Who is Peter La Anguila? His Age, Appearance, Arrested, Salary

Peter La Anguila

A catchy song accompanied by a low-budget but charming music video was enough to propel Peter la Ánguila (birth name Pedro Dayán Millán) into online notoriety.

The aspiring musician, who was born in Cuba on 4th January 1994, went viral thanks to his hit single “El Estilo de Peter la Ánguila”, in which he could be seen dancing on a beach clad in a pair of neon Speedos and surrounded by young women in bikinis.

Viral Song

With his excessive use of autotune and repetitive lyrics, there was little to set Pedro apart from millions of other adolescents trying to go viral. However, taking into account that Pedro’s 6ft 2in (190cm) tall and weighs just 135lbs (61kgs), it’s easy to see why the 80-second videoclip and his outlandish dance moves began circulating online like wildfire.

While filming the music video, the singer highlighted his body proportions by swinging his unusually long arms back and forth and gyrating his hips, a dance move which would be imitated by millions of schoolchildren and adults around the world and which became known as the “Peter la Ánguila”.

In a matter of weeks, the videoclip had been viewed over 60 million times and Pedro had become an online celebrity. Nevertheless, that was back in 2011, and the question on everyone’s mind is: where is he now?

Legal Issues

Pedro did continue to release music after going viral, but the truth is that none of his projects ever reached the level of fame of “El Estilo de Peter la Ánguila”. Many expected him to fade into irrelevancy like the hundreds of one-hit wonders before him, and while it’s true that he disappeared from the public eye for a few years, he was later revealed to have relocated to the USA and begun working as a radio personality.

With that said, Pedro faced various challenges and legal woes along the way. In October 2015, he was arrested on domestic violence charges after attacking and attempting to strangle his then-girlfriend Yenia Martínez weeks after she gave birth to his two children. After paying a $5,000 bail, Pedro was reportedly released from jail but unable to see Yenia or his sons.

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More details were revealed as time passed, and according to Spanish media outlets, Pedro and Yenia – who’d been together since 2013 – got into a heated argument over a flower bouquet on the night of the incident. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, Pedro didn’t resist arrest and allegedly claimed that he’d wanted to ‘kill’ Yenia.

Yenia, who is known to her nearest and dearest as ‘la Kuki’, broke her silence days after Pedro’s arrest, saying that the unfortunate incident ‘could’ve happened to anyone’ and that she would be dropping all charges against him. The former couple tied the knot in January 2014, but are believed to have divorced sometime in 2016 or 2017.

A year and a half later, Pedro was arrested in Miami, Florida, when law enforcement found him consuming cocaine in his car. Upon registering the singer’s vehicle, police found a cocaine baggie which contained one gram of the drug. Pedro’s second run-in with the law came just two months after he began working as a radio personality for “Olimpica Miami”.

In August 2017, it was reported that the YouTuber had pleaded guilty to cocaine possession and had his domestic violence charges dismissed, meaning that he was able to narrowly avoid prison time. The singer discussed the cocaine charges in a later interview, saying: ‘[The cocaine] was for my personal consumption and I paid a $2,500 bail. All of this affected my career and personal life.’ [All quotes translated from Spanish]

Present Day

Luckily for Pedro, he’s managed to stay out of trouble since then while still keeping his name out there. Despite being a micro-influencer on Instagram with less than 100,000 followers, his TikTok videos often go viral and are viewed by millions – in fact, the singer even managed to bring his famous dance back from the dead by turning it into a challenge.

By the looks of Pedro’s Instagram profile, he isn’t up to much on the work front, as most of his pics are selfies with friends and family. One of the last times he uploaded a photo of his sons was back in December 2020; the sweet snap of his boys was captioned: ‘My beautiful sons are bigger every time I see them.’ Although the current status of his relationship with Yenia remains a mystery, we can surmise from Peter’s nostalgic caption that he doesn’t see his sons as much as he’d like.

In March 2019, Pedro’s official Facebook page uploaded a selfie of the singer with his ‘wife’ and daughter which he captioned ‘With my two beauties’. Although he tagged his daughter’s mother’s Instagram account, the account has since been deactivated, and all we know of the mysterious brunette is that her nickname is ‘Nanita’. From the looks of the photo, she and Pedro welcomed their daughter sometime in late 2017.

Despite continuing to work on music with releases such as “Chichar”, “Baby Mama”, and “Choca”, Pedro hasn’t dropped any new projects since 2022. However, he’s active on famosos.com, a website similar to Cameo that allows minor celebrities to send their fans personalized video messages.

Fans of Pedro are aware that in late 2021, the singer was rumored to be dead after disappearing from social media. After a two-month hiatus, netizens were shocked to learn that he was actually alive, and had just wanted to take a break from the internet. This isn’t the first death rumor that’s been attached to Pedro’s name: in May 2013, gossip blogs mistakenly reported that the singer had passed away of a drug overdose.

Overall, the last decade has been an interesting one for Pedro, as he’s dealt with the highs and lows of internet fame. Given that the singer hasn’t released any music in almost two years, his net worth is rumored to be in the low six figures.

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