Zooey Deschanel’s husband, Jacob Pechenik Wiki Bio, net worth, kids

• Jacob Pechenik was born in San Antonio, Texas, USA on the 16th June, 1972.
• He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering.
• He created a start-up called "TechTrader" and was the CEO of it, as well as a different company entitled "Yellow Jacket Software".
• In 2010, he founded a production company called "Venture Forth Productions" and produced numerous movies, such as "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pet", "Kiss of the Damned", and "Before Midnight".
• His estimated net worth is over $3 million.

Who is Jacob Pechenik?

Jackob Pechenik was born on the 16th June 1972, in San Antonio, Texas, USA. He is a movie producer probably best recognized for the production of numerous remarkable movies such as “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pet”, “Kiss of the Damned”, “The Skeleton Twins”, “Solace” and “Before Midnight”. However, he probably became famous for being the husband of one of the most appreciated actresses of our time, Zooey Dechanel.

Early Life and Education

Both he and Zooey managed to keep Jacob’s childhood and family life very private, so almost nothing about that part of his life is known to the public. The only thing that we are certain about is that he was born and raised in a Jewish family in San Antonio. To speak about his education, he wasn’t always interested in the movie industry, and  in fact he was really passionate about science throughout his whole adolescence and the following period, especially chemistry,  therefore following his matriculation from a high school in San Antonio, he moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts where, due to his great knowledge, talent and intelligence, he enrolled into the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and subsequently graduated in 1985 with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

Chemical Engineering and CEO career

Following his graduation, Jacob started developing a business idea with his good friends and colleagues from MIT, and several months later they created a start-up called “TechTrader”. Their first company was meant to create business-to-business enterprise software, which would help in private and public trading exchanges, and cater directly to materials markets. As the idea as well as its realization was mainly done by him, Jacob deserved the position of the start-up’s CEO, and remained there for several years. During that time, he always tried to keep up with the trends in the field of technology, so came up with a new idea to set up an improved version of software which would help in over-the-counter products trading, but in a better and easier way than the previous ones did. Therefore, he created a new company entitled “Yellow Jacket Software”, which immediately became successful and lasted for several years. Subsequently, it was bought by Intercontinental Exchange, which resulted in Jacob leaving the technology industry.

Jacob Pechenik

The Beginning of the Career in the Movie Industry

Jacob then decided to explore his true passion in life, soon realizing that what he was actually interested in was the movie industry. With a net worth accumulated through his more than successful career as a businessman, he managed to connect the two things he loved and found very important, concluding that it would be best if he could found a company which would produce and financially help independent movies, and so in 2010 ‘Venture Forth Productions’ came into being. His debut as an executive producer was a year later, with his movie entitled “Terri”. As the company was still a new one in the business, he didn’t get a chance to make another one that year, but the following one was described as a great success and contributed a lot to his popularity as well as his net worth – this was the movie called “Kiss of the Damned”, released in 2012, and featuring Milo Ventimiglia, Joséphine de La Baume and Roxane Mesquida.

2013 to present

The following two years appeared to be extremely successful for ‘Venture Forth Productions’. They produced one of the greatest movies of that period – “We Are What We Are” at the beginning of 2013, and then Jacob was the executive producer of ‘Before Midnight’, which was so remarkable and memorable that it received worldwide recognition. This movie contributed so much to his career, that a great number of individual artists wanted to collaborate with him, so he ended up serving as an executive producer for numerous other movies in the same year, such as “Cold Comes the Night”, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete”, “Hateship Loveship”, “The Immigrant”,  “Life of Crime”, and several more. 2014 brought him the production of a first comedy ever made by his company, entitled “The Skeleton Twins”, then later that year he produced the musical drama entitled “Song One”, which featured Anne Hathaway. A few months later, Pechenik served as an executive producer of the movie “Black or White”, where he got a great opportunity to work with one of the greatest stars in the field, Kevin Costner. In the following year, he was the executive producer of the outstanding thriller, “Solace”, featuring Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Colin Farrel. Pechenik is currently working on the production of the movie “You Can’t Win” which should be in the theatres in the following year.

Concurrently with working on his numerous production projects, Jacob decided to found a new company, called “The Farm Project”, with his wife Zooey Dechanel – the company’s goal is to help farmers in their business of growing their own food, and to make that process easier as well as more profitable.

Personal Life and Net Worth

Jacob met Zooey in 2014 while they were working on the same project. They immediately hit it off and started dating, and by the end of the year they were engaged, and they married the following year. She announced her pregnancy in early 2015 and they welcomed their first child named Elsie Otter Pechenik in July the same year; two years later, they had a son named Charlie Wolf Pechenik. Speaking about Jacob’s wealth, it has been estimated by authoritative sources that the total size of his net worth is over $3 million, accumulated through both his careers in the technology and movie industries.

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