Why is Gia Duddy Famous? Her Age, Measurements, Dating

Gia Duddy is a 22-year-old American social media personality, best known for her TikTok and Instagram accounts, omgiaaa and giaduddy, and on which she has amassed 517,000 and 208,000 followers, respectively. Moreover, she gained prominence as the girlfriend of the National Football League (NFL) Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis before they broke up in September 2023.

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Early life

Giavinna Duddy was born on 1 August 2001 in the USA. She was raised in the Roman Catholic faith in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, and has two siblings: older brother Michael Duddy, born in 1990, and younger sister Bella. She took ballet classes at five. Gia’s parents, Susan Rado “Suz” Duddy, born in March 1968, and Michael Duddy, born in September 1975, are active on Facebook; their usernames are susan.r.duddy and michael.duddy.90.

GossipNextDoor found more information about Gia’s family, such as that her paternal grandfather Michael, died on 9 April 2013 at 66 and was survived by his wife, Sandra Ann Duddy (née Sfameni). Michael married Sandra on 2 August 1969, five years after he matriculated from Central Catholic High School. Her grandfather was drafted into the military during the Vietnam War, was a St. Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church member, and worked as a Stauffer Glove and Safety sales representative in Red Hill, Pennsylvania. Gia also has an aunt named Shannah, an uncle named Matthew, and a maternal grandmother named Elaine.

Early education

Gia Duddy matriculated from Berks Catholic High School in Reading, Pennsylvania, and played lacrosse during her time there. She then enrolled at Pennsylvania State University (PSU or Penn State) in 2019, and majored in behavioral health, graduating in May 2023, according to the SportsKeeda report. Gia was also one of the visitor hosts at Penn State, meaning that she organized interviews with students and showed newcomers or interested high school students around. Her siblings also attended Berks Catholic High School, but only her brother studied at Penn State.


Gia started her online career by posting videos on her TikTok account, Georgia, in 2020. She focused on something other than becoming well-known, although she uploaded challenges that she hoped would go viral. Gia shared things that she was passionate about, such as her vacations, her cat, Dash, and pit bull, Zepp, and fun videos with her younger sister, Bella, who enrolled into University of Georgia (UGA) in August 2021. Gia also traveled extensively, and has visited Morocco, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Budapest in Hungary, and Rome in Italy.

In 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gia demonstrated some of her workouts in the gym and at home, showed her gym outfits and diet, and filmed GRWM (get ready with me) videos.

Gia’s early followers also called her ‘Hailey Bieber with curly hair,‘ which she found offensive to Hailey, who she thought was more beautiful. She also revealed that she isn’t a morning person, that she drinks espresso and coffee with milk ,and a Celsius energy drink before her workouts, and eats primarily vegetarian food. Furthermore, Gia began collaborating with brands such as Grande Cosmetics, Princess Polly, Cider, and Bloom Nutrition. At the time, she was a fan of recording artists Doja Cat, Jack Harlow, and Takeoff and the band One Direction.

Gia has an A-type personality, and intentionally keeps her circle small; she only has three close friends: Lauren, Mack, and an unnamed one.

Going viral

Gia had a decent online following before her accounts went viral in 2023. According to some reports, her followers doubled after the Tennessee Titans chose her boyfriend as their quarterback during the NFL 2023 draft. It was so noticeable and quick that Will made a witty remark that he ‘would need a cut of the profits’ during his “Stool Mid Show” interview, as highlighted by the production company, Barstool Sports, on Twitter. Not much has changed regarding her content since then, but she wanted her new followers to get to know her better. For example, Gia declared her love for Machatequila, and yellow cherries.

Furthermore, she filmed lipstick reviews and her morning skincare routine, got into running, and experimented with her hairstyle. Gia also traveled to New York City, partnered with L’Oréal, Smart Mouthwash, Studs, and CVS Pharmacy, and revealed her curly hair routine. Finally, Gia signed with Digital Brand Architects, which prides itself on being the first influencer management company in the world. Levis also mentioned in July 2023 that Gia plans to get into nursing school.

