Who is model Tehmeena Afzal? Wiki: Playboy, Body Measurements, Height, Husband, Wedding

• Tehmeena Afzal is a 36-year-old American model, sponsored athlete, and singer.
• She was born in Pakistan and raised in Queens, New York City.
• She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and owns an 'Urban Music' website.
• She has made appearances in music videos, magazines and won the “Miss Playboy Public” calendar competition.
• Her estimated net worth is $1 million and she has two sons.

Who is Tehmeena Afzal?

Tehmeena Afzal is a 36-year-old American model, who hails from Pakistan. She is also a sponsored athlete, and singer best known for her job as a Kia and Nissan Motor Company sales representative, and has also worked for Millennium Honda & Star Hyundai as their special finance manager. Tahmeena also owns a cosmetic and beauty corporation known as Mesmerize By Meena, through which she sells cosmetic kits and her signature fragrances.

Tehmeena Afzal Early Life and Education

Afzal was born in Pakistan under the zodiac sign of Aries, on 27 March 1982 to a very strict Muslim couple. Her parents migrated to the USA and raised her in Queens, New York City, where she went to school. Afzal was a softball pitcher while in her high school years, and was able to gather a lot of media attention leading to her getting named Female Athlete of the Year. In 2001, she joined the New York Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 2004. While there, she played for the softball team as their pitcher, but while in college, she worked as a real estate agent and car salesperson to support herself.

Tahmeena Afzal Career

Since she was a young girl, Afzal has always been able to overcome obstacles. For example, in Pakistan, softball and most other sports are only reserved for boys. However, she went ahead and played the game despite knowing this. This is one thing that helped her rise to stardom and with her great performance in sports, she managed to get a prestigious scholarship for her college education. After graduating from college, Tehmeena proceeded to become a successful entrepreneur in the world of music.

Afzal owns a successful ‘Urban Music’ website known as “Tahmeena”. When she launched the website, it created an uproar and she got an equal measure of support and criticism from people all around the globe. Due to her immense popularity, Afzal got overwhelming interest to appear as the face of mixtapes that were later distributed all over the world. This kind of exposure in the thriving business made it clearer that she was an exceptional Pakistani woman, who was bold enough to break cultural barriers not only in the music world, but also the fashion industry.

Her ‘Middle Eastern’ features coupled with a killer figure hit the media scenes hard. This is when she realized that it would prove challenging to be in that kind of career, if her family ideals and strict religious background were anything to go by. However, Afzal admits that she gets thrilled by all the attention she attracts, although some of it is negative. Due to all the support she got from her fans and the desire from them to see more of Tahmeena, she decided to pose for magazines, and appear in music videos where she displayed her God-given assets.

These incredible and daring photos are viewed as cultural defiance by many people. However, Afzal feels that she doesn’t hurt anyone by letting them see all her beauty, and gets immense support from men and women alike. Despite all the moral, ethical, and cultural rules followed by her religion, Afzal has managed to thrive and overcome all the hurdles present in the modeling industry. She doesn’t follow the rules; instead, she defies all odds and leads a prosperous life.

Her way of life has made a big impact on her Middle Eastern Culture. This is despite the knowledge that most families from Pakistan would have thrown her out of their lives due to her career life choices. Though Afzal’s parents do not openly approve of her choices, they are very proud of their daughter’s creativity, education and intelligence. They show this through their love for her which is unending.

Afzal has made many appearances in music videos, and has also been featured in various magazines, including “Vogue”, “Miss Jet Set”, and “Elle”, which has led to her being one of the most famous video vixens and pin-ups. She has a genuine kindness and unbeatable confidence which makes her an interesting celebrity. Tehmeena was once chosen for ‘Miss Playboy Public’ calendar, and also emerged on top of the monthly non-nude Playboy Magazine competition.

Net Worth

Authoritative sources estimate that Tahmeena’s net worth is close to $1 million, earned during her varied working life since the turn of the century, now primarily as a model.

Tahmeena Afzal Personal Life

She is a Muslim by religion, but is considered a hot and sexy ‘American Fashion’ model. Afzal won the “Miss Social of Non-Nude Monthly” competition. Afzal is the mother of two sons, Aiden Blaise and Jaiden Blake. Currently, Afzal resides in Westbury, Long Island in New York where she lives with her immediate family. Her personal life has remained private to the outside world. She is yet to divulge details of her current boyfriend, and there is also no information on her past lovers.

Tehmeena Afzal Body Measurements and Features

Tehmeena is of average height standing at 5 feet 3 inches (160cm). She has reputedly managed to maintain a weight of 53kg (116pounds) and her vital statistics are 34-24-36 inches. Afzal’s hair is dark brown and so are her eyes. She wears a size 8US shoe. Her breathtaking figure and attractive looks have made it easy for her to succeed as a fashion model.

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