Why Nathan Arenas is so Famous? What He is Doing Today?

Nathan Arenas, a former American child actor, songwriter, and music producer, burst onto the Hollywood stage through his role in the television series “Bunk’d.” With a vibrant and expressive voice that stands out, he seamlessly transitioned into the competitive world of dubbing. Beyond his on-screen presence, Nathan has lent his distinct vocals to a myriad of characters across various animated TV and movie projects.

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Early Childhood, Family, and Education

Nathan Alejandro Arenas was born on 30 September 2005, in Los Angeles, California, of Mexican descent – his mother’s name is Alejandra Valdivia Delgado, but information about his father is not readily available. He has a younger sister named Allyson Juliette. He attended a local private school in his area. From a young age, he showed a love for performing, often entertaining family and friends. To hone his acting skills, he enrolled in Actors Giving Back or AGB Studios, a celebrity-based talent development program and acting school.


Inspired by the comedic prowess displayed by numerous performers on TV, Nathan embarked on a journey into the world of acting, fueled by a curiosity about what it was like to perform in front of the cameras. Following advice from veteran actor David Deluise, the head of his acting school, AGB Studios, he took the plunge into auditions after securing representation from an agency. Here’s a glimpse into his evolving career and some of his notable works:

Bunk’d (2015-2017)

Nathan’s foray into the acting world proved serendipitous as he landed a series regular role after his very first audition. Portraying the character of Jorge Ramirez in the Disney Channel series “Bunk’d,” a spinoff of the popular TV comedy series, “Jessie,” Nathan joined the narrative as Emma, Ravi, and Zuri left New York City for the adventures at Camp Kikiwaka. In the series, he brought to life Ravi’s quirky and messy friend, winning over viewers with his humorous antics, especially when claiming to have been abducted by aliens. Nathan remained with the show for two seasons, contributing his talent to 42 episodes.

A Series of Guest Appearances (2016 – 2018)

Undeterred by the challenges of the industry, Nathan’s resilience shone through as he continuously attended auditions, seizing any opportunity to hone his craft on camera. Reflecting on his experiences, he emphasized the importance of perseverance, stating, ‘Every time you hear a ‘no,’ you can’t give up. You really have to want to do this, or else nothing is going to happen.’ Nathan embraced roles, regardless of size, eager to be part of the production.

In 2016, he made a brief appearance in the TV series “New Girl,” starring Zooey Deschanel, credited simply as “Kid.” Despite the lack of a character name, Nathan cherished the opportunity, praising the kindness and care exhibited by the show’s star. Subsequently, in 2017, he featured in three episodes of the second season of the TV drama series “Shut Eye”, and secured a role in the renowned series “Criminal Minds” during its 13th season, portraying the character Robbie. Nathan expressed fascination with observing the dynamics on the set of a long-running TV series.

During the fourth season of the animated hit series “We Bare Bears,” Nathan ventured into voice acting, marking a significant milestone in his career. This newfound avenue opened doors for more voice acting opportunities, showcasing his versatility.

Appeared in movies (2019 – 2021)

Nathan made a seamless transition to the silver screen with the comedy “I Hate Kids.” The film revolves around a man on the brink of marriage when a child claims to be his son, providing Nathan with an ideal opportunity to showcase his comedic prowess in a cinematic setting. Released in 2019 with limited theatrical screenings, the movie later became available on various streaming platforms.

In 2021, Nathan added another film to his repertoire with “Blue Miracle,” featuring Dennis Quaid. Loosely based on a true story from 2014, the movie depicts a group of orphans entering a fishing competition and triumphing despite their limited fishing experience. Filmed predominantly in the Dominican Republic, this inspiring tale offered Nathan not only a creative challenge but also an enriching cultural experience. “Blue Miracle” was made accessible through Netflix.

“Diary of a Future President” (2020-2021)

Embracing yet another recurring role, Nathan portrayed Danny, a friend to one of the main protagonists in the Disney-produced TV series “Diary of a Future President.” Spanning 20 episodes, the teen actor appeared in 16 episodes. The series premiered in January 2020 and concluded in August 2021, marking another chapter in Nathan’s TV career.

“Fancy Nancy” (2020-2022)

Nathan Arenas further diversified his portfolio by lending his voice to “Fancy Nancy,” a Disney animated series. Voicing the character of Roberto, a friend to the main protagonists, he joined the series for its second and third seasons. The show follows the whimsical adventures of Nancy Clancy, a precocious six-year-old with a penchant for all things fancy and French, as she navigates life with her family and friends in a fantastical rendition of an Ohio town.

