Who Is Mallory Rubin? Her Age, Height, Husband, Wiki, Career

Mallory Rubin, an esteemed American editor, and podcaster, has carved a prominent niche for herself in the media landscape, primarily through her impactful contributions to ‘The Ringer’. Her notable claim to fame lies in co-hosting the widely acclaimed ‘Binge Mode’ pop culture podcast alongside Jason Concepcion.

As a foundational figure at ‘The Ringer’, Mallory has been instrumental in shaping its trajectory, and presently holds the esteemed position of Editor-In-Chief. Her multifaceted role reflects not only her editorial prowess but also her commitment to delivering engaging and insightful content to audiences.

So, who is this accomplished woman when she’s not inspiring others with her witty writing and hard work? Join us as we find out!

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Early Personal Life

Mallory Rubin’s journey began on 15 September 1986, in the vibrant city of Baltimore, Maryland USA. However, beyond this basic information, the early chapters of Mallory’s life remain veiled in mystery.

The identities of her parents are shrouded in anonymity, and any mention of siblings is conspicuously absent from the public narrative. The details of her childhood, a period that shapes many, are also conspicuously absent from the public discourse, leaving Mallory’s formative years open to speculation and wonder.


Following the completion of her primary and high school education, Mallory pursued higher learning at Syracuse University. There, she navigated the academic landscape with diligence and determination, culminating in the conferral of a bachelor’s degree in journalism.


Mallory started small, interning with local news sources while still in college. Driven by her passion for sports, she actively sought opportunities to express her love for the game through the written word.

In 2009, Mallory’s career took a significant leap as she began contributing to the very well-known and adored sports magazine Sports Illustrated. Boasting a staggering 23 million weekly readership, writers for this publication can be very proud of themselves. This media giant, with its videos, TV shows, and calendars, provided her with a platform to indulge in her favorite subject, American Football, which she covered in the engaging “Saturday Morning Splurge” news column.

Her stint at Sports Illustrated, spanning from 2009 to 2012, marked a pivotal chapter in her early career.

Transitioning from freelancing and smaller publications, Mallory found herself at Grantland in 2014, an ESPN-run sports platform with a pop culture twist. The website featured various podcasts and writers, including Mallory’s own podcast. However, Grantland’s journey came to an end in 2015 due to viewership challenges and controversy.

Undeterred, Mallory turned her experiences into a new direction in 2016, making a foray into television. Becoming a regular part of “After the Throne,” a show dissecting “Game of Thrones” episodes, she quickly established herself as an insightful commentator. Her role extended beyond appearances, co-producing one of the show’s episodes.

In July 2017, marked a significant milestone as Mallory joined The Ringer in an official capacity with her podcast, “Binge Mode.” In this dynamic space, she seamlessly navigates between the realms of sports and pop culture.

Currently serving as the deputy editor alongside Jason Concepcion, , Mallory engages audiences in lively discussions about the latest films and TV shows. Recent topics of exploration include “Black Mirror’s” fourth season, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” and “The Shape of Water.” Mallory Rubin’s trajectory continues to blend expertise, enthusiasm, and a deep connection with her audience.

Interesting Facts

Mallory, self-identifying as a “huge nerd” with infectious enthusiasm, commands the editorial realm at The Ringer. Her ardor extends far beyond mere interest; it’s an all-encompassing passion coupled with an encyclopedic grasp of the most iconic fictional universes spanning the last century.

From the enchanting world of Harry Potter to the galaxies far, far away in “Star Wars”, the intricate political landscapes of “Game of Thrones”, and a staggering 25 Marvel movies, Mallory’s knowledge is nothing short of impressive.

Later Personal Life

Mallory is happily married to Adam Levine, a partnership that has endured for over a decade, as evidenced by her candid social media posts. Their enduring connection is a testament to their mutual pride and support for each other.

It’s worth noting that Mallory’s Adam is not to be confused with the renowned lead singer of Maroon 5 who shares the same name.

Physical Characteristics

Mallory is 5ft 6ins (165cms) tall and weighs about 121lbs (55kgs). She has lovely green eyes and long brown hair.

Net Worth

Mallory’s financial success stems from her role as the Editor-in-Chief of The Ringer, a position that has allowed her to amass a considerable fortune through the years. As a result of her dedication and contributions, her estimated net worth stands at an impressive $500,000, as of late 2023.

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