wichita Falls, but would then start Courtroom Sciences Inc., a full-service trial sciences firm, of which he served as the President. He would travel across the US, Europe and the Far East, making clients of Fortune 500 companies, airlines and major TV networks, only to be chosen by Oprah Winfrey to prepare her for the Amarillo Texas beef trial. After his initial success, he would guest appear in Oprah’s show, which after several years resulted in his own show, “Dr. Phil”. Since its premiere on the 16th September 2002, Dr. Phil has become a prominent TV personality, and has also guested in a number of other television shows, including “The View”, “The Talk”, “Today”, “Conan”, “Steve Harvey”, and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, among many others, contributing with insights and analyses – his show has been renewed until 2023.

In addition to his television work, Dr. Phil has also published several books, including “Life Strategies” (1999), “Relationship Rescue” (2000), then “The Family First Workbook: Specific Tools, Strategies, and Skills for Creating a Phenomenal Family” (2005), among others.

Dr.Phil Net Worth, Salary, and Personal Life

Since launching his career, Dr. Phil has become a renowned TV host and psychologist, which has significantly increased his wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Dr. Phil is, as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Dr. Phil’s net worth is as high as $400 million, while his annual income is is reputed to be $88 million. Pretty impressive don’t you think?

Following his divorce from Debbie, Dr. Phil married Robin, with whom he has two children, Jay and Jordan. Jay is now a TV producer and writer, having written several books for young people. He has also started the  company, Stage 29 Production. Jay has been married to Playboy model Erica Dahm since 2006, with whom he has two children.

Dr. Phil Internet Fame

Dr. Phil has become extremely popular on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter, though he is also no stranger on Instagram. His official Facebook page has over 4.4 million followers, while on Twitter, he has more than 1.35 million fans. Dr. Phil can also be found on Instagram, on which he has just over 425,000 followers. He has used his social media influence to promote his career, but also to share details from his personal life.

So, if you aren’t already a fan of this prominent TV personality and psychologist, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to his official pages.

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  1. The first time this no talent bum was on David Letterman’s show Dave called him “A LOAD”. He personally DISGUSTS ME. I wish more of his fans would know about his past and the DESPICABLE WAY he treated his first wife. WHAT A LOAD!!!

    1. You’re ignorant. If you weren’t there, if you didn’t hear comments/allegations about any mistreatment from his ex; you didn’t do 1 iota of research to support your claims. That makes your comment nothing more than an opinion; which everyone is entitled to, but you aren’t entitled to being correct.
      Put something out to show that you put a little thought & effort … before you comment. If you don’t do that & spit garbage out of your word-hole. THAT’S IGNORANCE … read a book.

      1. Not taking sides.
        Not saying anyone is right or wrong.

        I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of your statement.

        Just a thought (probably more of a antagonistic stab tbh 😏)
        Did you know that.
        Telling someone off for being presumptive While being assumptive and p that same persons sharing an opinion is not the only one with presuming opinions is a great way to show

        I don’t have any opinion of Dr Phil although I am slightly curious how much help his talk show did for any of the guests…

        I started to wonder what happened to that ‘cash me outside girl’ but then I realised I don’t really care🤷‍♀️

  2. dr phil. you probably were not clever enough to go medical however that does not prevent you from being a pompous know it all on your show…I have heard how you or the phony robin stiffed the mexican workers who painted your house…not nice…not a fan!!!

    1. Not everyone WANTS to “ go medical”. I’m sure he was “clever” enough if that had been his desire. As far as stiffing the Mexican workers, do you believe everything you hear or read? Or are you not “clever” enough to realize that there is a lot of misinformation, one sided information and downright lies that circulate online and by word of mouth. You think he’s a “ know it all” ? His profession and his tv program would be pretty useless, not to mention boring, if he didn’t have advise and opinions. That’s what the people come there for. Here’s a thought. You don’t like him? Move on to something else. You don’t have to watch him.

  3. Dr. Phil, i watch your show religiously. i love it. But some women on your show ask you what they can do about their skin to make them look younger. You always say no. 7. Why dont you say Robin Mcgraw? She has a skin line and Dr. Phil you do have to go home with her. She is a beautiful Woman and i am teasing about going home with her, because i know she doesnt care. But i wonder all the time. Thank you Carolyn Leake

    1. Because they are not selfish and just trying to make money like people say about them.
      He doesn’t promote her much because she didn’t want it that way. ALL her profits go to domestic violence to.

      1. Oh, please. She is promoted the whole time. She spends all her time nodding in the camera, because Dr Phil wants to make her relevant, but she has nothing really to contribute.

        Not all her profits go to domestic violence. A portion of them do, so they earn more by promoting No7. Apart from that the reviews aren’t good for the Revelations stuff.

        1. Good to hear that some people are ‘awake’ to Robin. Can’t stand the phony woman. Bought her book back in the day and I couldn’t even finish reading it.

          1. Happy that I am not the only one to see through Rpbin. She is trying so hard to be a STAR and has nothing to shine with. I am finding that her making faces for the camera really obnoxious and find myself turning the show off.

