Who is Lance Stewart’s girlfriend Lizzy Wurst? Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Body, Mom, Height, Pregnant

• Lizzy Wurst is a YouTube and social media personality, born in 1998 in New Jersey, USA
• She initially gained fame through Vine before transitioning to other platforms like Instagram and YouTube
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $200,000
• She is in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Lance Stewart
• She is known to do photo shoots and online modelling, and enjoys dancing and her pet cat in her free time

Who is Lizzy Wurst?

Lizzy Wurst was born on 22 July 1998, in New Jersey, USA, and is a YouTube as well as a social media personality, who initially earned fame thanks to posting funny clips on the app Vine. She also did short song covers, but later transitioned to other media such as Instagram and Facebook after Vine shut down.

The Riches of Lizzy Wurst

How rich is Lizzy Wurst? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $200,000, earned through a successful career online. She’s also collaborated with other high profile social media personalities, and as she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life, Education, and Social Media Beginnings

Not many details have been shared about Lizzy’s childhood but it is known that she grew up with a younger brother. She attended Delsea High School, and it was during this time that she started to earn popularity online. One of her first appearances was on YouTube, on videos of her boyfriend Lance Stewart. Eventually she decided to create her own Twitter account, which quickly earned a lot of followers thanks to her connection with Stewart. She started by posting comedic content and short cover songs before discovering the app Vine.

Vine was a short form video hosting service app, on which users could share six second looping clip, plus the app allowed users to post with other social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Most popular users, trending clips, and thematic videos could also easily be searched. During the peak of its popularity, it had 200 million active users, however, in 2016 Twitter announced that it would start disabling uploads, although the app would continue to work. Vine eventually shut down, but not before Twitter posted an archive of all Vine videos; Lizzy has attracted over 130,000 followers to her account.


While Wurst continued her activity with Twitter, she realized that Vine was not sustainable, especially after the announcement of upload disabling. She created her own self-titled YouTube channel, on which she started posting weekly videos. Some of the content she worked on included comedy clips, lifestyle videos and pranks, among other subjects. She also did challenges, and one of her most popular videos was a pepper challenge which earned millions of views. While she began earning significant amounts of money on the website, she also created an Instagram account which could do short form videos similar to Vine, and on which she also posted many personal pictures.

Thanks to her consistently increasing popularity, numerous high profile companies started to approach her with offers of sponsored posts and endorsements. She attracted nearly two million followers, and according to various sources, companies pay higher amounts depending on the number of followers one has. She also continues to collaborate with other content creators, particularly with Stewart whom she mentions is the inspiration for her to try and pursue a similar career.

Personal Life

For her personal life, it is known that Lizzy is in a relationship with fellow YouTube and social media personality Lance Stewart. Unlike her, he had his start through YouTube, and has gained a significant following there as well. The two do some couple videos, that often have fun or controversial content, as well as doing a lot of vlogs together, plus several activities and travelling to various locations around the world.


A few years back, she mentioned that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and had to undergo several procedures for treatment. The disease caused her to be very insecure about her breasts, and according to her, her breasts reduced in size due to the cancer. She then underwent plastic surgery to increase the size of her bust.

There are rumors that Lizzy and her mother aren’t on good terms, with sources suggesting that her mother was trying to use her daughter’s popularity to create publicity on her own channel. She declined, and as a result her mother asked her to leave the family home, since when she has been living with Lance Stewart. She didn’t actually post anything about her problems with her mother, but it was Stewart who posted a video of her crying which gained significant attention.

Controversies and Hobbies

In recent years, YouTube has been afflicted with numerous controversies among many content creators, mainly due to how they presented their content. Lizzy has been criticized for creating “clickbait” videos, which mislead viewers into thinking that she is posting something controversial, but end up being something different altogether. However, she still has more fans who support her despite what would be regarded as tactics that are frowned upon. There is also the question of YouTube and other social media couples being too public about their life, which can cause problems for their relationship later on, as evident with other couples who have failed.

During her free time, Lizzy has mentioned that she enjoys dancing to her favorite songs – once she likes a song tries her best to find numerous versions of it. She also owns a pet cat. She has mentioned that family remains important to her, despite the rumors surrounding her mother. Her favorite color is blue, though this is not evident through her posts. In recent months she mainly concentrated on photo shoots and online modelling, collaborating with several online retailers.

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