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules” (2022)

In the fiercely competitive entertainment industry, Nathan truly made an impressive mark on voice acting as he continuously was offered roles that helped him expand his presence in Disney productions. He lent his voice once again to a character in an animated gem. The spotlight was on the 2022 adaptation of the beloved 2011 movie, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.” Nathan assumed the role of Mackie, one of Rodrick’s musical accomplices. The movie hit the screens via Disney Plus, and to top it off, a sequel has been officially confirmed for a thrilling release in 2024. Nathan’s journey in the magical world of Disney continues to hit all the right notes.

Songwriting and Producing

Before the pandemic, Nathan was entirely focused on his acting career, and in interviews there was no indication that he was starting to forge his path into the music scene. However, the unexpected shift occurred due to the opportunities that social media platforms opened up for aspiring songwriters and producers to create and share their work with the streaming public, eliminating the need for a traditional recording contract.

In the early months of 2022, Nathan surprised his followers when reports surfaced of him producing music for the emerging indie artist and songwriter, Hailey Hermida. Midway through the year, the release of the song “How These Things Go” showcased another facet of the teen actor.

While his fans were already aware of his musical inclinations, given his proficiency with various musical instruments, songwriting and producing represented a new level of artistic expression for Nathan. In June 2023, he unveiled his first original song, “Spotlight,” which he described as a home-mixed creation. By August 2023, his single, “Keep Me Going,” hit the airwaves; both tracks are now available on his Spotify and Apple Music channels.

Although there are no recent updates on his music releases, Nathan’s most recent social media posts prominently feature him immersed in the creative process of making music. The journey from acting to songwriting and producing has undoubtedly added a melodious dimension to Nathan’s artistic repertoire.

Social Media Presence

Much like many teenagers, Nathan ventured into the realm of social media by opening accounts on several platforms. However, what set him apart was his selective activity across these platforms. Although he initiated his presence on most of them between 2015 and 2016, he abruptly ceased posting any content. Nathan had never been particularly active in sharing photos or videos, so his absence from the social media scene didn’t raise many eyebrows. Fans speculated about the hiatus, unsure if it was due to his busy schedule or perhaps advice to limit his online presence at a young age.

In a surprising turn of events, Nathan made a triumphant return to social media in 2022, revealing a transformed version of himself. The once chubby kid had evolved into a lean, toned young man, leaving fans astounded. His remarkable “glow-up” became a hot topic, and admirers playfully teased him in the comment section, expressing disbelief at the metamorphosis from the “Bunk’d” days to his current model-like appearance.

Nathan’s TikTok account boasts nearly 400,000 followers and over 1.5 million likes, while on Instagram he’s amassed a substantial following of more than 400,000. Although he maintains a YouTube page, it contains only two videos, garnering 4,000 subscribers. His Facebook page, with just over 6,000 followers, is updated sporadically, with posts appearing only twice a month. Building a massive following would require more consistent updates, but it seems this may not be his top priority. Nathan’s social media journey reflects not only his evolving image but also the dynamic nature of his online presence.

Interesting Facts

Nathan Arenas spent much of his childhood in the public eye, and as he navigated the challenges of growing up, his preferences shifted from one interest to another. Yet, amidst the changes, certain elements remained constant on his list of likes and dislikes.

Beyond Acting

Apart from his acting endeavors, the teen actor indulges in various hobbies, such as reading and one of his favorite books is “The Blood of Olympus” by Rick Riordan. He also spent much time drawing. Nathan also cherishes moments at the beach, spending quality time with loved ones and friends whenever his busy schedule permits.

Favorite movies and actors

Nathan’s heart is undeniably in acting, and he is an ardent admirer of the cinematic world, frequently enjoying marathon movie sessions with his family. Among his cherished films are “The Truman Show,” “Ratatouille,” and the entire “Star Wars” saga. In terms of actors, he holds Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp in high esteem, captivated by their remarkable versatility and their effortless ability to immerse themselves into the essence of a character.

A Pet Enthusiast

Nathan is a certified pet lover, surrounding himself with a variety of animals. Throughout his upbringing, he cared for rabbits, chickens and fish.

Stranded on an Island

When presented with a hypothetical scenario about being stranded on a deserted island, Nathan humorously shared three essential items he would bring to survive. Initially mentioning an unlimited supply of Chicken Alfredo, a book, and iced tea, he playfully changed his answer to cucumber juice, emphasizing, ‘You can never go wrong with cucumber juice.’