Dating ex-boyfriend Will Levis

Gia Duddy started dating Will Levis in late 2019 or early 2020. Sadly, the couple broke up in September 2023, only a month after she moved to Tennessee to support his career. They met at Penn State, which Will attended from 2018 to 2020, graduating from Penn’s Smeal College of Business with a bachelor’s in finance in May 2020.

Who is Will Levis?

William Donovan “Will” Levis, born on 27 June 1999, in Newton, Massachusetts, was raised in Madison, Connecticut. He was the senior team captain for American football while he attended Xavier High School in Middletown, Connecticut. After graduating from Penn State, Will transferred to the University of Kentucky in 2021 after playing 15 NFL games for Penn State as their quarterback. On the day of the transfer, Gia wrote on Instagram, ‘my grad!!! can’t wait to see the big things you’ll do at Kentucky; keep making me proud 7. I love you.’ She then flew to Kentucky and waited in his dorm room to surprise him. For Gia’s 20th birthday, Will declared on his Instagram account that ‘she helped him become the happiest and absolute best version of himself, that she never failed to put a smile on his face, and that he cherishes every moment he spends with her.’

After playing for the Kentucky Wildcats for about two years, the Tennessee Titans selected Will as their quarterback; he was their 33rd pick during the second round of the NFL Draft in April 2023. That forced him to relocate to Tennessee, which many fans suspect contributed to conflicts in their relationship. Gia moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in August 2023, only a month before the separation, suggesting that she didn’t plan on breaking up. She previously clarified on TikTok that ‘they have been doing long distance for two years and wanted to live in the same city but different apartments, as she wasn’t ready to live with a man at 21.’ Will’s career was on the upswing; fans went wild over his bizarre eating and drinking habits, such as consuming coffee with mayonnaise and unpeeled bananas. Hellmann’s mayonnaise brand even offered him a lifetime supply contract, which Will signed.

Break up

OutKick.com reported that the Morgan Wallen concert at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, which they attended, might be where they decided to go their separate ways. Reddit user PolishPrincess0520 noticed that Morgan followed Gia and then liked many posts on her social media profiles after the event, which suggested that they interacted. However, Gia and Will continued to follow each other on social media, and she didn’t delete posts in which they appeared together, which made cheating rumors less believable.

Both subtly suggested that they’d split – on 1 October, Gia posted a TikTok video showing her dancing in her room in workout clothing with the lyrics of the “Sky” song by Playboy Carti. She wrote in the video that ‘she was using the sound because last month was not it, and that she cannot risk repetition.’ In the caption, she asked, ‘October, please be nice.’ It was clear what she meant by it for the fans who heard the Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast. Its hosts also reported on 19 September via Twitter that Will became single. It’s undetermined who or what tipped them off, but Will and Gia were guests on the podcast.

Gia confirmed her single status in another video in October, in which she wore a hat with the Philadelphia Eagles team logo. That goes against the expected practice; girlfriends or wives typically publicly support the team that their significant other plays for.

Previous boyfriends

Gia hasn’t discussed her previous relationships, except that she didn’t have a boyfriend in high school, but that Will wasn’t her first. Moreover, she revealed her horrendous first kiss story to her TikTok followers in September 2022. A friend of her older brother, whom she had a crush on, picked her up from a sleepover one day in his Jeep, made an excuse to park in her dead grandmother’s driveway, and then kissed her to get it over with. He started the car a minute later, took her back to the party, and never talked to her again.

Physical characteristics

Gia Duddy has naturally curly dark brown hair which she dyes blonde, and blue eyes, is 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall, and weighs about 127lbs (57kgs.), with vital statistics of 33-25-35. She has facial freckles prominent on sunny days.

Net worth

Gia Duddy has a net worth of roughly $200,000. She graduated from university and vent viral in the second half of 2023, so her career as an influencer is still new. However, brands are already reaching out to her, and she has a Gia’s Favorites list on Amazon, which includes shoes, jewelry, as well as health and wellness products, allowing her to earn a commission on the recommended items. Contrastingly, Will Levis has a net worth of about $1 million, with a NIL valuation of $640,000, an estimate of the college sports player’s name, image, and likeness value.

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