Are Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Pai still together after the wedding? Wiki, bio, net worth, career, an allergist

Who is Janine Van Lancker?

Maybe not a famous name such as some senators, congressmen or other government appointees, but Ajit has still earned a name for himself, as he serves as the Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission. He became the first Indian American to serve in this position, appointed by President Barack Obama back in 2012, and he still serves under President Donald Trump. With his popularity, people around him also started becoming popular, and so is his wife, Janine Van Lancker. So, who is she, and what does she do for a living?

Janine Van Lancker

Janine Van Lancker was born in Poland, Ohio USA and is 43 years old; however, she hasn’t revealed her exact birth date. She is an allergist and immunologist, who currently works at the George Washington University Medical Center.

Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Pai Love Story, Are Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Pai still together?

Janine and Ajit met back in 2008 through a mutual friend, and soon after the meeting started a romantic relationship. Six months into their romance, Ajit proposed to Janine, and the couple first held a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony on the 10th July 2010 at the Willard InterContinental Washington, and would later exchange vows in a Christian ceremony. Since the wedding, the couple has welcomed a son, Alexander Madhav, and a daughter Annabelle Malathi. So yes, the two are still together and have recently bought a home with six bedrooms and six bathrooms for $1.4 million in Arlington, Virginia.

Janine Van Lancker Early life and Education

Janine is the daughter of Marianne and Robert Van Lancker. After she finished high school, Janine enrolled at the University of Notre Dame in Southbend, Indiana, from where she graduated magna cum laude, and then continued her education at Northwestern University in Illinois, and obtained a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2001.


Following her graduation, Janine began her Medical Residency at McGaw Medical Center, where she completed a specialization as an allergist, then completed a fellowship with the National Institutes of Health.

Janine is now an Assistant Professor of Medicine at George Washington Medical Faculty Associates, and serves as the allergist and immunologist at the George Washington University Medical Center. She has specialized in food allergies, HIV/AIDS, and Asthma.

Janine Van Lancker and Ajit Pai

Janine Van Lancker Net Worth

Although she isn’t as famous as her husband, Janine has earned a decent amount of wealth through her own career endeavors. So, have you ever wondered how rich Janine Van Lancker is, as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources it has been estimated that Van Lancker’s net worth is as high as $2 million, which is still quite decent, don’t you think?

Janine Van Lancker’s Husband, Ajit Pai

Now that we have shared all there is about Janine, let’s share some information about her husband, Ajit Pai.

Born Ajit Varadaraj Pai on the 10th January 1973, in Buffalo, New York State, he is the son of Varadaraj Pai, a urologist, and his wife Radha Pai, an anesthesiologist. His parents had moved to the US two years before his birth. He went to Parsons Senior High School, from which he matriculated in 1990, then enrolled at Harvard University and graduated with a BA degree in social studies. After that, he entered the University of Chicago Law School, from which he obtained his Juris Doctorate in 1997.

Before becoming a part of the Federal Communications Commission, he worked for Judge Martin Leach-Cross Feldman, and spent several years in Verizon. Since joining the FCC in 2012, Ajit is noted for denying Net (internet) Neutrality. He has served as the FCC Chairman firstly under Obama and now under Donald Trump.

Since launching his career, Ajit has earned himself a decent amount of wealth through his various positions, So, have you ever wondered how rich Ajit Pai is, as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, Pai’s wealth is estimated at $7 million, with a current salary reputed to be $450,000.

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