Who is Jayda Wayda and What She is Doing for a Living?

In the fast-paced world of social media, in which popularity is measured in likes and followers, Jayda Wayda stands out as a multi-talented force to be reckoned with, the woman behind the brand “Waydamin.” She’s not just another Instagram sensation; she’s a young entrepreneur, actor, author, and a role model for aspiring businesswomen. Her journey is nothing short of inspiring as she’s flourished to become one of the rising young African-American entrepreneurs today, often referred to as “The Young Boss.”

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Early Years and Family

Jayda Wayda, whose real name is Jayda Cheaves, was born on 25 September 1997, in Savannah, Georgia. Her parents separated when she was just a toddler, then by the age of three, she met her stepfather, who later adopted her and her two older sisters; from then on, she referred to him as her Dad – she also has two younger twin half-brothers through him. Not much is known about her biological father, except that he had a history of legal issues, which was one of the main reasons her mother, Tricia Cheaves, ended their relationship. Her grandmother has also been a significant influence, and a great source of support in her life.

Loved ones have mentioned that Jayda exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, selling her grandmother’s baked treats during her grade school days. At that time, she already recognized that a career involving selling products or ideas was something she could pursue in the future.


The young entrepreneur attended local elementary and high schools. While she consistently achieved straight-A grades, she never had any intention of pursuing higher education, because she didn’t particularly enjoy studying or reading. Instead. She arranged for an early high school matriculation, a decision that initially faced resistance from her parents and grandmother. Her grandmother believed it was important for Jayda to experience her senior year within the school’s confines, alongside all her classmates. However, as time passed, her grandmother came to understand Jayda’s decision, as she demonstrated that it was the right path for her at that moment. In Georgia’s educational system, students are allowed to matriculate early if they’ve fulfilled all graduation requirements, or if they opt to join a dual/concurrent program.

Her business endeavors – First Phase

Social media apps became a tool, not only for communication, but also for marketing ideas and products, which played a crucial role in Jayda’s remarkable journey to success.

Unlike other young online influencers who gained fame on social media through dancing, lip-synching, taking on trendy challenges, or controversial content leaks, Jayda was all about creating a brand. Initially, like most teenagers, she sought everyone’s attention and popularity. By the age of 15, she’d already amassed around 300,000 followers by simply being herself and sharing her OOTD (Outfit of the Day). Every day before school, she meticulously planned her outfit and hairstyle, even though her school had a uniform dress code. She added a unique touch, such as a scarf or jewelry, to stand out. It was during this time that she realized she could leverage her popularity to make money.

Reselling Through Poshmark

Jayda’s success in selling continued when she was in high school, but this time, she was selling clothes online through the Poshmark app. As her Instagram page attracted numerous comments from people inquiring about where she bought her clothing and accessories, at the age of 16 she seized the opportunity to launch a business. After wearing her outfits to school, she would resell them on weekends through the social media app Poshmark, which serves as an online marketplace for both brand-new and secondhand goods, including clothing, home decor, beauty/wellness products, and electronics; Jayda’s items consistently sold out within seconds of being posted on the app. She maintained this venture for several months, and it didn’t take long for her products to sell out.

Despite still being in the ninth grade while reselling clothes, her grandmother, who didn’t fully understand social media and online selling, encouraged her to get a traditional job. Jayda followed this advice, and worked as a waitress in a restaurant. However, she soon realized that this wasn’t the path she wanted to follow, especially after her boss asked her to change her hair color overnight – it was at that moment that Jayda decided to be her own boss. She called her grandmother and parents to explain her decision, which again they initially opposed. Nevertheless, she promised to prove that she could earn money in her own way.

Created her own brand, “Amour My Hustle”

Her reselling experience provided her with invaluable insights into running a small business, and honing her branding and marketing skills; she eventually expanded her horizons by launching her own T-shirt line. Her followers significantly increased over time,  and some of them even created fan pages with the name “Amour,” followed by the names of the followers. This became some sort of a ‘movement’ online, contributing to her gaining more recognition on various social media platforms.

