Who is Svetlana Bilyalova? Wiki Bio, age, nationality, husband, net worth

• Svetlana Bilyalova is a fitness model and social media influencer from Moscow, Russia.
• She advertises brands, designs clothing, and edits and posts videos on Instagram.
• She travels the world and is a fitness freak, promoting healthy eating and exercise.
• Her appearance has changed through cosmetic procedures and she's known for her funny videos.
• Her estimated net worth is $300,000.

Who is Svetlana Bilyalova?

Svetlana Bilyalova is a fitness model and a social media influencer and sensation, famous for her voluptuous shape and breathtaking pictures she shares with her followers. She was born on the 13th January 1992, in Moscow, Russia. Even though she is quite young, she realized that nowadays beauty and fame are a great way to climb the social ladder. At only 26 years old, she is very famous, with over 6.5 million Instagram followers and millions of likes and views on her pictures and videos.


From an early age, she became interested in fashion and modeling. After living in Moscow, she moved to Los Angeles to follow her dreams of becoming a model; When you go through her Instagram account you can see that she advertises many famous brands. Svetlana, or Sveta, as she likes to call herself, runs a website where you can buy T-shirts and hoodies she designed. The clothes are predominantly black, and the design is quite simple, so Svetlana decided to go for a minimalistic approach when it comes to her clothes’ design.


Her fans made her a fan page on Instagram, which has over 20,000 followers. She edits and posts a lot of videos, and she makes sure that her followers are satisfied in asking for their opinion. In 2014, Svetlana worked with Mira Sezar, who is a famous Russian designer who became Sveta’s best friend and like a second manager when it comes to business. She claims that working with Mira was a ‘lifelong dream and it came true’. Because of her exotic looks and the attention she gained, she had the opportunity to appear in Future’s music video “Low life” which has over 500 million views on YouTube, and was subsequently named ‘The Lovely Lady of the Day’ by Sports Illustrated magazine.


Bilyalova loves life and is living luxuriously. She travels the world and parties hard with a bunch of her girlfriends. The girls she often promotes on her Instagram account all take care of their bodies, go to the gym and take beautiful pictures together. They drive fast cars, wear designer clothes and eat at famous restaurants. Bilyalova is a fitness freak, and often posts pictures from the gym and shares tips and advice on what to eat and what exercises to do. She has a lot of friends with whom she travels across the globe because of her modeling gigs, combining work and pleasure. Her favorite destinations are exotic, tropical locations where she can sunbathe and take selfies in her bikini during the day, and party at night. In 2017, she went to the Amalfi coast and Mexico and took some beautiful pictures she shared on Instagram. In 2018,, however, she spent most of her vacation time in Bali, Indonesia.


If we compare pictures from her past and how she looks like today, before and after pictures show that she had some work done. It is obvious that in the past she had a bigger nose, which is now slimmer, smaller and more defined, and she has definitely undergone breast augmentation, and put some fillers in her lips, but she hasn’t come clean about any of her cosmetic procedures. Her appearance is what brings her the money, so, besides going to plastic surgeons, she has to eat and exercise regularly in order to maintain her great physique.

Svetlana Bilyalova

Funny Side

Not only is she beautiful, she is also a comedian and likes to share her playful side with others. She posts a lot of funny stories and comic videos on Instagram where she and her friends act goofy and joke around. There are a lot of her funny video compilations on YouTube as well,  and most of them have two to four million views. For instance, in one of her videos that went viral, she invented a very creative method to tell if someone’s boobs are real or fake by using two mobile ‘phones.

Love life

There isn’t a lot of information about her love life, but as far as her pictures show, she is living the single life and apparently loves it! However, on her blog from 2014 she talks about being a mom, but she doesn’t have one photo on her Instagram account of her boyfriend (husband?) or a child, so her love life will remain a mystery until she decides otherwise. Currently, she is focused on her growing business and career.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, her estimated net worth is $300,000. This doesn’t come as a surprise since she is a successful model and a fitness blogger. A lot of brands use her platform and influence to promote their business, and of course she gets paid a lot of money for an Instagram post that includes the brand.


This Russian doll looks like a Latina with her long, black hair and hazel eyes. Svetlana is 5ft 8ins (1.75m) tall and weighs around 104 lbs (47kg). Her vital statistics are 34-24-34.

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