  4. We all make mistakes when we are young. So, did all the people who are degrading him. He got himself off the streets and did wonders with his life. These people ripping him apart are just jealous. I like him, respect him and love his TV show. I love his wife Robin, she seems to be such a beautiful person. I’d love to meet her one day. Dr. Phil keep up with the great TV shows.

    1. So if you don’t like someone, it’s just because you’re jealous??? Get over it. That is something your grandma told you when you had no friends at elementary school to make you feel better. You are basing everything you “know” about the two from watching him on TV and her nodding.

  5. First & Foremost, to the DRAMA LOVERS who can’t wait to stir the pot … he married right after high school … and we all know those young last FOREVER, right? Has anyone done that & are STILL married to them now … after 43 YEARS? I didn’t think so.

    Dr. Philip McGraw is an amazing human being. He pulled HIMSELF out of small town, USA, got a scholarship playing football (until he was injured) but still stayed in College … he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 1975, his Master’s Degree in 1976 & his PhD in 1979. So … that’s Bachelor’s, Master’s & PhD in a very SHORT time.

    1. Yes, we met in high school, dated through college, and last August celebrated our 48th anniversary❣️ Just because you walk down the aisle doesn’t mean it’s going to work, both parties have to work at it, daily, if the love and marriage are genuinely meant to last❣️It’s been a beautiful journey.

    2. You said it best….hard to get a bachelor, masters, and PHD in a short time….DIDN’T HAPPEN, He is a phony, fake, liar. FACT!!

  6. Recently watched a Dr Phil show where he told the guest that he himself had been homeless at age 14 and had to fight every day just to keep his coat and shoes. Yet in another article he talked about working with his Dr Dad after graduating with several College degrees. How is it he was homeless at 14 or was he a teenage PUNK like those that he often has represented on his show. Just curious.

      1. Maybe he’s done things to Robin that he did to his ex-wife. She may be afraid of him abusing her. I had a father that everyone loved said he was the best thing and he beat my mother where there was blood all over the walls. Never underestimate a man if he does it once he’ll do it again.

    1. That is something I often wonder about myself. How do you go from being homeless to earning several degrees. Not once in reading through Phil’s biography have I ever read anything about him being homeless for even 5 minutes. I have to chuckle to myself when he tells a guest (at the age of 70) “don’t let the suit fool you”.

  7. I pray Dr Phil is the real McGraw! As a fan , I’ve defended his character & his worth while show! THAT’S ALL I GOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT!

  8. “confining her to house and house choirs”. Really? How many “house choirs” did she sing in?? Lol !! Ever heard of spellcheck or proofreading your work?

  9. Dr. Phil
    I have watched your show but now I know
    Money and ratings are what you are about.
    Your show kept showing previews on an upcoming show on anorexia. How can you act like you have knowledge on this when you don’t. You haven’t renewed your license in years. This is an illness that doctors are still trying to figure out. Please, parents are looking to you for help. The family was looking to you for help. You said involve her in volunteering and she’ll stop thinking of the eating disorder and start eating. You felt therapy and being in the hospital with feeding tubes wasn’t the answer. That she could overcome this. How many cases have you studied. If you don’t have the knowledge then don’t pretend you know the answers because you are playing with their lives. Do your research on how many young adults have committed suicide because of this illness. Money and ratings isn’t worth giving your lack of knowledge. Robin you’re a mom and grandma, step up and tell him to have a qualified doctor, nutritionists, and therapists to give advice so we can save these children.

    1. Anorexia isn’t the only illness that Dr. Phil has no clinical license to speak of. He has NOT had credentials in a lot of his ” so called” ” diagnosis “. Someone needs to professionally discuss Robin’s eating disorder. She looks horrid. Throw the rich be- otch a cheeseburger!

  10. Lis, It appears you have not done your homework. Just do the math,perhaps it will then be clear to you. I gather you are saying his ex wife is a liar? You asked if the person that said negative things about Dr.Phil, if he was there? Were you there?

  11. I love Dr. Phil & have been watching his show for many years. There are some disagreements I have with him but you can’t agree on everything even if it is Dr. Phil. I don’t believe he’s ever been homeless. Do these guests only get 1hr. of his time?? That’s not enough time to fix anything. JS. Will he renew his contract after 2023? He seems to be in good health. Faithful Watcher , Kay

  12. I love Dr. Phil & have been watching his show for many years. There are some disagreements I have with him but you can’t agree on everything even if it is Dr. Phil. I don’t believe he’s ever been homeless. Do these guests only get 1hr. of his time?? That’s not enough time to fix anything. JS. Will he renew his contract after 2023? He seems to be in good health. Faithful Watcher , Kay

  13. Now I see he is having Robin sitting by his side oh brother another expert? Is she a doctor too is the show going to be called Dr Phil and Dr Robin ?

  14. Love your show. Some shows Robin should be sitting beside you. All family/domestic shows should require a lie detector test prior to the show

  15. I personally know his cousin. Robin’s first husband came home and Phil had to jump out the bedroom window. Do as I say not as I do,. That is his philosophy

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