Initially, she ordered 100 shirts from a shop, as her budget was limited, but was confident that she could sell them, and she did, faster than she’d anticipated, and soon found herself restocking 2,000 shirts every Friday to meet the growing demand for her products. While still attending school, she enlisted her mother, grandmother, and sister to help fulfill orders – it was during this time that her grandmother realized Jayda was onto something big.

Amour Hair Collection: Hits and Losses

Despite the T-shirt business doing exceptionally well, Jayda yearned for more, and decided to shift her focus to selling hair products: this time, she even asked her Dad to travel to China to find the right vendor. Her father, who owned his own company, saw the potential in Jayda, and immediately agreed. The launch of Amour Hair Collection brought immense success; her mother’s house essentially became a warehouse, overflowing with various types of boxes, as Jayda’s products sold rapidly and in large quantities, as her merchandise became a trending topic online. Jayda’s family actively supported her, but as she was still a minor, her mother managed the contracts and finances.

For a period, she earned over $2 million in a year. However, her business suffered significant losses when negative reviews started pouring in online. All her products were sourced from China initially, and there were no problems, but as the demand for her hair products grew substantially, she began importing a larger quantity of wigs and extensions. Jayda admitted that the quality dropped considerably as her orders increased. Clients documented their unfortunate experiences with her products, tarnishing her reputation. She acknowledged that it was her fault for not having the time or resources to inspect each delivery. Although she rigorously tested her hair products before releasing them, she didn’t encounter any issues. Nevertheless, the number of consumers complaining continued to rise, so she decided to cease sales, and spent approximately five months refunding customers with problematic products until she found another vendor.

Jayda faced a substantial setback, as everything she’d worked hard for in a year was lost while fixing her mistakes and regaining the positive reputation she had maintained since the start of her entrepreneurial journey. She temporarily closed down her businesses, and refrained from posting on social media due to the overwhelming negativity, including hate comments and adverse reviews. It was a challenging lesson she recognized as beneficial in hindsight, teaching her the importance of careful navigation in her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Second Phase: Webinars and Book Launching

To prevent further losses, Jayda displayed her intelligence by recalibrating her strategies to ensure she wouldn’t repeat her past mistakes, as she pursued more extensive plans for her brand. During this pause, she explored new avenues.

“Marketing Mondays”

In light of the challenges she faced with Amour Hair Collection, Jayda made a strategic decision to cease selling products entirely. This choice coincided with her pregnancy, which proved to be the right decision, allowing her to focus on her well-being without the weight of negativity and pressure during her confinement.

Despite the losses she’d endured, her confidence and entrepreneurial spirit remained unshaken and she began laying the groundwork to capitalize on the knowledge she had gained. With her online following having grown substantially over the years, she continually received inquiries about how she’d achieved so much at a young age. In response, she started offering slots for her marketing webinars, in which she shared valuable tips and strategies on how her business took off and thrived. Her webinars turned out to be highly successful, charging approximately $50 per slot, with roughly 500 attendees for each session. She conducted these webinars for three months before deciding to stop, due to the perceived exhaustion of valuable information.

Published a book on becoming a successful “Young Boss”

When Jayda felt that she had shared all she could through her webinars, she penned a book entitled “The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss.” Recognizing that many young individuals lacked the time to participate in her webinars, she saw the book as an effective medium to convey her experiences and insights. The book was released in February 2018 in three editions, gaining popularity, particularly among young adults. The majority of the reviews it received were positive, with many of her followers praising Jayda for providing a simple, accessible breakdown of how to achieve one’s goals. The book instilled confidence in its readers, empowering them to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Third Phase – “Waydamin”

In September 2021, after an hiatus of about four years without any sales activity, and moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Jayda Wayda made a triumphant return to the business scene with the launch of “Waydamin Merch.” This time around, she was determined to do everything right, taking steps including securing a warehouse, assembling a skilled team, and implementing a robust inventory system. Instead of merely relying on Chinese sources, she went a step further by having her own manufacturer produce her unique designs.

Initially, her merchandise primarily consisted of everyday clothing items for women, and the response was overwhelming, with her products selling out within a matter of minutes. Encouraged by this early success, she realized that limiting her business to branded merchandise alone wouldn’t do justice to her aspirations. Subsequently, she rebranded her venture as “Waydamin”, and expanded its offerings to include swimwear, sleepwear, and a line of accessories.

