Who is Nathan Schwandt? Jeffree Star’s partner Wiki, Age, Brother, Straight or Gay, Height, Family, Job

• Nathan Schwandt is a social media personality, best known for being the boyfriend of fashion designer Jeffree Star.
• As of late-2018, Schwandt has a net worth of $500,000 which has been elevated thanks to the success of his partner who has a net worth estimated at $50 million.
• Schwandt and Star started their relationship in 2015, and now own five dogs and live together in Calabasas, California.
• The couple have been met with criticism due to the fact that Schwandt has expressed interest in women as well and has been accused of being a gold digger.
• Schwandt and Star started their own business together, selling marijuana legally and promoting its recreational and medical benefits.

Who is Nathan Schwandt?

Nathan Schwandt was born on 18 August 1993, in Michigan, USA, and is a social media personality, but perhaps best known for being the boyfriend of fashion designer Jeffree Star, who is also an internet celebrity. The two have been together for three years.

The Wealth of Nathan Schwandt

How rich is Nathan Schwandt? As of late-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $500,000, earned largely through a successful career online. His net worth has also been elevated thanks to the success of his partner, who has a net worth estimated at $50 million. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that this wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Relationship Beginnings

While there is little information available about Nathan’s childhood or his education, it is known that he grew up with his younger brother in their parents’ household. His life was mainly out of the spotlight until he became associated with Jeffree Star. According to a question and answer the two did which was posted on YouTube, he was the first to make a move by directly messaging Star on Instagram. They started out as friends, messaging back and forth leading them to grow closer, during several months of texting, calling, and video calling to each other.

Eventually Star invited Nathan to meet personally by flying out to Los Angeles, and in a span of a weekend, things got more serious. They confirmed that they were dating in 2015, and had their first date at the Santa Monica Pier where they ate at a fine dining establishment before having a romantic walk on the beach. Their relationship kept moving forward in the next few months, and after a year together, Jeffree went to Michigan to visit his family. He confirmed their relationship, and came out regarding his sexual orientation, receiving the family’s approval.

Controversies and Other Matters

After being introduced to Schwandt’s family, his younger brother was invited by Jeffree to stay with them leading to the brother getting a job at the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Company. The couple now reside together in Calabasas, California and they own five dogs which they call their children. They mentioned that they trust each other completely when it comes to their relationship and know about each other’s phones. The relationship has had its share of controversies due to public gay couples being generally under scrutiny. According to some critics Nathan is actually straight and has expressed his interest in women as well yet he remains in a relationship with Star.

He later made a statement stating that he found men in women’s clothes interesting, but a lot of his feelings were suppressed when he was growing up in the Midwest, where they didn’t really promote open expression. Information then surfaced that he had dated women in the past, prior to starting a relationship with Star, but a lot of doubters have been silenced by the two appearing in social media together, especially in YouTube videos. Nathan has also been accused of being a gold digger, especially considering his boyfriend’s immense wealth.

Luxury and Business

The couple continues to emphasize that their relationship has nothing to do with gender, even with the criticisms both have been getting. It is noticeable that Nathan’s lifestyle has become more luxurious after his association with Star, and has been gifted vacations around the world and also given a lot of material things. Jeffree has been known to gift himself with designer handbags, and Rolls Royce vehicles. The two started their own business together thanks to both of them being a fan of marijuana; Star mentioned that he doesn’t like alcohol but is a big fan of cannabis. They started to sell marijuana legally as a side business, and continue to promote its recreational as well as its medical benefits.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, nothing much else is known about Schwandt’s romantic relationships aside from that with Star. The two show no sign of slowing down, nor is there any apparent tension in their relationship. Recently, rumors started spreading that Schwandt’s nude photo had been leaked on the internet, and while it was never confirmed, a former friend of theirs – makeup artist Manny Gutierrez – made a cryptic comment that hinted on both Star and Nathan, which comment caused a small online feud between Manny and Star. Nathan’s online fame has increased significantly thanks to his relationship, and he has around 1.5 million followers on Instagram, on which he posts on a regular basis.

Boyfriend – Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a makeup artist, entrepreneur, musician, and internet celebrity, initially starting his career on the website MySpace, becoming the most followed person on the website. He used the platform to promote his music career, and in 2009 released his only album entitled “Beauty Killer”, which contained songs such as “Lollipop Luxury” featuring Nicki Minaj. He toured around the world to promote his music, and was signed by Akon for continued music releases. However, his second album never came to pass, and he left the music industry in 2013 partly due to legal issues being faced by Akon, and other unclear circumstances. He then started his own cosmetics company – Jeffree Star Cosmetics – which has been highly successful, leading him to considerable wealth.

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