Billy McKeague Wiki Bio, split ex-boyfriend Victoria Azarenka, Job, Height

• Billy McKeague was born in 1989 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
• He is a former hockey player and golf instructor
• He is in a former relationship with tennis player Victoria Azarenka
• His net worth is estimated at $400,000
• Victoria Azarenka's net worth is estimated at $15 million

Who is Billy McKeague?

Billy McKeague was born in 1989 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He is a former hockey player and a golf instructor, but better known for his relationship with one of the world’s greatest current tennis players, Victoria Azarenka. She is from Belarus, and managed to become number one singles player in the world in 2012. In addition, she is famous for two ‘Grand Slam’ titles in singles as well as for winning the bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics Games in London.

Early Life and Education

Billy was born to parents Lynn and Chase McKeage. Their family own an investor group company entitled ‘Chase and Company’, in which Billy’s mother is the marketing director and his father is the operations manager. Billy has two siblings, Charlie and Lisa – his sister, graduated from Southern Methodist University where she majored in Humanities, Journalism and Science, and is currently working as a data executive analyst in the company named Ansira.

Billy matriculated from high school in St. Louis in 2007, and went on to attend Chaminade College Preparatory School, there as well. Even though he was considered to be an athlete from an early age, this was the place where he started playing hockey. He realized that it was his greatest passion at that time, and continued playing it successfully the whole period of time while he was at the preparatory school. Following graduation, he realized that he was good at and interested in public appearances and art, so he decided to attend the University of Missouri where his major was Speech and Dramatic Art.

Victoria Azarenka and Billy McKeague


As he discovered his talent for hockey in high school, McKeage worked really hard to maintain and develop it as much as he could. His work finally paid off when he got an opportunity to play Elite Hockey while attending the University of Missouri. Although there was strong competition, he managed to become one of the greatest players in the league, and therefore played for three seasons, from 2008 to 2012. However, in the last season, he showed up only in one of the games and left hockey after that, for an unknown reason. On the other hand, he was known for being an excellent golf player from his high school years, but always played it for fun. However, after quitting hockey, he spent several months practicing golf and became very good at it, and consequently received an offer to move to Kauai, the North Shore of Hawaii to become an instructor, better known as ‘Golf Pro’, at their resort.

Relationship and Split from Victoria Azarenka

Billy met his future girlfriend Victoria Azarenka in Kauai, when she came there to meet her famous friends, one of the greatest volleyball players in the world Gabrielle Reece, and her husband Laird Hamilton. Even though Azarenka was in a relationship at the time, she apparently fell in love with Billy, ended her relationship and started dating him. They were transparent about their relationship from the start, by posting photos on their social media profiles. On the 15th July 2016, McKeage revealed to the public that his girlfriend was pregnant and carrying a son, born on the 19th December 2016 and named Leo. It is known that Billy immediately fell in love with him and spent all of his time with Leo.

As Azarenka had to step down from her career for quite some time while being pregnant, she wanted to start training again as soon as possible. Therefore, Billy managed to be with their son whenever she needed to travel, work and attend tournaments. She was very proud of him and often praised him for being a great father as well as for providing her with support and understanding. However, their great love came to an end when Victoria told the public that her boyfriend was poorly raised because he turned out to be very disrespectful of women as well as that they had some irreconcilable differences. Therefore, by August 2017 they had separated, and were both seeking custody of their son. As Azarenka was preparing for the US Open, in order for her to attend it, she had to go to Belarus to practice, but was unable to do so, because she couldn’t leave her child in the US.

Net Worth

Billy’s net worth is not known to the public, but it is estimated that he managed to accumulate over $400,000 during the years of playing hockey and as a golf pro. On the other hand, it is estimated by authoritative sources that his ex-girlfriend counts her net worth at the impressive amount of $15 million, as of early 2019.

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