YouTuber Jaclyn Hill’s Wiki: Divorce, Net Worth, Ex Husband Jon Hill, Wedding, Plastic Surgery

• Jaclyn Hill is an American YouTuber, makeup guru, make-up artist and businesswoman.
• She had a net worth of over $1.5 million, from her career in the previously mentioned fields.
• She was homeschooled, and then moved to Tampa, Florida with her family.
• She is active on social media, and has released various popular YouTube videos.
• Her latest videos include “HUGE MAKE-UP HAUL!”, “Trendy Hot Pink Smokey Eye Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill” and “Modern Day Bridal Make-up Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill”.

YouTuber Jaclyn Hill’s Wiki

Jaclyn Roxanne Eilers was born on 20 July 1990 in Illinois, USA, which means that her zodiac sign is Cancer, she is 28 years old, and her nationality is American. She is best known as a YouTuber, makeup guru, make-up artist and businesswoman, who has collaborated with the brand Morphee, and released her own line of make-up.


When it comes to Hill’s relationship status, she was married to John Hill, but having spent nine years with her husband, Jaclyn announced in one of her videos that they would be getting a divorce soon, stating that one of the reasons was the fact that they made good friends, but not partners.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Jaclyn Hill as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, this YouTube sensation has a net worth of over $1.5 million, accumulated from her career in the previously mentioned fields. She hasn’t disclosed any information regarding assets such as houses and cars, but according to the photos on her social media, she lives a luxurious lifestyle, and is able to take care of her family. Reportedly, she used to be poor and struggled to make the ends meet, prior to becoming successful on YouTube. In addition to making money through her make-up collaborations, she makes money every time an ad is displayed in some of her videos.

Ethnicity and Background

When it comes to Hill’s ethnicity, she is Caucasian, and has dark hair and blue eyes, which suits her complexion perfectly. She has also dyed her hair various colors, including brown and red, which looked good on her as well. Reportedly, Hill has had plastic surgery several times, and there have been rumors that she has lip fillers. She spent her formative years on a farm near Mineral, located in Illinois, and was homeschooled. Later on she moved to Tampa, Florida with her mother Robin, her father James, brother Nicholas and sister Rachel, after her father decided that he wanted to do missionary work and become an evangelist. In the following years, the family lived in places such as Honduras and India, where her father preached Christianity. After that, she attended college in Sarasota, and studied Photography. Prior to rising to fame, Hill worked as a freelance make-up artist for MAC Cosmetics store, where she gained experience in the field.

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Social Media

Being active in the entertainment field, Hill is naturally active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram and uses her accounts to communicate with her fans as well as to promote her work; she is followed by 1.7 million people on the former and 5.7 million on the latter. Some of her latest tweets include one in which she spoke about how adorable she thinks True Thompson is, reading “There is something about @khloekardashian daughter!! She is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen! My heart melts every time she posts her. She just looks so sweeeeet! Look at that face, just look at it!”. She also has a loyal fanbase that enjoys watching her videos, and she enjoys interacting with them. One fan tweeted that she came down with a cold and her boyfriend ran her a bath and put on one of Jaclyn’s videos. The YouTube star retweeted this tweet, showing appreciation towards her fanbase. However, she gets criticized sometimes – following the release of her latest makeup palette, many people reported that they had issues with the pigment, but being the professional that she is, Hill took care of it, thus the palettes were eventually replaced.


Hill made her debut on YouTube with the video entitled “Kim Kardashian Holiday Make-up tutorial | Jaclyn Hill”, in early 2011, which has been watched more than 700,000 times, and followed by releasing the video entitled “Bronze Smokey Eye | Jaclyn Hill”, watched more than 140,000 times. Continuing to work hard and having a lot on her plate, she followed by making more videos, such as “Fall/Winter make-up look | Jaclyn Hill”, “Sparkly New Years look | Jaclyn Hill” and “Grey & Brown Smokey eye | Jaclyn Hill”. She has recently jokingly referenced her first videos saying that she was inexperienced when she made them.

Most Popular YouTube Videos

As Jaclyn grew professionally, her videos became more high quality, as she put more effort into them. Her most popular videos include “Smokey Cat Eye Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill”, which has been watched by more than 15 million people, which certainly played a significant role when it comes to her finances. Her other most popular video is entitled “Get Ready With Me & Kim Kardashian | Jaclyn Hill”, with more than 10 million views. However, she was made fun of for the way that she behaved around Kardashian, but she joked about it later on as well. Her video “How To – Contour | Blush | Highlight & Bake The Face” has also received a positive response, and ben watched by more than seven million viewers.

Latest Videos

When it comes to Hill’s latest videos, these include “HUGE MAKE-UP HAUL!”, “Trendy Hot Pink Smokey Eye Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill” and “Modern Day Bridal Make-up Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill”, all of wich received a positive response, with one person commenting on the latter video saying “You can think of her what you want. But this lady is talented, beautiful and has a good sense of humour (freshly divorced and does a bridal make up tutorial).”

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