Who is model Khia Lopez? Wiki: Age Height, Mother, Parents, Sister, Family

• Khia Lopez was born in 2004 and is a model, best known for The Weekend Wardrobe.
• Her estimated net worth is $200,000.
• She has modelled various clothing styles and loves dancing.
• She has been criticized for going into professional modelling at a young age.
• She has an active Instagram account and TikTok account with over 280,000 followers and 530,000 fans respectively.

Who is Khia Lopez?

Khia Lopez was born on 29 August 2004, in California, USA, and is a model, best known from working for The Weekend Wardrobe. She also became an official model for Kidz Fashion, and has done blogging work for the website We’re So Fancy.

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The Riches of Khia Lopez

How rich is Khia Lopez? As of late-2018, and at just 14, sources estimate a net worth that is at $200,000, earned through a successful career as a model. She has also tried her hand at dancing and competitions, but her work as a model has led to numerous opportunities, and as she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Modelling Beginnings

Khia’s interest in modelling began at a young age, and her parents were able to catch on to it. While she developed her personal style and love for fashion, it wasn’t until 2014 that she really started attracting attention. It began when she joined the social media website Instagram, helped with her posts by her mother who would later manage her modelling career. Her pictures on Instagram quickly caught attention, and many fashion enthusiasts started following her thanks to her style. With the rapid rise of her popularity online, the family took advantage of this, and they started looking for modelling work. She began appearing on her mother’s website blog entitled “We’re So Fancy”, in which she is featured along with other pre-teen models. Her exposure there led her to be offered modelling opportunities, and contracts with fashion companies.

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Fashion Projects and Other Endeavors

In addition to her modelling, Lopez developed a passion for dance, and started taking a variety of dance classes, at one time studying eight dances at once. She has mentioned that her two loves in life are dancing and fashion. With her desire to become more creative and unique, her mother began expanding her clothing repertoire, and Khia has modelled various clothing styles from street fashion to vintage. However, according to many of her fans, one of the reasons she stands out in the crowd is due to her posture. and her ability to make great facial expressions.

She has inspired a lot of her fans to follow suit, and also started to appear in modeling projects with more notable brands. One of the first brands she worked with is KidzKandi, which is known for promoting their clothing through Instagram. There is also Little Trendsetter which is a kids clothing company based in Canada. One of her biggest sponsors and modelling contractors is The Weekend Wardrobe, which has their own personal website promoting many of the clothes she has modelled, and featuring other similarly popular pre-teen models.

A Potential Controversy

With Khia’s fame increasing significantly, many other people caught attention aside from her followers. There are critics and detractors who do not agree to children or pre-teenagers going into a career of professional modelling at such a young age. Their argument is that these children should not be exposed to environments which can influence them to be overly conscious about their physical appearance. It may also promote a view of self-worth that is measured in the number of followers, based on the perception of other people, or focused on income. The problem with online fame especially when it comes to those who are not prepared for it, is that they may end up going to great lengths just to maintain their followership.

Khia has been accused of becoming a part of a bandwagon which promotes the perfect body, hair, and clothes. Despite all of this negativity surrounding her, Khia has never stated or promoted any messages pertaining to such, and fans have stated that these criticisms are only from people who think too cynically and are too negative about modelling. Many have praised her for pursuing her love of fashion at a young age. It also means that she can possibly transition to a career in professional modelling, as she is already building the skillset and experience required for it.

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Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, Lopez’ romantic relationships are yet to begin. Many sources state that she is still very young and is not likely focused on having a relationship, but instead on developing her career. She is currently attending middle school though details about her education have remained hidden to protect her privacy. She has two brothers, and a lot of her friends who have also done modelling work similar to hers. While obviously still growing, she currently stands at 5ft 3ins (1.60m), and photographs suggest an appropriate bodyweight, especially for a budding model.

She has not mentioned any plans of taking modelling or dancing seriously as a career later on, though there is a good chance that she does. In 2015, she participated at the USA Spirit Cheer competition. Aside from her Instagram account, she has Facebook and YouTube accounts which are filled with content mainly related to her modelling endeavors, although her YouTube account hasn’t been updated since 2016, while her Facebook page has been inactive since mid-2018. Her Instagram account is the one that remains active, with over 280,000 followers; she regular posts on the website, often appearing with family and friends, but capping all of them, she has more than 530,000 fans on her musical.ly now TikTok account.

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