Who is model Meredith Mickelson? Wiki: Age, Height, Weight, Body, Boyfriend, Parents, Real Life

• Meredith Mickelson is an American media personality and model.
• She has been featured on Vogue’s cover page twice and works for Next Model Management.
• Mickelson is a social media sensation, with over a million Instagram fans and 100,000 Twitter followers.
• She has a net worth of just over $1 million.
• She is 5ft 10ins (177cm) tall, weighs 52kg (115pounds) and has a vital statistics of 35-24-35 inches.

Who is Meredith Mickelson?

Meredith Mickelson is a media personality and upcoming American model, who has already established her name in the fashion world at the young age of 19. Mickelson has been featured on Vogue’s cover page two times besides getting recognition from some of the biggest agencies in the beauty industry. Born on 1 July 1999, this model seems to be going places in her modeling career – currently she works for Next Model Management as their model, and is associated with some big brands including Maybelline and Calvin Klein.

Meredith is also a social media sensation, and has more than a million Instagram fans as well as over 100,000 Twitter followers. She also has a YouTube channel she runs with Chase Carter, her best friend known as ‘MickCheese’, which has helped Meredith gain popularity, and although they have only uploaded a few videos, the duo has managed to gather more than 54,000 subscribers and over a million views.

Early Life and Family

Mickelson was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up beside her brother Daniel, who is a baseball and football player. Although her parents’ names are not known, she confesses that they have always been her source of strength, supporting her in all her endeavors. Right from a tender age, Mickelson dreamt of modeling as a career; she is blessed with the probably the perfect body for the job, both in height and weight, as her hourglass figure has helped her land lucrative assignments. She complements her looks with a zealous attitude and charm. Meredith has previously been heard saying that she never waits for opportunities to present themselves, instead going after her dreams and desires. Her optimistic attitude towards life so far paid off.

Meredith Mickelson Career, Net Worth

Ever since she was a young girl, Mickelson knew that she wanted to be a model. She got her debut modeling gig when she was just 13 years old, however, instead of taking the offer, she decided to concentrate on finishing her high school education. Meredith began modeling professionally with ‘New York Model Management’. From there, she got modeling jobs with ‘Salt Models’ in Atlanta, ‘Freedom Los Angeles’, and ‘Next Model Management’ in Miami.

Her career has brought major changes in her life. For example, her schedule is so busy that she is often moving between states, which has made it hard for her to maintain friendships. However, it has also taught her the great virtue of being patient with people and listening to what they have to say. Her advice is that people should pursue whatever thing they strongly believe in, and do so with everything they have. She also says that it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people, as having a team makes reaching one’s goals easier.

Despite only modeling for around five years, authoritative sources estimate that Meredith is already a millionaire, with a net worth just over $1 million as of late 2018.

Personal Life

When it comes to Mickelson’s romantic life, she has not been involved with many guys. She was said to be dating Ethan Dolan, a YouTuber, but that didn’t last long and they ended up going their separate ways; the cause of their separation is not known. In 2016, she started dating her current boyfriend, Kian Lawley, an American YouTuber, and is popular for his appearance in the “H8TERS” series. The two lovebirds are always writing about their relationship on social media. Rumors are that Mickelson got into a love affair with Kian which led to her breakup with Dolan. Regardless of the rumors, this young model has clearly not been involved with many men.

Real Life

Apart from modeling, Mickelson connects with people and does what normal people do. She has a personal mobile app, compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, that helps her keep all her fans informed on what is going on in her life.

Mickelson attended boxing classes and hot yoga. She dislikes provocative makeup and instead prefers more natural, neutral colors, however, she love having her lashes curly. Mickelson is a people’s person and enjoys spending quality time with her friends, watching movies or going out.

As aforementioned, her first modeling job offer came when she was only 13 years old, however, her parents didn’t think that she was old enough for such a commitment, and they therefore declined the proposal. The next year another proposition came along, and this time her parents gave her their blessings. Apart from modeling and running her “MickCheese” YouTube channel, she also runs the “Meg & Mer” channel with Megan Donoho.

For Mickelson, a summer holiday is not complete without visiting the Florida beaches. When Mickelson was younger, she also used to surf for long periods.

Body Features and Measurements

Mickelson is one tall model – she is 5ft 10ins (177cm) tall, is reputed to weigh 52kg (115pounds), and her vital statistics are 35-24-35 inches, a perfect banana-shaped body. She has blonde hair and green eyes that enhance her natural beauty.

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