YouTuber RiceGum’s Wiki: Height, Girlfriend, Sister, Daughter, Exposed, Dating

• Bryan Le was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996.
• He was a basketball player in high school and attended University of Las Vegas before dropping out.
• He gained fame through his YouTube videos, starting with the series “These Kids Must Be Stopped”.
• He has a net worth of over $3 million and is active on many social media platforms.
• He is not married and has been involved in a romance with Alissa Violet, which was later denied.

Bryan Le was born under the astrological sign of Scorpio on 19th November 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, of mixed Vietnamese and Chinese origin. Under his professional name of RiceGum, he is a well-known YouTube celebrity and a musician. With the expansion of YouTube and his channel, RiceGum became more and more popular, but he was also involved in some controversies along the line. If you want to learn more about his biography – stick with this article and check out the most important parts of RiceGum’s life.

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Childhood and education

Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bryan Le had a relatively pleasant and calm childhood. His father’s name is Luat Quang, and his mother is Quang Ly; RiceGum also has a younger sister and a baby brother. Even though he comes from a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese parents, there are no reports of him being racially abused or bullied in any way. His nickname and official alias – RiceGum – was created years later, probably as an allusion to his ethnicity. RiceGum attended Sierra Vista High School, where he played basketball for the school team – being 6’2’’, which is pretty unusual for an Asian guy, he was able to compete with his classmates and even to impress them with his clever moves. He later went to the University of Las Vegas, however, he never graduated since he dropped out after gaining fame through his on-line efforts.

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How did he start his YouTube career?

Even though RiceGum was never considered a prodigy or anything similar, he still managed to become a millionaire at a very young age. At the age of 16, or to be more precise, on 24 September 2012, RiceGum created his Twitter and YouTube accounts. In his first video uploaded a month later, RiceGum commented on the gameplay of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”, although nowadays he finds that particular video both embarrassing and ridiculous. His initial recordings failed to paint his name in gold right off the bat, but soon a series of videos called “These Kids Must Be Stopped” marked a major breakthrough in his career as a YouTube artist.

In this series, which was started in 2015, RiceGum ‘roasted’ several famous young YouTube celebrities, including Jacob Sartorius, Hunter Rowland, Loren Gray, and others. Known for his rants, which are frequently described as “cruel” by his critics, RiceGum even roasted the likes of Zoie Burgher and PewDiePie.

Commercial success and achievements

In 2012 RiceGum signed a partnership agreement with Machinima. However, his major commercial breakthrough only came in 2017, when he formed a group called CloutGang. This group spends most of their time in his mansion in Los Angeles, California, and they work together on all sorts of projects. The likes of Sommer Ray, Alissa Violet and Ricky Banks are regularly present in RiceGum’s videos, and he often appears in their live feeds as well. Believe it or not, RicGum was also recording YouTube videos with famous porn stars Mandy Kay and Mia Khalifa! His sarcastic tone and the habit of making fun of himself allows him to make friends easily, and that is partly why he is surrounded by all these attractive looking ladies.

What is RiceGum’s current net worth?

The task of determining the exact net worth of a modern-day YouTube celebrity is pretty difficult, but credible sources have estimated RiceGum’s net worth at over $3 million. Of course, as all today’s celebs are doing – he sells his line of merchandise, which features a casual style of T-shirts, hoodies, hats and jackets. As expected, RiceGum’s biggest source of income is YouTube, and his two channels have 1.5 million subscribers in total! His videos have been viewed more than 1.8 billion times! With numerous endorsement deals and his appearance in a Super Bowl commercial, RiceGum’s net worth could now be even larger than quoted.

Marriage and relationships

According to most sources, RiceGum is not married yet. At the same time, all the rumors of him being gay have been dispersed in recent years. The media were speculating about him being involved in a romantic affair with Alissa Violet, but the two of them have discarded those rumors as well. They were partners on a single called “It’s Every Night Sis”, released in 2017, and rated  platinum in March 2018, attracted more than 140 million views.

Social media presence

Just like all other popular YouTube celebrities, RiceGum is highly active on social media too. His channels are frequently used for communicating with fans, and he posts all sorts of content. RiceGum’s Instagram account has over five million followers, while more than three million people follow him on Twitter. Additionally, he can be found on Facebook, Google +, and SoundCloud.

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