Who is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman? His Age, Height, Wife, Child

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is known for being the father of the actress and singer, Zendaya Coleman. He’s been supportive of his daughter’s career, and has occasionally appeared alongside her at events. However, there might not be a significant amount of public information available about Kazembe Ajamu himself, as he tends to maintain a low profile compared to his famous daughter.

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Early life, education, family

Samuel Coleman, was born in Oakland, California USA, on 10 February 1960. Although details about his upbringing in Oakland remain limited, his life story highlights the importance of identity and the significance of ancestral connections, as it’s been revealed that he changed his legal name with the intention of embracing his heritage after finding out the results of an ancestry test that proved his Nigerian decent.

Before assuming the roles of his daughter Zendaya’s bodyguard and manager, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman pursued a career as a teacher. He completed high school in Oakland and continued his education in California, majoring in physical education, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education in 1982. Following his graduation, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman embarked on his teaching career in physical education. Simultaneously, as Zendaya’s Hollywood career gained momentum, Coleman transitioned from teaching to take on the role of his youngest daughter’s bodyguard and manager.

Family dynamics and personal life is something Kazembe prefers to keep as private as possible. While Zendaya garners most of the spotlight within the Coleman family, she’s not the only child of Kazembe – he’s been married twice, but little information is available about his other wife, although he seems to maintain an amicable relationship with his former spouses. From his first marriage, Kazembe has five children, all older than their famous sister. They are listed from oldest to youngest as Austin Stoermer Coleman, Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, Julien Stoermer Coleman, and Kaylee Stoermer Coleman. It’s suggested that Austin might be the only other child to pursue acting, yet there’s limited confirmation regarding this.

Wife and child

Zendaya, the youngest child in the Coleman family, was born on 1 September 1996, however, it wasn’t until 2008 that Kazembe married her mother, Claire Stoermer. Both Kazembe and Claire shared the profession of teaching, with Claire dedicating over two decades to instructing at Fruitvale Elementary School, which happened to be the same school Zendaya attended. This has fueled the Zendaya’s profound appreciation for education. During her youth, the actress admired her parents as role models, inspired by their dedication to assisting others and passing their knowledge onto younger generations. In one of the interviews for Teen Vogue, the young actress expressed her pride and admiration for her mother’s passion to teach, and talked about the importance of education for young women.

Claire and Kazembe’s marriage lasted for eight years, supporting the youngest daughter during her early ventures in the entertainment industry. Zendaya’s career took off with the Disney Channel series “Shake It Up,” alongside Bella Thorne. During her early career she appeared in music videos for various artists such as Trevor Jackson, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars. She also embarked on her musical journey, creating her own music videos. Collaborating frequently with Bella Thorne, Zendaya showcased her talents not only in acting but also in music. The Emmy winning actress is the best known for her role of Rue in “Euphoria”, and MJ in the latest “Spiderman” movies alongside her long-term boyfriend Tom Holland.


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Kazembe remained a constant presence in Zendaya’s journey not only as a supportive and over protective father, but as a manager and a body-guard. Despite Claire and Kazembe’s divorce in 2016, they maintained a positive relationship as co-parents to their now grown up children. Notably, Claire did not request spousal support, indicating their mutual care and respect for one another, despite not continuing to live together under one roof. Even though the Coleman family is known to keep their family matters private, Zendaya posted a photo with both of her parents on a hike, as a response to the “news” of their alleged divorce in 2016. She wrote the remarkable caption: “My parents ain’t been together for a long time, y’all didn’t know cause we private+they still homies #lateassnews.”


As a gym trainer and bodyguard, Coleman possesses an impressive physique, standing at a height of 6ft (around 180cms) and weighing 84kgs (around 185lbs). Typically, he sports dreadlocks for his long hair and regularly wears glasses.

Social media presence, hobbies and interests

Kazembe is highly engaged on Instagram and has around 25,000 followers. He passionately supports the Las Vegas Raiders American Football team, rooted in its origins from Oakland. He is equally enthusiastic about the Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Oakland A’s. His affection for both teams is evident through his Instagram posts. In addition, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman takes pleasure in displaying his family life. While frequently highlighting Zendaya’s achievements, he also shares numerous pictures featuring his entire family.

Besides evidently being a sports enthusiast in both private and professional life, and according to his Instagram biography being involved with musical production, nothing else is known about any other hobbies and interests.

Net worth and salary

He’s employed as a professional gym trainer, and serves as Zendaya’s full-time bodyguard, so his exact income remains unsubstantiated, but his net worth is widely estimated at over $700,000, as of late 2023.

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