Andy Bassich from “Life Below Zero” Wiki: Wife Kate Rorke, Abuse, Net Worth, Divorce, Age

• Andy Bassich is a reality television personality and musher, best known for appearing on the documentary show Life Below Zero
• He was born in 1959 in Washington, DC and attended John F. Kennedy High School in 1976
• He moved to Alaska and began his career as a river boat captain and musher, becoming popular in 2013 as part of Life Below Zero
• His net worth is estimated to be over $250,000, with an annual income of over $100,000
• He was married to Kate Rorke in 2006, but the couple divorced in 2016 due to alleged verbal and physical abuse. They have at least three children together.

Who is Andy Bassich?

Andy Bassich was born in 1959, in Washington, DC, USA – the actual date of his birth is unknown to the media, but he is currently aged 59. He is a reality television personality and musher –  dog sled driver – best recognized as one of the cast of the documentary TV series “Life Below Zero”, which has been airing on the National Geography Channel since 2013.

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Early Life and Education

Concerning his early life, Andy Bassich spent his childhood in Wheaton, Maryland, raised with his sister by their parents, but no other information about them has been revealed to the public. Regarding his education, he attended John F. Kennedy High School, but following his matriculation in 1976, Andy decided to change his life, so instead of continuing in education, he pursued his career as a carpenter and cabinet maker to help support his family financially.

Career before Popularity

Before Andy became popular around the world as a television personality, he spent some time working in the state of Virginia. Subsequently, he became interested in hunting, fishing and gardening, and soon discovered a passion for the wilderness, so he moved to Alaska and settled down in the Yukon River area in 1980, which would turn out to be his permanent place of residence. Although he changed his specific place of living, he did not quit his job, but also began working as a river boat captain and musher, as he started training sled dogs. Moreover, he also learned to be a subsistence hunter, really in order to survive.

Rise to Fame and “Life Below Zero”

However, his life completely changed for the better financially at least in 2013, when he was chosen to appear as one of the main cast of the documentary TV series “Life Below Zero”, produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), depicting his living in the harsh conditions of Alaska’s often freezing wilderness. The show premiered on the 19th May in 2013, and it has been airing on the National Geography channel ever since, increasing enormously not only his popularity, but also his net worth. Moreover, he also caught the attention for running a dog mushing and survival school in Alaska, training there 37 sled dogs.

About the Show

The show is named after the below zero conditions in which people live, and their lifestyle in the harsh, freezing atmosphere of the remote state of Alaska. The show illustrates both daily and seasonal activities of people who make their living in one of the most remote areas of the world, following several families and individuals, and since its start in 2013 the show has garnered a large following and fan base. The series is currently in its 11th season.

Andy Bassich Net Worth

His career as a reality television personality started in 2013, and since then, he has been an active member of the entertainment industry. So, if you ever wondered how rich Andy Bassich is, it has been estimated by authoritative sources that the total size of his net worth is over $250,000, accumulated largely through his appearances in the show. His annual income is over $100,000, with another source of his wealth coming from running the school.

Flood Rampaged His House

At the beginning of the summer in 2009, after just 15 minutes of the break-up of ice, the water left Andy nearly totally ruined. All of his valuable property, including his house and machinery, was washed away by the flooding icy cold water of the Yukon River, as he couldn’t save anything. The flood has been reported to be one of the most damaging floods in the history of the river. However, Andy rebuilt his house, and in order to save it from further damage, he now spends time every year re-enforcing a 40 feet arc of levee.

Personal Life: Wife Kate Rorke, Children, Abuse, Divorce

To talk about his personal life, he met his future wife Kate Rorke in Dawson City, Alaska in 2003, when she came there as a tourist; they began dating and eventually tied the knot in 2006. Unfortunately, due to various problems in their relationship, they divorced and moved down separate paths in 2016. Kate later alleged that the main problem was that Andy abused her physically and verbally, which led to their separation.

Information about their children is not available to the media, except that their youngest daughter currently lives with Kate in British Columbia, Canada, while Andy still resides in Yukon River. The number of children they have hasn’t been revealed, despite the TV series, but at least three.

Social Media Presence

Although many reality television personalities are active across the most popular social media sites in addition to their involvement in the entertainment industry, Andy is not one of them. He tends to spend his spare time in nature, surrounded by his sled dogs. He is obviously more focused on surviving in the harsh environment, rather than spending time on the social media scene. He actually has his own private Facebook profile, but he has not been active on it since December of 2010.

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