Who is Nicky Gile? Her Age, Body Measurements, Boyfriend, Wiki

Nicky Gile is a model and influencer, famous on Instagram and TikTok. Her social media accounts have accumulated a massive following, thanks to her daring bikini pics and the tidbits she shares about her lifestyle.

Nicky’s ever-growing presence on social media has gained her sponsorships from fashion and beauty brands, though she’s also become wildly popular thanks to her gorgeous looks, which her most loyal followers can see up close through her account on the subscription site OnlyFans. Her content varies depending on the platform though, with Nicky’s Instagram followers getting her modeling pics, while her TikTok followers watch her reviews on products and her funniest side.

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Who Is Nicky Gile?

Born on 24 September 1993, Nicky Gile was born in South Jersey, New Jersey USA. Her parents are Mark and Christina Giles, and she has three siblings named Jessica, Hannah, and Alex.

According to a video shared by Nicky in 2017, she receives many questions about her origin as people have widely assumed she’s European or South American. However, she describes herself as ‘just American’, even though her mother is Polish, while her father has German, Dutch, and Irish origins.

In 2011, Nicky moved to Florida to attend Florida Atlantic University (FAU), from where she graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. and a minor in psychology. Despite not knowing which professional path she wanted to follow after her graduation, Nicky was inspired by the nurses at a local hospital where she volunteered to become a registered nurse as well.

As she revealed in 2017, she was taking accelerated courses to become a nurse, and was also considering going back to FAU, yet it’s unclear whether Nicky accomplished her plans of joining the health industry.

Nicky is a big fan of working out, and going to the beach, on top of being a cheerleader during her time at FAU, though she eventually abandoned the latter as her college activities became more demanding.


Nicky Giles’ oldest social media is her Instagram, opening her first account on the platform in 2011. As Nicky confessed, she didn’t know what Instagram was about back in the day, thus she carelessly shared pics on it while at the same time gaining followers and likes without having any type of strategy to grow her audience.

It wasn’t until a fitness motivational account shared one of Nicky’s bikini pics that she started gaining lots of traction. Later in 2017, she started her YouTube channel to share ‘more of her world’ with her followers, planning on creating fitness, wellness, and lifestyle content for her subscribers. As she confessed in her opening video on the platform, that type of more intimate and insightful content would be her way to thank her followers for their continued support.

However, the plans Nicky had with her YouTube channel didn’t come to fruition, as she rarely shared videos after starting her account. In late 2023, she reactivated her channel after over six years of inactivity, to post some short videos about her modeling life.

Despite already having a massive following by 2017, Nicky was still not a full-time social media content creator as she still had a job, and plans to continue studying at the time; in 2019 she moved out of Florida to establish herself in California.

Career & Social Media Now

The massive following that Nicky Gile has grown since starting her Instagram in the early 2010s, has brought her great career opportunities.

For one, her simple bikini pics from her beginnings have changed and improved over time, looking increasingly more professional. This switch in Nicky’s content is directly related to her involvement with Unruly Agency, the management company for social media creators which has represented her for the last couple of years.

Although Nicky often models for fashion brands and has collaborated with other famous influencers and models such as Kylie Rae Hall and Kelsey Owens, it’s her OnlyFans content which has gained her the most popularity. Nicky has two accounts on the exclusive content platform, with the first one @nickygile being a cost-free account, while the second one @nickygileprivate is only available after paying a subscription.


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The increasing care which Nicky has put into her online content has gained her over 1.8 million followers on her main Instagram account, and 25,000 on her secondary one. She also has almost 40,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter) and over 8,000 on TikTok. Her less popular platform is YouTube, on which she has over 3,000 subscribers, though her views count is over 120,000.

Personal Life

The current relationship status of Nicky Gile is unclear, though a look into some of her oldest social media posts lets us see that she was in a long-term relationship for most of her 20s.

Starting in 2016, Nicky began tagging a man named Ryan Idriss on her Instagram photos, including some Valentine’s Day posts and other pics of them modeling together for a brand. It’s confirmed that Ryan was her partner at the time, given how Nicky posted on X about her ‘boyfriend’ of the same name.

In 2017, Nicky posted a YouTube video in which she briefly talked about Ryan, with whom she’d recently moved in together. Not much is known about Ryan though, except that he and Nicky met while both were studying at FAU.

Although the pair still follow each other on Instagram, it’s unclear what happened to their relationship, seeing how nnithere of them appear on each other’s social media these days.

Physical Appearance & Net Worth

Nicky Gile is a woman of White ethnicity. She has brown eyes and brunette hair, though in past years she’s switched back and forth between her natural color and blonde.

Nicky is 5ft 8ins (1.77m) tall and weighs about 145lbs (65kgs). Although Nicky hasn’t yet revealed what her body measurements are, she’s become famous for her curvaceous and fit, tanned body, so attracting hundreds of thousands of people to her content.

According to reports, Nicky Gile has an estimated net worth of over $1 million, which comes from her career as a model, social media content, and earnings from OnlyFans.

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