Who is in the Eboys Podcast? When Did They Break Up?

The Eboys were a group of YouTubers consisting of Alex Elmslie (ImAllexx), James Marriott, Will Lenney, and Memeulous, known for their collaborative videos, that brought together humor, commentary, and challenges.

Alex Elmslie Wiki

Alex Elmslie was born on 1 February 1999 in Hertfordshire, England. Unfortunately, he’s secretive about his family, and as a result, there is no info on his parents, including their names and profession. However, it is known that he has a brother named William. Furthermore, there is no information on his educational background.

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Alex started his YouTube journey in 2010 with gaming videos, and slowly started building his presence on YouTube. By 2016, he’d launched a new channel, ImAllexx, on which he expanded content beyond gaming, since when he’s garnered a substantial fan following of more than two million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed more than 340 million times.

Some of his most popular videos include “We Watch: White Girl Wishes She Was Black“, capturing 4.4 million views over the past four years. Another standout piece, “We Need To Stop Emma Chamberlain“, has garnered 4.2 million views since its upload five years ago. In this video, ImAllexx critiques and discusses popular content creator Emma Chamberlain. A video from five years back entitled “I Catfished My Daughter…” has accumulated 4.1 million views. In this video ImAllexx reacts and gives his opinion on one episode of the popular show “I Catfished My Kid”. Then, “Desperate Man Buys A Wife”, shared half a decade ago, has garnered more than 3.7 million views.

Simultaneously, he also launched a Twitch channel, focusing on video games and accumulating over 300,000 views.

Controversies & Commentaries

Paul Logan Suicide Forest Video:

Alex criticized Paul’s infamous video featuring a dead body in Japan, labeling Logan’s apology as “incredibly disingenuous”. He continued to comment on Logan’s

flat-earth views in subsequent videos, which deepened their beef.

Slazo Scandal – KEEMSTAR Backlash

In the Slazo controversy, Alex supported Slazo’s accuser, Chey, in a sexual assault scandal. After evidence emerged, he cut ties with Slazo, facing backlash and accusations from KEEMSTAR.

Olivia Duffin’s Biphobic Comments

Alex criticized TikToker Olivia Duffin for her biphobic comments. Despite Duffin’s apology, Alex remained true to his stance, stating that all sexual orientations are equal and shouldn’t be stigmatized.

Personal Life

Openly bisexual, Alex confirmed his orientation in videos and public statements. He was previously in a relationship with YouTuber Ani Tilki, and together they created the channel “Alex and Ani”, but which was deleted after their relationship ended. Currently, Alex is openly sharing his experiences in a public relationship with fellow YouTuber Lewis Buchan on their respective channels.

James Marriot Wiki

James William Marriott was born on 7 July 1997 in Switzerland, but spent his early years in London, Spain, and Portugal.

Details about his parents aren’t available, including their names and profession.

James has an older sister named Hannah and a younger brother whose name hasn’t been revealed in the media. In regards to his education, after high school, James studied linguistics at a university in England.


James embarked on his YouTube career in February 2012, primarily sharing acoustic guitar covers. Initially featuring Q&A sessions, lyric breakdowns, and reactions, he transitioned to roast videos entitled “Everything that is wrong with”, which gained significant popularity.

In October 2018, his channel crossed 100,000 subscribers, and by January 2019, it soared past 500,000, and currently boasts more than two million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed more than 215 million times.

Some of his most popular videos include, “Embarrassing Kid Thinks He Can Rap…“, which has been viewed 5.7 million times since uploaded four years ago, in which he delves into the cringe-worthy attempt of a kid thinking he can rap. Another notable upload from four years back is “Gabbie Hanna Can’t Actually Sing…” which has garnered 4.1 million views, shedding light on Gabbie Hanna’s lack of singing ability. Additionally, the video “AzzyLand Can’t Actually Sing…” holds four million views since its upload four years ago, exploring AzzyLand’s singing limitations. Furthermore, his video “The Cringiest Religious Family on TikTok (ft. Kurtis Conner)” has also accumulated four million views in the past three years, in which he explores the cringe factor of a religious family’s content on TikTok, with Kurtis Conner.

James has launched a music career, and has released such songs as “Slow Down”, which was his debut release, and then further solidified his presence with EPs such as “No Left Brain” (2021) and “Bitter Tongues” (2022).

Apart from his musical pursuits, James actively engages in podcasts, as he’s the co-host of “The Camp Cast” with ImAllexx.

Personal Life

When it comes to his relationship status, James is known to be dating Aria Tamagotchi, with whom he resides in Brighton, England. The couple has a cat named Otto.

His personal interests include playing video games, notably enjoying FIFA, and spending time with fellow YouTuber ImAllexx.

Will Lenney Wiki

Will Lenney was born on 11 March 1996, in Newcastle, England, and spent his early years in nearby Whitley Bay.


