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Dylan Geick

Born on 9th September 1998, in Buffalo Grove, Illinois USA, Dylan Geick is a wrestler, writer, and social media personality, who also served in the US Army for a year. Known for sharing his experiences as a member of the LGBT collective in the army, and for athletics, Dylan had studied at Stevenson High School, during which time he was a member of the Illinois Freestyle national wrestling team.

Dylan’s amateur wrestling career was brief-lived but memorable, as he competed in the Illinois High School Sports Association state championships, and placed fourth in the 152lb and 160lb weight divisions two years in a row.

Personal Life

Dylan came out as gay to some of his schoolmates in 2016 – by then, he’d already posted several photos of himself with his boyfriend on Instagram. The following year, a school newspaper article revealed Dylan’s sexuality to the rest of his peers, as well as a profile in Outsports, which was entitled “This elite Illinois high school wrestler is proudly gay”, and saw Dylan discuss his coming-out story and future boxing aspirations.

According to the internet personality, Dylan came out to his schoolmates one day at the lunch table because he didn’t like having to sneak around with his boyfriend. ‘Minutes’ after sharing the news, other students and teammates found out and began asking if the news was true, followed by fellow wrestlers at other high schools. ‘It shocked a lot of people,’ Dylan revealed.

Dylan’s on-off relationship with Jackson Krecioch, a YouTuber and influencer with over 900,000 Instagram followers, garnered almost as much attention as his promising wrestling career. The couple broke up for good in 2019 after two years, disappointing thousands of fans who had nicknamed them ‘Jylan’.

To this day, fan fictions and fan accounts of the duo linger on the internet, but their relationship was far from idyllic, as in summer 2018, Jackson was accused of cheating on Dylan and took to YouTube to deny the allegations. The exact reason behind their split is unclear, however, and it’s unlikely that we’ll be hearing an explanation anytime soon.

In April 2023, Dylan uploaded the misleading video “Coming Out… again?”, which has been viewed over 180,000 times, and is one of his most-viewed – ‘I’m gonna record a video that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, years, but that I’ve always decided I didn’t need to make because I wasn’t going to be bullied into making it,’ he said enigmatically.

Over the course of the video, Dylan reminded viewers that he’d always been open about his sexuality, but that he’d never been ‘100% sure’ that he was ‘100% gay’. This will seem confusing to casual fans, but despite the media advertising him as gay, Dylan would frequently share in his livestreams that he had doubts about his sexuality.

Dylan was apparently inspired to upload the video due to netizens doubting that he was gay, after seeing him interact flirtatiously, or upload photos with, women. On a March 2023 photo of himself on a yacht with a female friend, Dylan received dozens of comments which described him as ‘confused’, and accused him of doing a disservice to the LGBT community.

In any case, Dylan “came out” as queer in the video, and explained that when the media began describing him as gay back in 2017, he decided to go along with it as he had a boyfriend and didn’t want to confuse anyone.

For anyone who isn’t in the know, the difference between gay and queer is less complicated than it seems. Queer simply means “not straight”, meaning that the term encompasses bisexual and gay individuals such as Dylan.


The YouTuber self-published his first book, “Early Works: A Collection of Poetry”, in 2017 amidst much online fanfare. In the same year, Dylan matriculated from high school and progressed to the next step of his education: a college degree at Columbia University. After Dylan shared that he would be attending Columbia, racist, sexist, and homophobic comments began popping up in the university’s wrestling team’s GroupMe (a chat app for Microsoft phones).

Zach Tanelli, the coach, got in touch with Dylan and condemned the comments. Although the wrestler joined the Columbia Lions team and studied English at the university, he went on leave in 2019 to enlist in the US Army. Around the same time, he was also an advisor for the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

In March 2021 during an interview with V Magazine, Dylan shared that he would be discharging from the military after little over a year. According to Dylan, 2020 was a huge year of change for him, as he went from living the influencer lifestyle in Los Angeles, to doing special operations training and not seeing his parents for eight months. ‘I discovered COVID in basic training and knew nothing about it,’ he added.

While in the army, Dylan also found time to read the Quran and learn more about different belief systems, thus helping expand his mindset. The online personality is also interested in broadening his horizons, because he believes that to get better at writing (which is his greatest passion), one must live new experiences.

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‘Columbia was new to me for the year I went there. I don’t come from a lot of money, so that was a whole new environment and experience,’ he divulged. Similarly, living in New York City and discovering his sexuality were culture shocks; however, he didn’t feel fulfilled enough, which led to him joining the military. (Dylan’s stepfather, a former army ranger and airborne sniper team leader, also influenced his decision).

Although Dylan tried going back to school after the army, he felt ‘trapped’ and unable to express himself creatively. Since then, he’s bounced from one passion project to another, such as modelling, photography, and walking 1100 miles to raise funds for causes close to his heart.

As for the online personality’s net worth and height, Dylan’s reported net worth is $500,000, and he’s 5ft 8ins (176cm) tall.

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