Why did Dora Madison Burge leave Chicago Fire? Husband, Salary

• Dora Madison Burge is an American actress, writer and producer with close to 50 acting credits.
• She is best known for her role as Warehouse Girl in the 2015 mystery crime series “Dark Places”.
• She appeared in various TV series such as “Friday Night Lights” and “Dexter”.
• She was nominated for a 2010 Gold Derby Award for Ensemble of the Year.
• She is estimated to have a net worth of more than $1 million.

Who is Dora Madison Burge?

Dora was born in Hutto, Texas USA, on 17 October 1990 – her zodiac sign is Libra, and she holds American nationality. She’s an actress, film writer and producer, with close to 50 acting credits to her name, while she’s perhaps known best for her portrayal of Warehouse Girl in the 2015 mystery crime series “Dark Places”. It was written and directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, starred Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult and Christina Hendricks, and follows Libby Day who was eight when her family was killed at their farmhouse in Kansas, and who has now returned to the crime scene 30 years later.

Early life and education

Dora was raised in Hutto alongside her five older siblings, by their parents about whom little is known, because Dora respects their privacy; it’s believed that her father was a car mechanic, and that her mother was a nurse.

Dora became interested in acting at a very early age, mostly because she enjoyed watching movies and TV series with her siblings nearly every day. She enrolled at Round Rock Christian Academy in 2005, and the same year saw her make her debut film appearance, with her portrayal of Hasna in the short drama “Dear Viddy”.

Dora then went on to act throughout her entire education. She matriculated in 2009, and then enrolled at University of North Texas, however, she dropped out after around a year to pursue an acting career.

Roles in movies

Dora played Student in the 2006 drama “Jumping Off Bridges”, and a couple of her following roles were in the 2007 short science fiction horror “The Substitute”, the 2007 short comedy “Trick or Treat” and the 2009 short comedy “One More Chance”.

Dora attracted some attention in 2009, when cast to star in the drama “Wasting Away”, written and directed by Mitch Collier, and which also starred Dane Hurlburt and Ashley Stewart. The movie follows two teenage girls who have begun using heroin.

In 2011, Dora appeared in both the sports drama “Seven Days in Utopia”, and the science fiction horror comedy “Humans vs Zombies”. In 2013, she was cast to play the lead character Madison in the family drama “My Dog the Champion”, written and directed by Robin Conly, also starred Lance Henriksen and Cody Linley, and follows the 16 years old Maddy who has moved in with her grandfather, and has befriended a dog trainer. A couple of Dora’s following roles were in the  horror thriller “Exists” and the  romantic mystery thriller “The Loft” both in 2014, and the 2015 mystery crime drama “Dark Places”.

Dora’s most recent film role has been her portrayal of Thea in the 2021 horror thriller “Alone with You”, written and directed by Emily Bennett, who also starred in it alongside Barbara Crampton and Meghan Lane. It follows a young woman who’s waiting for her girlfriend to come home, while their house has now been filled with hallucinations and shadows; the movie won a Mile High Horror Film Festival Award for Best Feature Film.

Roles in TV series

Between 2009 and 2011, Dora played Becky Sproles in 26 episodes of the popular sports drama “Friday Night Lights”. It was created by Peter Berg, starred Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton and Zach Gilford, and follows the American best high school football team the Dillon Panthers and their coach Eric Taylor; the series won 20 awards, including three Primetime Emmys, while it was nominated for 103 other awards.

The following years saw Dora appear in an episode or two of various series, such as the mystery drama “The Lying Game”, the crime thriller drama “Southland”, and the mystery crime drama “Ironside”. She played Niki Walters in eight episodes of the critically acclaimed mystery crime drama “Dexter” in 2013; the series follows Dexter (Michael C. Hall) who’s killing criminals at night while he’s solving crimes during the day, and it won 57 awards, including four Primetime Emmys, while it was nominated for 196 other awards.

Three of Dora’s most recent TV series roles have been in three episodes of the 2017 comedy “What Would Diplo Do?”, the 2019 episode “All That We Destroy” of the fantasy comedy drama “Into the Dark”, and two episodes of the horror thriller “Dark/Web”, also in 2019.

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Why did she leave “Chicago Fire”?

In 2015 and 2016, Dora starred as Jessica ‘Chili’ Chilton in the critically acclaimed action series “Chicago Fire”, which has been airing since 2012; it today stars Taylor Kinney, Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte, and follows the lives of paramedics and firefighters working in Chicago.

Dora’s character Chili was killed in the series, and because the audience enjoyed watching her, they were curious to learn why Dora was removed from the cast.

The producers of “Chicago Fire” revealed that they were happy with Dora, that they liked her for both who she was and her acting skills, making it a lot harder for them to kill her character.

However, as they have explained, they needed to ‘zhuzh up’ the season, and it was accomplished by killing Chili.

Other credits

Dora received special thanks for the 2016 romantic fantasy comedy movie “Slash”.

In the same year, Dora made a guest appearance in an episode of the talk-show “Noches con Platanito”, and the episode “The Cast of Friday Night Lights” of the documentary series “EW Reunites”.

Dora produced the 2007 short horror science fiction movie “The Substitute”, and wrote the 2009 drama movie “Wasting Away”; she also produced the 2014 short mystery film “Lily and Lucille’s Hip Creature” and the 2017 crime horror movie “Night of the Babysitter”.

Awards and nominations

Dora and her colleagues were nominated for a 2010 Gold Derby Award for Ensemble of the Year, for their performance in “Friday Night Lights”.

Love life and relationships

Dora hasn’t spoken of any men or women whom she has perhaps been with, as she prefers to keep the details of her love life to herself. However, there are rumors circulating the internet, concerning both Dora’s sexual orientation and current marital status.

Some of Dora’s fans believe the popular actress to be lesbian, claiming that this is why she refuses to speak about the men whom she has dated; Dora has apparently been seen by a fan, kissing her girlfriend at a club in Los Angeles, California, but no evidence has been provided to support these claims, nor has she commented on the rumors.

There are some people on the internet who believe that Dora’s a married woman, but prefers to keep her non-celebrity American husband away from media; this hasn’t been confirmed either.

As of March 2022, Dora appears to be unattached, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Dora seems to enjoy being active on Instagram, and is today followed by close to 1,500 people, but has uploaded only about 30 pictures. She has another Instagram account, which is followed by close to 500 people and numbers more than 350 pictures uploaded onto it, but Dora is using this as her personal account, and doesn’t allow her fans to follow her here.

Dora’s physically highly active, mostly because it’s important for her acting career to stay in shape; she has several training sessions at the gym every week, thus her slim figure.

Dora’s a fashionista, as she’s trying to keep up with all of the latest fashion trends, and she’s also a shopaholic, as she goes shopping for clothes at least once a week.

Dora has her own favorite actor and actress, Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet, while a couple of her favorite movies include “Meet Joe Black”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, and “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

Age, height and net worth

Dora’s age is 31. She has long curly brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 6ins (1.7m) and she weighs around 130lbs (60kgs).

As of March 2022, Dora’s net worth has been estimated at more than $1 million.

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