While at Loughborough University pursuing automotive engineering, he catapulted into the public eye in 2016, with a video scrutinizing BGMedia’s child rappers, attracting widespread attention. This increase in popularity resulted in his departure from university in September 2016, as he fully committed to a career as a YouTuber. His early rise to fame peaked in December 2017, when WillNE’s channel hit the one million subscribers mark, which secured him a spot among the top 25 most-subscribed British YouTubers.

He now has more than five million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed more than 825 million times. Some of his most popular include, “Making YouTubers Sing All Star – Smash Mouth Without Realising“, which has accumulated 16 million views over three years.

Then, “I Spent $2500 On Belle Delphine’s Patreon” boasts 11 million views since being uploaded four years ago. The content revolves around WillNE’s financial investment in Belle Delphine’s Patreon account, exploring the implications and reactions.


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Furthermore, “I Bought A Billion Of The World’s Cheapest Currency” has hit 10 million views within a year. This video shows WillNE and Mikey as they travel through Vietnam with one billion dollars worth of Vietnamese dong.

Belle Delphine Responds To My Video” has been viewed 10 million times in four years. The video is a part of his “This Week on Internet” series, and it primarily focuses on Belle Delphine’s reaction to him spending $2,500 on her Patreon, in addition to covering other things that happened on the internet within that particular week.

WillNE has launched a second YouTube channel, on which he’s already garnered more than two million subscribers, while his videos have been viewed more than 530 million times. On this channel, he uploads challenges, pranks, and reaction videos to various TV shows and videos of other YouTube stars.

Personal Life

When it comes to his personal life, WillNE keeps things hidden away from the public eye, and as a result, there’s no reliable information.

Memeulous Bio

George Owen Andrew was born on 10 July 1998, in Surrey, England. Raised in Surrey, he later moved to an apartment in London. Memelous is a rather private person and as a result, there is no information on his parents and education. According to reports, he has a younger brother.


Memeulous gained prominence on YouTube for his MLG parodies, specifically “Harry Potter and the Noscoper’s Stone” and “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Memes“. These videos garnered significant attention within the first six months.

Transitioning from MLG parodies, Memeulous diversified his content into commentary-style videos. He launched the monthly series, “Last Month This Happened (LMTH)” which covers important and amusing events that happened on YouTube and the internet overall. He got the idea for the series, in part, from WillNE’s “This Week On The Internet (TWOTI)”.

His content also includes videos in which he gives strangers money for comedic favors and reactions to poorly received movies.

In addition to his gaming when he streams his Roblox and Club Penguin gameplays, Memeulous reacts to various online content, often discussing specific topics joined by fellow YouTubers. One interesting thing about him is that he rarely reveals his face on camera, concealing his identity with sunglasses, a hat, and a bandanna.

Since launching his YouTube channel, he’s garnered more than 4.4 million subscribers, while his videos have been viewed more than 1.2 billion times.

Some of his most popular videos are, “CRAIG RESPONDS TO MY VIDEO” which stands out with an impressive 12 million views achieved over five years. Another notable video from half a decade ago, “I PRETENDED TO BE A GIRL ON TINDER” has garnered 10 million views. Moving back six years, “DODGY ‘KIDS VIDEOS’ ON YOUTUBE” reached an audience of 10 million with its intriguing content. Additionally, “I PAID A STRANGER TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND FOR A WEEK” gained significant attention, accumulating 8.8 million views in just four years.

Personal Life

Memelous has been very secretive about his personal life, and as a result there’s no reliable info on his relationship status and other aspects.

How EBoys Started and Why They Disbanded?

The four YouTubers were already great friends and collaborated often. They formed EBoys Podcast in August 2020, with the first video uploaded on 12 August 2020. They existed less than a year, during which time they recorded 33 episodes, before announcing their disbandment.

The Eboys podcast came to an end because WillNE expressed that he no longer enjoyed podcasting, and wanted to focus on other things. He mentioned the completion of his contract with JD Sports, and a lack of interest in continuing with the podcast. The group discussed the possibility of continuing without him, but realized that the chemistry wouldn’t be the same.

Despite the Eboys being inactive as a group, their podcast channel continues to attract viewers, accumulating over 23 million views in total. Some of their most-watched episodes include, “TommyInnit – Eboys Podcast #16“, which has garnered 2.3 million views – the Eboys host renowned YouTuber TommyInnit as a guest.

Eboys Life Advice – Eboys Podcast #31” stands out with 1.3 million views. In this episode, the Eboys share life advice, drawing from their own experiences. The content is a mix of anecdotes, personal stories, and some humorous takes on their challenges.

With 1.3 million views, “Reading Your Darkest Confessions – Eboys Podcast #30” involves the Eboys engaging with their audience by reading and reacting to the darkest confessions submitted by viewers.

We Are Down Bad – Eboys Podcast #26“, amassing 1.2 million views, explores the theme of being “down bad.” The Eboys share embarrassing and challenging experiences in this episode.

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