While her brand enjoyed resounding success, the journey was not without its challenges. Even with her considerable knowledge, she still encountered hurdles. For instance, she initially produced the clothing line based on her own measurements, which didn’t cater to taller and larger individuals. Jayda, ever hands-on and quick to learn, promptly rectified her mistakes, making sure to offer a variety of sizes during the second launch, significantly boosting her sales. Notably, her decision to create clothes for different body types resonated with plus-size women, who appreciated the inclusivity of her brand.

Her Foray into the Entertainment Industry

Jayda Wayda’s life has been defined by her willingness to explore new possibilities and seize every opportunity that comes her way. So when a minor acting role was offered to her in the movie “Bid For Love,” released in 2022, Jayda eagerly accepted the challenge.

As an actress

To prepare for the role, she initially opted for the traditional route by attending acting workshops. However, she soon realized that the classroom setting wasn’t the ideal learning environment for her, so she left the class, choosing to teach herself instead. Reflecting on her unconventional approach, she mused, ‘So, I really taught myself. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.’ Nevertheless, her performance received positive feedback from her co-actors, and she was subsequently offered another role in an upcoming movie entitled “Only Child.” Although she didn’t earn a significant amount from her acting endeavors, Jayda remained hopeful that her dedication and talent would eventually lead to a breakthrough role.

As a reality TV star

Leveraging her vast social media following and charismatic personality, Jayda next ventured into the world of reality television, as part of the cast of “Impact Atlanta,” which premiered in 2022. The show featured prominent influencers in the Atlanta area, with Jayda occupying a central role alongside other notable figures such as Ari Fletcher, Tae Gray, Dess Dior and Lakeyah Robinson.

The reality TV show achieved considerable success, prompting the commissioning of a second season. However, Jayda chose not to participate in it, citing artistic differences; in one interview, she explained that, while she understood that drama and controversy were integral to reality TV, she sought more creative control over her portrayal. There were instances in which the final edit of an episode that was shown to her prior to actual airing differed from what was shown on TV; sometimes the ‘evil editing’ painted her in a negative light. Jayda expressed her reluctance to embrace this system but acknowledged that such portrayals, strangely enough, have translated into increased sales of her products. However, she didn’t rule out the possibility of returning to reality TV in the future.

Personal Life

In 2016, Jayda entered into a relationship with Atlanta-based rapper Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Jones. Their romance led to the birth of their child, Loyal Armani, in 2019. The couple’s relationship was marked by periods of being on and off, characterized by the complexities that often accompany high-profile pairings. While cheating allegations swirled around their relationship, Jayda repeatedly gave Lil Baby opportunities to make amends. However, in 2021, the couple officially parted ways, a development confirmed by Jayda via her Instagram account declaring herself single. Despite the break-up, they maintained an amicable relationship, driven by their shared commitment to co-parenting their child.

In the early months of 2023, rumors began circulating that Jayda and Lil Baby had reconciled, and there were even speculations of a second pregnancy. However, this rekindled connection turned out to be short-lived, as Jayda later announced, ‘I gave my relationship another shot, and it shot me.’ In the aftermath, she declared her single status and expressed her determination to prioritize her ever-expanding brand. Notably, she dismissed the pregnancy rumors with recent bikini photos that contradicted the speculation.


Jayda Wayda boasts a svelte figure, with a body weight of around 128lbs (58kgs) and a petite stature of 5ft 1in (154cms), with her physique characterized by curvaceous contours, complemented by her striking black hair and captivating dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

As of November 2023, Jayda Wayda’s financial standing is estimated to be  close to $7 million.

Jayda’s journey from a rising Instagram sensation to a thriving entrepreneur, actress and influencer, is a testament to her relentless determination and adaptability in the dynamics of social media and business. Overcoming challenges and setbacks, she’s built the “Waydamin” brand, offering valuable insights to whoever wanted to learn from her experience. Her story inspires people to believe in dreams, work hard, and to break boundaries, proving that the digital age holds boundless opportunities for success.

The ‘Young Boss’ who continues to empower and motivate others on their entrepreneurial journey, has set her sights on becoming a billionaire within the next 10 years.

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