One Favorite Meal

Nathan occasionally dons the chef’s hat at home. In addition to his own culinary exploits, he has a particular fondness for a delectable Mac and Cheese crafted by his close friend and co-actor in “The Diary of a Future President,” Brandon Sievers. Nathan expressed that if he had to choose one meal to enjoy for the rest of his life, it would undoubtedly be Brandon’s Mac and Cheese.

Experienced Surgery

In 2016, at the tender age of 11, Nathan fell ill, initially attributing his symptoms to a typical fever while grappling with the loss of his voice. However, it turned out to be a case of tonsillitis, a condition that plagued him throughout the year. Following the advice of medical professionals, Nathan opted for surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. Fortunately, the procedure went smoothly, and he recovered quickly, returning with vigor to fulfill his acting responsibilities.

Meeting the Obamas

Nathan fondly recalls a standout moment from his childhood, which unfolded during Easter in 2016. Alongside his co-actors from the TV series “Bunk’d,” he received a coveted invitation to the Annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House, hosted by then-President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Nathan expressed his delight in participating in the festivities, describing the experience as surreal, especially when he had the opportunity to meet the most powerful man in the world.

His first cover feature in a magazine

In February 2020, Nathan was pleasantly surprised that he was chosen to be featured on the cover page of Grae Magazine. It tickled him the most when he was described as Disney’s 14-year-old Golden Boy.

Most influential people in his life

Two pivotal figures have played instrumental roles in shaping and propelling Nathan to his current standing. Foremost among them is his mother, a pillar of unwavering support as he ventured into the world of acting. Her sage advice to always believe in himself and not let anyone ruin his days has been a guiding force in Nathan’s journey. The resilience and positivity instilled by his mother have proven invaluable.

The second influential figure in Nathan’s life is David DeLuise, a mentor who provided crucial guidance during his formative years in the industry. Beyond imparting lessons on enhancing comedic timing, David played a significant role in nurturing Nathan as an individual navigating the tumultuous yet rewarding landscape of show business. Their bond has endured the test of time, with Nathan and David remaining close to this day, sharing occasional calls and maintaining a connection forged in the crucible of the entertainment industry.

Favorite music and artists

Nathan’s musical preferences have undergone a fascinating evolution as he navigates the journey of growing older. Initially drawn to the raw energy of grunge, rock, and alternative genres, he developed favorites within these categories while naturally outgrowing others. Demonstrating a diverse musical palate, Nathan embraced exploration, venturing into the timeless hits of the 1950s and 1960s. During this phase, he immersed himself in the iconic sounds of legendary artists such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan. Nathan’s openness to various musical epochs showcases his appreciation for the rich tapestry of music across different eras.

Personal Life

In checking the private lives of celebrities, social media often serves as the ultimate confirmation for fans curious about romantic relationships. Nathan, true to this trend, openly shares glimpses of his romantic journey on his TikTok page. Enter Aly Jade, a stunning blonde with the TikTok handle @alyjadexo, who became a prominent presence on Nathan’s page starting in November 2022. Fans couldn’t help but delight in the adorable couple as they embraced online challenges, from dancing and singing to engaging in games and answering questions together. Their shared moments, captured in photos and videos, showcase a sweetness that has endured for over a year. The genuine happiness radiating from the couple in their shared content reflects a harmonious and joyful connection, leaving fans to revel in the love story unfolding before their eyes.


Standing at a height of 5ft 8.5ins (174cms) and weighing around 143lbs (65kgs), Nathan Arenas presents a dynamic and transformed image. With dark, curly brown hair and expressive brown eyes, Nathan’s features capture attention. As he navigated through puberty, his body underwent a remarkable transformation, shedding excess weight and sculpting a lean physique with toned arms and abdomen. The evolution drew awe from his fans, many of whom expressed disbelief that the same person who once portrayed Jorge in the TV series “Bunk’d” could now embody such a distinctly different appearance. Nathan’s journey reflects not only his physical metamorphosis but also his commitment to personal well-being and fitness.

Net Worth

As of December 2023, Nathan Arenas boasts an conservative estimated net worth of $600,000, a testament to his multifaceted income streams. His earnings stem from a flourishing acting career, lucrative brand endorsements, and the financial gains accrued through his active presence on social media platforms. Nathan’s financial success reflects not only his talent in the entertainment industry but also his savvy approach to leveraging various opportunities across different facets of his professional life.

Nathan Arenas is a promising young actor who has already made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. With his talent and dedication, he is sure to achieve even greater success in the future.

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