Who is Sadie Calvano from “Mom” Bio: Leaves “Mom”, Net Worth, Parents, Body Measurements, Dating

• Sadie Calvano is a young actress born in Los Angeles, California on April 8th, 1997
• She has Italian, Basque and Irish ancestry
• She began her acting career in 2010, and has appeared in several movies and TV series
• In 2015, she won the Gracie Allen Award as an Outstanding Female Actor for her portrayal of Violet in "Mom"
• She is currently in a romantic relationship with photographer and producer Alex Brisker and enjoys ballet and jazz music in her spare time.

Sadie Calvano Wiki

Sadie Calvano is a young actress born in Los Angeles, California USA on 8th April 1997; as you might guess, she has Italian roots since her father, Steven Calvano has a mixture of Italian, Basque and Irish ancestry. Sadie’s mother is Aimee and she has Jewish ancestry. Apparently Sadie is an only child, however, we did discover a bunch of interesting things about this promising young actress, so stick with us and read about her biography, net worth, career, relationships, and so on.

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Childhood years

Sadie is still a young actress, but has already appeared in several movies and TV series, and it seems that acting was a part of her nature even from the early days, and was actually appearing in musical theatre at the age of 7! Also, her childhood years were spent doing gymnastics, even at a competitive level – in July 2009, she managed to win the gold medal at the California State Games in San Diego, however, she eventually dropped her gymnastics career at the age of 13 as acting took precedence, and Sadie dedicated her full attention to TV series and movies.

Acting career

Sadie’s professional acting career started in 2010 when she landed a guest appearance in the TV series “Eagleheart”. Soon afterwards, she appeared in “NCIS” as a kidnapped granddaughter of one of the leading characters, then portrayed Leonardo DiCaprio’s niece in “J. Edgar”, a movie directed by no less than Clint Eastwood! However, the real breakthrough in her career happened in 2013, when Sadie got the role of Violet Plunkett in CBS’s sitcom “Mom”. This show made her into a star, and her portrayal of Violet brought her several awards and nominations.

When it comes to movies, Sadie’s biggest moment came in 2016 when she got to play the main character in the film called “The Perfect Daugther”. As you can see, the 21-year old actress usually plays the roles of daughters and nieces, and her youthful appearance allows her to portray those characters with ease.

Other roles and projects

Aside from these roles, Sadie was also among the cast of the black comedy called “The Package”, produced by Netflix and premiering in 2018.

Even though Sadie frequently takes part in TV series and movies, she also enjoys working in the theatre. Over the years, she has played a plethora of characters in various plays, including the likes of “Alice in Wonderland”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Bugsy Malone”, “High School Musical”, and so on, so it seems that the thrill of being on stage still captivates the young actress.

Has Sadie received any awards for her work?

Hard work always gets rewarded, and it seemed that the efforts Sadie has invested in her acting did not go unrecognized, and she’s received several prominent awards in her relatively short acting career. For instance, back in 2011, she was among the nominees for the Young Artist Awards for her role in “Eagleheart”, but she failed to win the award for the Best Guest Starring Young Actress. However, in 2015, Sadie was rewarded with the Gracie Allen Award as an Outstanding Female Actor for her portrayal of Violet in “Mom”.

Net worth

Credible sources estimate that the current net worth of Sadie Calvano is now over $1 million, earned from her diverse range of roles and acting projects, so she apparently leads a comfortable lifestyle, with not too much luxury and glamour.

Is Sadie married?

Despite her professional success , the youthful Sadie remains married, however, she is not single either. For those of you who will be disappointed by this information, Sadie is currently involved in a romantic relationship with photographer and producer Alex Brisker – the couple started dating in 2016. It seems as though they share similar artistic interests, but there are no announcements about an upcoming wedding ceremony.


What is Sadie doing these days?

When not filming, Sadie spends her days in Los Angeles, with her parents. Aside from them, permanent guests of her household include the likes of her dog, Benji, and a cat named  Piper.

Sadie is very passionate about ballet, and is also a big fan of jazz music. During her spare time, she likes to communicate with her fans through social networks. Her favorite social media channels are Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter account has around 11,000 followers, while she has around 40,000 fans on her Instagram account.

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